Online Casino NZ: A 2021 Guide to Sites, Games, Bonuses and Services

online casino new zealand

Lose yourself amongst the biggest jackpot games ever produced, discover the many ways you can be entertained and step into the very best online casinos for the opportunity to win life-changing sums. It’s all here within our online casino NZ guide.

Our Selection of Best Online Casinos New Zealand
  Casino Country Bonus Terms Software Play
$500+ 200 Free Spins
$1500+ 150 Free Spins
$200+ 100 Free Spins
4 $1000
5 $1600
6 $1200+ 260 Free Spins
7 $1000
8 $500+ 300 Free Spins

Your complete player’s guide to everything attributed to online casino New Zealand in 2021

Our guide is your guide, your path to supreme gaming platforms, your review of the best free bonuses and your companion to the 5-star services which will be awaiting your arrival. From jackpot pokies through to the legalized conditions and terms of each of these sites, you’ll be able to read about everything you need to know when it comes to playing for money online.

We have made our mission simple and that is to provide you with a clear and honest account of what gambling online entails within the New Zealand market. This is indeed the best source of casino knowledge for 2021, but it will take you far beyond this in so many ways.

Best Casinos 2021

Nearly 100,000 users pass through our guide after they read our reviews, play our free slots – or pokies - and head off to make real money wins from the hundreds of bonuses we offer.

Our professional eye has been on the ball of the industry for over a decade. Built on the knowledge and experience of ex-professional players and casino workers, we combine to deliver your primary goal and that is to win money.

With our backing, you’ll achieve this through the finest software programs to protect you, from across the greatest award-winning games, inside of the most secure sites providing such services of entertainment.

Why Online Betting is Better

Your gaming experience via the Internet may be a new venture, it is indeed wholly accessible and simple to take part in. In this section, we review the benefits of why playing online is of greater benefit to that of its original platform based inside of land-based establishments.

✅ As mentioned, the update in software makes sites easily accessible from any device, meaning you can play anytime and anywhere.

✅ Through Casino Bonuses, you’ll have access to a range of bonus discounts to help you start playing and with the top 10 sites in NZ, you’ll have operators which will continually reward your loyalty with prizes.

✅ You’ll have a larger selection of pokies/slots than all the land-based casinos combined. The gaming choice is far faster and greater in number and quality.

✅ Responsible gambling is supported by all sites. There are several tools in place to help clients control their finances better, this includes setting wagering limitations over weekly or monthly periods.

✅ There is no hiding the fact that the jackpot prizes are something to be in awe of. Through Internet services, casinos are building fantastic prize pots which are breaking records, especially when won. Look out for the progressive jackpot machines and tables to witness for yourself what life-changes payouts can become a reality.

✅ No other place can combine traditional casino gameplay with real-time entertainment and action than the virtual casino. Adding to this, the huge market of online sports betting with some providers actually streaming the events in real-time.

✅ 5-star services through VIP membership. Get content rewards just for playing. Tailored bonuses to suit your favourite games and prizes that can range from cash to cars!

As you read through this guide, you will slowly start to see that many things connect. There is a process of how the casino works, not all of it is on the surface, not all of it will be obvious at first, but soon the bigger picture will be presented.

Learn how we make our recommended online casino list and produce the casino reviews within

Finding an online casino NZ based players can join is very simple enough. The first option would be to simply look online via any search engine, and you’ll be greeted by an abundance of options such as this site that propose a lot of online casino new zealand. So why bother with what we have to say? Well, there are several factors that players need to have in mind before heading off to play casino games.

New Zealand is a popular market for gambling so what makes you sure that the casino placed noted from the search-engine list has the right software in place to protect you whilst you play the slots and games? Who’s to say that nice-looking bonus is actually of any value?

Fun fact: many offers presented require you to pay in up to 35 times the amount of the offer before you can actually receive the bonus!

Before we begin fashioning a list of recommended platforms, we cross-reference and run background checks on companies and business to be sure they are legitimate and that they have not been previously associated with past casino brands which have either failed or have been fined for malpractice.

Our Reviews

The casino games you get to enjoy betting on are just one in a handful of important factors when considering a review of any platform on the market.

If you’re not playing, then how are all the other service? If the service is 5-star, do you get the same level through your mobile? If you can access all services from your mobile does it include, for example, steamed tables of blackjack?

We create our reviews completely independently and score them through previous and existing member ratings. Here is a brief overview of some of the considerations that we feel must be made when looking to add a new or old online operator to any list found through our website.

  • 1. Does the operator come with the correct certifications to provide their services to the people of New Zealand? This is a very important factor which we discuss in Section.7, the licence is the primary foundation of any gambling platform. Without knowing about this, you could be walking into a fraudulent site that will take your money with absolutely no prejudice.
  • 2. Leading on from point 1, you must wonder if they provide a secure operation. A licence is still not a guarantee that a casino will operate with up to date software or appropriate Internet protection. Putting trust in a casino to hold your information and data must be backed with the correct software as part of your privacy agreement terms.
  • 3. Once you find that a casino is secure in their methods, you then need to ask if you’re getting quality entertainment. You can have all the games under the sun, but unless they have a record of paying out, then what is the point in playing? There are many points of investigation that surrounds this, from the quality and records of the software developer, through to the actual programming of the game.
  • 4. Do you know if you can join? Well, one of the key factors of this is the banking. Sure, you may be of age, the casino may supply Kiwi players, but unless you have the appropriate banking service set up, you might be stuck. Checking the payment side of things first is important, you want operators providing a mix and number of standard and alternative options to suit players means of depositing cash in and withdrawing cash out.
  • 5. Is there any value to their promotions? If you’re easily swayed by the idea a casino will just give you NZ$ 1,000 free, then a reality check is perhaps needed. There are some things in life that are free from a casino, but big cash offers are not one of them. We check that all bonuses, discounts and offers are regulated and supply players with fair and affordable returns. This goes for welcome packages, through to the VIP rewards supplied to dedicated members.
  • 6. Is there going to be any help when you need it most? For many players, contacting the customer support team is one of the very rare things. Mostly the service is self-sufficient and little trouble can come about even with the sites which don’t make the grade. However, service must be check that the team behind the scene are competent, trained, professional and contactable every hour of every day.

Fun Fact: A casino can be registered online and still perform with no license and no regulation making it completely illegal!

Top 10 Quality

Quality is very much the name of the game when it comes to the services provided throughout a gambling platform. From the casino games, you’ll play to the online banking services. There are various operators open on the New Zealand market so how do we define the quality when there is plenty of choices to decide from?

Take the example of the welcome bonus, which is offered to new members only, from every one of the New Zealand online casinos. The gift is essentially a deal, you join our site and we will grant you the luxury of play with a cash reward or selection of free spins. The quality comes with several variables surrounding the gift.

Will you have to pay x-amount over several tiers to claim the bonus? Will you have to wager x-amount before the winnings can be reclaimed? Does a player have to play specific titles through the bonus?

It would be of no complete fault that if a player is lured in with a 100% bonus up to nz$2,000 with 500 free spins, that they think they are getting a good deal. But how exactly does this work, would any casino gladly give you that much money to play with and with no strings attached?

All this and more are discussed in Section.6, but the core principle of checking the details is to make sure the offer is affordable and fair for players. This is just one example of defining the quality displayed by a casino found online.

Which is the best online casino?

✅ Award-winning Security ✅ Alternative Gaming ✅ Secure and Fast Banking ✅ Regulated Bonuses ✅ Licence Assured

The checklist is fairly simple, but not all operators can complete a 5 out of 5 scores for something so simple.

So where is the best place to make your online casino NZ dollars? Will they supply you with a free bonus when you join? Do they have online sports betting to help expand your betting options? Do they pay out in real New Zealand currency?

For the best selection of game developers, for player support and real gambling entertainment, you will find the top casinos in New Zealand to join from our list. It also offers you all the reviews you need to base your decision on.

Award-Winning Gameplay

What will your New Zealand online casino grace you with through the palette of entertainment? Will you be able to play your favourite game both on a virtual machine and live? What gambling variations are there going to be?

You’ll find that any player joining the top betting sites have a real chance of accessing the best selection of titles online to enjoy. How will you be winning your real money payouts?

Here are the options facing you at the next stage.

✅ Blackjack: The card game of blackjack is now one of the largest table games on the Internet. You can play this in a host of variants including VIP tables and Blackjack 21

✅ Baccarat: The card game (also known as Punto Banco) was made popular because of James Bond in the original Casino Royale movie. Place your bets through the virtual machines or streamed tables.

✅ Video Poker: Where slot gaming merges with cards, this is an easy, fast and rewarding game that is only available through virtual machine gameplay.

✅ Slots: Thousands of styles, themes and titles. Slots are the most played game in the casino environment and with it, the epic progressive jackpot games such as Mega Moolah™ by Microgaming and Mega Fortune™ by NetEnt. Fast gaming with huge payouts!

✅ Sic Bo: A three-dice game which is loved by those with a passion for multi-betting options just like craps and roulette. Available both as a virtual machine and real-time dealer option.

✅ Scratch Cards: The easiest of all games and lottery titles. Where the jackpot remains constantly updated and available, making it more rewarding that national scratch cards.

✅ Craps: A bit like roulette but with dice. Crap is one of the more famous options in any casino and requires a lot of patience which rewards winners in great sums of cash.

✅ Poker: One of the few casino games which have gone from table to TV. Now broadcasted to millions of fans globally, you can experience the finest card game yourself either against to dealer or other casino members.

✅ Keno: Like bingo but with a bit of edge. Here this game gives you more betting options and comes with one of the largest jackpot amounts.

✅ Bingo: Another one of the easier lottery games to play, with specialist casinos providing huge in-house jackpots and community gaming with customer chat amongst players.

✅ Pai Gow: A mix of poker and the original Chinese game called Pai Gow which originally used dominos. A rare find but a must if found at the live table arena.

✅ Roulette: Get your numbers ready and enjoy the multi-betting feature that brings with it a huge number of variants within the live casino section and virtual machines.

How to Register

The steps towards securing a reputable and licensed online casino are very simple. This will lead you from our own website through to the lobby of games which await your arrival.

1. Enter our reviews and select ‘Visit the Casino’.

2. Complete the signing up process which requires your details and documentation proof, such as ID and address.

3. Activate your account through the email link once your casino has confirmed your information.

4. Deposit money to claim your reward (if necessary) or activate your free bonus in your account manager.

5. Start playing your favourite games.

Fun Fact: You can also register through the casino’s own mobile app and collect additional rewards and still play the same games and access the same casino features.

What is the most trusted online casino?

Many hours are spent doing background checks and clearing sites for approval to join our top 10 listings. From this, you get New Zealand’s premium sites to win real money back from every possible game and pokies option online.

✅ 100% Secure and Safe Gambling.

✅ 1000’s of Award-Winning Games.

✅ Regulated Bonuses for Free Entertainment.

The main bonus of using our online recommendations is that you get to play with peace of mind, whether you’re gambling via mobile or making transactions using local New Zealand banking services, your time is secured through trusted companies which have passed all checks at each stage of their registration.

Secure Payment Methods

Financial protection is unquestionable and for you, the player must have the quality of choices that you deserve. Through the best trusted New Zealand casinos, you’ll find a high level of banking services which support every level of payment service which can be done through the Internet.

Popular payment methods include:

  • Credit Cards: VISA and MasterCard.
  • Pre-Payment Cards: Paysafecard and Neosurf.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • E-wallets: Skrill, Neteller and Trustly.
  • Bank Transfer, PayPal and eCheck.

These are just some of a long list of reputable banking options you can use to deposit and withdraw.

Safe Gaming

In order to be one of the best online casinos, the platform has to be protected for outside influences of the Internet. This works in conjunction with your banking, but primarily secure the site overall. The latest software responsible for your peace of mind is the SSL 128-Bit Encryption tool. A digital firewall which secures your personal data and finances, of both you and the casino. We run checks to make sure the digital encryption software is still in date as there are some casinos out there which have unapproved SSL packages.

Responsible Practice

For online casino sites to reach the stage of providing a betting service online, there are many key test and checks carried out by the licensing authority. More of this is discussed in Section. 7, but as a brief outline, the company looking to establish itself in the market must adhere to the rules of play for them to even gain legal ground to supply a worldwide market. Of this, you are guaranteed on having an operator which has passed the most stringent of checks by one or more regulator.

Step inside the arena of an online live casino NZ platform and experience supreme gameplay

The game platform every player must experience. The real deal in all literal senses, with the best Kiwi casinos, you will find the Live Casino option. Real-time wagering against the house and its host. No site can truly claim to ever really be a casino if players cannot enjoy this platform within their website.

What is a Live Casino?

Players entering casinos with this option immediately expand their chances of winning something from the operator. The platform opens up more unique and diverse options from the best developers in the business, most notable of all, Evolution Gaming.

As you will read from the reviews, real-time dealer tables prominently feature throughout the top Kiwi casinos and with them comes a long list of gaming titles.

The platform is essentially a real-time streaming service where users can interact with a table’s dealer and host and engage in real time gameplay.

The platform will become the first area of any casino to offer virtual reality gameplay, but it also is an area which evolves and present new games away from the tradition tables. The dream catcher and more recently, Monopoly, have made their way into the gaming menu with all the other variants of the card and table game.

Evolution Gaming

Whereas companies such as Microgaming, Elk, Quickspin and Play’n GO focus their intentions

Roulette specifically at the creation of online slots, Evolution Gaming takes aim at the live streaming market.

Microgaming may be winning the battle of the #1 progressive jackpot game with Mega Moolah™, but Evolution Gaming is winning the battle for all real-time streaming features and that is a bigger deal.

Evolution Gaming stream directly from their own studios. Hosts and dealers are trained across all tables and customer service. You can communicate with them via live chat and they also host streaming tournaments!

Benefits of Playing Live

It may seem odd to suggest that live wagering is on many levels a more tense and thrilling experience and time spent whilst playing. But the unique experience is unquestionable and any site offering this opportunity must be given serious consideration.

Here are just a few of the benefits of playing live over regular virtual machines.

✅ Claim specialist bonuses for all dealer games.

✅ No algorithms influence the game’s outcome.

✅ Global tournament challenges and events.

✅ Play against other casino members.

✅ Access titles not available on virtual machines.

Note: Players can access this section of a casino through their mobile and any other devices such as laptop, tablet and desktop.

Get your free selection of online casino bonus NZ allowances to support your chances of winning

Win from casino games without having to use your own finances! Yes, you can pick up bonus spins from the moment you apply to any of our top 10 sites. Access and play all the most popular games 100% free.

Join the best operators and witness the huge number of promotions, prizes, gifts, rewards and coupons you can snap up right this minute.

Available Bonuses

Thankfully the industry is a monopoly which allows for competition between brands and businesses trying to win over the public domain. Why? Because of the many, many casino bonuses available form the best online operators in New Zealand.

The most popular way for the casinos to approach this challenge was to introduce the welcome package to all new members. With this bonus, for example, you could land up to 500 online casino NZ free spins and nz$1,000 from the moment you apply.

Whilst you spend your days playing inside more rewards are offered to players through loyalty schemes. In the end, there are so many variants of a ‘deal’ that we are going to have to list them for you.

The Best NZ Casino Bonuses 2019

  • Welcome Bonus Packages: i.e. 100% up to NZ$ 1,000 + 150 Free Spins.
  • Free Spins: Free games that can range from 5 to 500 spins or bets.
  • No Deposit: Cash, Spins or Chips without the requirement of making a deposit.
  • Matched Deposit: Extra cash calculated on a percentage of the deposit you make.
  • Coupon Code: Specialist codes for free gaming or cash incentives.
  • VIP Club: Programs rewarding loyal players with cash gifts, prizes and bonuses.
  • Referrals: Cash incentives for getting your friends to join.
  • Happy Hour: Usually once a week bonus special for unlimited free spins.
  • High Roller: Special exclusive bonuses for members playing with a larger bankroll.

Note: Every bonus holds T&C requirements, be sure to check the T&C before opting in or activating the offer.

Claim Your Bonus

The most common of offers is the deposit bonus, this is prevalent for welcome bonuses, but players as you see, have a wide range to pick from once registered.

Casinos are different, as they try to stand out from each other to gain your attention. One reward may require a smaller deposit than another, yet the amount is the same. Therefore the T&C is important to check first before you deposit.

Here’s how to claim your allowances:

  • Register and deposit if you are opting for the welcome bonus. The package may allow for you to pay over periods each with their own percentage value and spins which may total the amounts advertised.
  • Check your account manager for available bonus details. There you can activate your option by loading the game up and selecting your free spins from the menu. This section will contain many of your loyalty rewards.
  • Pop-up’s and notifications may appear if you suddenly qualify for a free bonus. You can select the link to opt in immediately or return to it at a late date through your account manager.
  • Promotion Page: Head to the casino’s main promo page to see what offers you can claim.

Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?

The Current New Zealand Laws:

  • Online gambling is NOT prohibited nor illegal thanks to the Gambling Act 2003.
  • Players CAN apply to online casinos overseas and claim offers and play all the popular games they wish to win from for days on end.
  • Online Sports betting and Poker is LEGAL as long as the casino is based overseas.

Gambling Laws

Players from New Zealand are protected in many areas when it comes to gambling. The legal mainframe was formed decades ago with the 1908 Gambling Act, but jump forward to 2003’s legislation reform and the online casino is basically untouchable.

There are licensors from overseas which are approved by the New Zealand government which permit them to provide a service to their people, this comes at a licensing cost or tax which the government collects yearly.

This deters from rouge casinos forming because there is an avenue in which players can join fairly and easily.

Licensing Authorities

Here is a list of NZ approved licensing committees which are based overseas but have the legal backing to control casinos for NZ players.

✅ Curacao eGaming Authority

✅ Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

✅ Malta Gaming Authority

✅ Panama Gaming Control Board

Note: details of the authorisation can be found within the review of each site and through our licence guide.

Further tips regarding the spectrum of casino online NZ and getting the best possible opportunities

Want more tips on online casino games? How to land more free spins? Find the best jackpot pokies? And to get the greatest services? Well, in this section we will help point out some of the key methods to maximize your opportunities. We have highlighted a number of integral factors when looking at the features of a casino, but here we will provide pointers to help you gain what’s right for you when deciding on your final casino.

Get the Very Best Site

Only ever go for what benefits you long-term and enjoy the action all from the comfort of your home.

1. Aim for welcome bonuses with ‘No Wagering Requirements’, this way you’re not restricted in how the offer can be used.

2. Choose a site which supports the game you love playing. Betting rule #1 is to only every gamble on the games you know the rules to.

3. Be sure the SSL software is in date by the casino.

4. Check the withdrawal times to see if the service you use gets your winnings back faster.

5. Take a peek at the promotions page before joining to see what you and other members get inside as rewards.

Picking Your Platform

Everything inside of online casinos is linked like a web of cause and effect. Pick your bonus, does this bonus become eligible for the games you like, is the game built with an RTP or RNG program which will determine how you win and then this links to the quality of providers and the overall casino. We review each relevant point in closer detail so you can see how the web works, this is not to see how casinos trap you, but how, if you pluck at the right strings, you can entice the beast out to take the prize.

The Welcome Bonus

Your first offer is the welcome package. Size here counts for nothing. The judgement should more be based on what the bonuses small print details. Your planning should begin here, is the bonus of any value? Are you putting more in than you get out? Aim for rewards which come with little or no requirements, so your options are not limited or restricted.


We believe that if you have more sections to a platform the better. This also comes down to quality, a good number of virtual games, streamed tables and sports betting. This allows you to transfer money between parts of the casino and can play as a loophole when winning funds that cannot be immediately withdrawn. Your range with gaming trinity advances your winning chances and provides a better platform of entertainment.


One of the first checks is to see if you are even able to deposit funds into your operator and withdraw winnings which are made from your available games. You can set up a new banking service should your original not be matched, or if you find the timings to be somewhat unfavourable. There are a number of options that also remove your banking details so that it is completely removed from both transactions.


Look to see if they are fair and worthy of their use. We mentioned the No Wagering Requirement bonus before. This is fully no strings attached but very rare to come across. Your best option is to await your loyalty bonus, this will be tailored to the games you play most, so bear this in mind and how you use the casino, if you can play across all sections on a regular bases the more rewards you get, whereas if you just played video poker, you’d only get video poker bonuses. It won’t get you far seeing how the machines are built i.e. RTP programming.


This is looking at the software developers. Knowing your Microgaming from your NetEnt will help you to make the wise gaming choices and this comes back to RTP and RNG programming. We recommend using our free selection of games to familiarize yourself with the range of providers out there supplying the top NZ casinos. Developers make their games differently to each other; some make them easier to win with small returns and others harder with bigger wins to claim. Find the developer that suits your budget, your style of games and so on. This cuts your spending and increases your chances of winning. You can then take this knowledge and approach the games with your free spins to get the best results.

Casino Summary: Concluding our online NZ casino guide with a roundup of key and important points

We now come to the concluding part of our Online Casino NZ guide for 2019. You have had plenty to absorb and learn from. We hope that from this, you can start to see how the picture of online gambling works, how things are connected and why your decision making should always be a few steps ahead.

Many players go in with no strategy or game plan and this is what suits them, but by having a greater understanding you will have better success when facing the various options that the operators present.

We end with a highlight of frequently asked questions, should you need reminding of answers to any lingering doubt. And after this, we leave you with final pointers about what online casino action is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What’s the gambling age in New Zealand? Players must be 18-years or older to access these online casinos which are based overseas.
  • Q: Are all NZ casinos overseas? Yes, because of the laws and the legislation of the Gambling Act 2003, all activities relating to gambling must be done off of New Zealand shores.
  • Q: Do I win Kiwi dollars back? You’ll win back what you pay with. Even though these casinos are based overseas, your winnings will be returned as NZ dollars.
  • Q: Can I use a Blackberry mobile to play? Yes, and you don’t necessarily have to download an app because the mobile performs the same as any PC. So your access is done directly via the site browser.
  • Q: Are overseas operators safe? 100%, they are regulated by licensing bodies who are approved by governing bodies creating an infallible process to supply the domestic public with legitimate and industry approved standards. As for Internet security, the SSL 128- Digital Software is currently the best on the market and all casino found within the top 10 list is built with this tool.

Key Points

✅ Pick a platform based on your long-term goals to get better results in terms of loyalty bonuses.

✅ Use our reviews to cross-reference the options, remembering you can join more than one website.

✅ Only opt for rewards if they are eligible for the games you know the rules of.

✅ Streamed card and table games are not affected by algorithms, unlike virtual variants.

✅ Observe the platform before joining, you don’t need to register to see what games, services and bonuses there are.

Thank you for reading our guide and we wish you the best of luck whilst taking the advice on board to tackle the best casinos online.


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