Online Casino UK: Best Games, Slots, Sites and Free Bonuses 2019

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Welcome to Online Casino UK, your guide to help capture the best sites, games, rewards and services within the UK gambling industry. A fully licensed service that provides professional advice to help you succeed whilst playing in the best UK casino found online.

Best Online Casino UK Sites 2019

  Casino Country Bonus Terms Software Visit
1 £1000
2 £500
3 £111
4 £100
5 £200
6 £100
7 £2000
8 £100
9 £1000
10 20% Cashback

1. Introducing you to the casino online UK market and guiding you through all the possible options ahead

”The average ‘new player’ will join three casinos in the space of a month in order to find what they are truly looking for. Here, with our advice, you will save time and effort by sticking with the best there is.” – Casino Bonuses

The goal for every reader coming to our site is to find a casino which is both fair and offers competitive gaming option that is both easy to play and win from. Thusly, our mission is to offer you such possibilities and opportunities for the best gambling experience.

Our guide brings you, the ‘new player’, insights into the industry, to show you the best casinos available in 2019 and beyond. You will learn of safety software, free cash allowances, wagering terms and how to apply professional critique to any new platform before you decide to join.

1.1 Best Casinos 2019 and Beyond

So why should you read what we have to say? Well, for a start, not many guides would be honest enough to tell you that from the moment you put money into a casino game, that your winning outcome is already predetermined by a series of algorithms that factor the win/loss ratio from the second you place your bet.

We look to give you a clear and precise picture of the future ahead. Yes, there will be losses and we are here to cut those down to a minimum. Yes, there will be wins and we want you to get as many possible, through smart decision making and knowledge of the games you will be facing from here on in.

We have been working within the markets of the industry for over 15 years. Our team of ex-professionals and former casino workers have built this platform especially for you to understand that there are great rewards ahead, but only if the right steps are taken. There is no quick path to winning a fortune online. So, one step at a time, we will guide you on the most sensible course and the most profitable path.

1.2 Why Betting Online is Better

Now the next question is, perhaps, why should you be gambling online in the first place? Well, the word itself is for many a taboo, but the fact you have got this far, we won’t polish over this.

Gambling has its issues, but no more than any other hobby that is not treated with respect and understanding. If you are fully competent and yet aware that you are unable to gamble responsibly, then we would ask you firstly re-consider your decision and secondly, that if you wish to still wish to pursue playing, that you show serious consideration to the options that platforms now have with restrictive betting. Again, not many guides would be so blunt as to state this.

Back to the point first raised and why take part in these activities on the Internet.

When it comes to the comparatives of Internet gambling and the actual physical form of playing, then there is only a one-word answer that supports the online path as being the most favoured one and that is basically ‘convenience’. Okay, maybe an over generalisation, but when you have something that is so readily available, to which you can access it through your mobile phone any time of the day, anywhere in the world, then the scales are heavily tipped in the Internet’s favour.

But convenience aside, here are just a few examples of what the Internet offers which are impossible to receive from any gamblers venue which is based on the high street.

✅ A generous welcome bonus that allows you to play free games within the casino.

✅ Game variety is on a much larger scale.

✅ Jackpot prizes are larger and if you win big, yes, you can have your photo taken with the over-sized novelty cheque.

✅ Sports betting odds cover more options through in-play betting features.

✅ Live casino gaming allows you to play against others from around the world.

✅ Loyalty rewards in recognition of your membership to the site.

Many more benefits will be covered as you continue through our guide.

We now take the next step of looking at the top 10 sites you can register with within the UK market.

2. Looking for the top 10 UK online casinos? Here’s our presentation of the best sites that are fully licensed

”An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

For many players, all it takes is a free casino bonus and they are instantly settled on the decision of which site they will be joining. Now, granted, we are not all the same, some want a fast profit of money from just playing the big jackpot games, so they will seek out platforms providing these options. Some players just opt for the platform offering the largest welcome package. Players are just as varied as the sites out there, and there are plenty!

2.1 Top 10 Quality

So, what makes one British online casino better than another to merit a top 10 place on our list?

There are many variables that have to be considered and cross-examined. So let us give you an example using the deposit bonus which is offered by most if not all casino sites out there.

If one licensed operator has a promotion which states “All new players to receive 100% up to £500 Free when they register.” This will look more favourable than another promoting “All new members get 100% up to £100 when registering.”

One certainly promises a bigger return of financial clout than the other. Even if the latter was to offer a selected number of free spins, the end game, for many, is getting as much money as possible.

However, when we look at the welcome bonus offered by sites, it is quality and not the quantity. We will touch on this further in our section on bonuses, but, in short, we study the terms of that bonus, what requirements are there, what strings are attached to the offer, which is actually fairer to the customer.

By the way, the answer to the example above and which is fairest for the customer is relative to how much you are willing to deposit, as you will have to pay more in than what you’ll be getting out. Again, not many guides would be this honest about the product they are selling you.

2.2 Our Reviews

Forming any review and generating a top 10 list based on the results is by no means a fast process. As we explain this process, take note of the ideas, the plan and ultimately, the bigger picture of what a casino is all about. Everything is linked, every aspect and feature is relevant and will influence the gaming, service and quality of the website. So here are the questions put forward on judgement of a website looking to meet our approval as a recommendation.

  • 1. Is the casino licenced?
  • 2. If yes, is that commission or authority accepted within the UK?
  • 3. If yes, which casinos are accessible through these licence regulators?
  • 4. What security software is used and is the software in date?
  • 5. Does the casino software support multi-device access and performance?
  • 6. What games are made available from these casinos, which at this staged are licenced, hold the latest security and can be accessed through any device the customer has?
  • 7. Who are the gaming developers and what is their track-record of payouts like?
  • 8. Does the casino support alternative deposit and withdrawal banking methods?
  • 9. Are the casino’s promotions regulated and fair? Do they provide bonuses for both new clients and current members across the period of their membership?
  • 10. How accessible is the Customer Service team to help in times of need?

If in any situation the outcome to a question is answered with a “no”, then it offers doubt and when doubt arises, then it has no place on any list we have provided.

3. Which is the best online casino in UK?

“Players in the United Kingdom have the largest choice of casinos from across the world, with more than 100 available to pick from. Our task is to make the decision easier for you” – Casino Bonuses

Here are the current top 10 platforms for 2019. We encourage you to make any judgement at this time based on the reviews presented. Scored independently by current users and members of the past and critiqued by yours truly.

These are online casino reviews UK players can take on board to help make their decision, learn more about what casino offer and see the bigger picture to what opportunities there are on a wider scale.

ge for yourself which will be your new gambling home.

3.1 Award-Winning Gameplay

Most of your time spent in any casino will be focused on the casino games offered and taking part in the entertainment of winning money from them. As such, the quality of the product must be supreme in its delivery.

For the most part, the games you play are very basic in their setup. Virtual machines cover a range of options from standard slot machines to virtual card and table games. These are essentially one click games that require limited knowledge and zero skill-based requirements to play and succeed.

On the flipside of this, you have live dealer tables, sectioned under ‘Live Casino’. Here you interact with the host to place bets and experience the game.

The third and alternative form of wagering online is through Sports betting. Depending on how you play will determine the amount of time spent in this section of the casino. You can simply arrange your bets within 10 minutes and leave the casino to await the outcomes, those using the in-play features can pass hours by engaging with the events as they happen, selecting their options as watching the outcome unfold before their eyes.

If you can obtain all three sections, then you have a wider birth of opportunities to succeed from, though it is entirely relevant to what you consider to be enjoyable.

For your interest, here is a list of games you will most likely be able to choose from and play once you have selected a casino from our top 10 list.

✅ Blackjack

✅ Baccarat

✅ Craps

✅ Poker

✅ Pai Gow

✅ Roulette

✅ Sic Bo

✅ Scratch Cards

✅ Keno

✅ Bingo

✅ Video Poker

✅ Slots

Many of these will have variants for you to also experience, so alternatives to roulette, like: Double Ball and American Roulette. For Poker, you have: Texas Hold ‘em and so on.

3.2 How to Register

If at this stage, you have already taken a quick peek at the top 10 list and read the reviews, you might be wondering how the registration process works. So, allow us to breakdown this action and give you the step by step instructions from getting from point A, which is here, through to point B, which is accessing the casino’s games.

1. Select a casino, either click ‘visit’ or ‘get the bonus’ tabs within the review.

2. Complete the registration form by submitting your full name, date of birth and address. There is also contact numbers and email to provide for use later on.

3. You will be asked to submit 2 documents, one confirming your residential address and the other your ID. For the address confirmation, this can be a recent bank statement or a copy of utility bills.

4. Your application will go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, where validations are made to approve your application and details.

5. Activate your account once approved and update your banking details.

Your account at this stage is now activated, meaning you are able to claim your bonus by making a first deposit, if required. Other alternative bonuses granted by the casino will be ready to use in your general account.

3.3 Our TOP 10 section

At Casino Bonuses we remain impartial to any operation in service, however, at times, we feel it is only fair to reward the services of a particular company through our ‘TOP 10 Section. We highlight and recommend the most trustworthy and best paying casinos throughout the year that have gone above and beyond in their service to members old and new and invite you to test the service yourself through their special bonus features.

It’s a fresh way to keep your options open, with the current best performer of the given month being celebrated on our website.

4. What is the most trusted online casino?

“Brands are all about trust. That trust is built in drops and lost in buckets.” – Kevin Plank

For many of us in the UK, not a day will pass that some advertisement on the TV will pop up displaying an advert for some online gambling company. It is now firmly embedded on the platform, selling big brands and bigger promises. So, we look at the aspect of trust and ask who is the most trusted online casino?

The question is perhaps a little misleading because there is not one casino to rule over them all in the stakes of ‘trust’. There are many considerations, so we use the focus of a singular casino to describe what makes it trustworthy.

4.1 Secure Payment Methods

Your finances are hugely important to you and keeping it safe is of up-most importance. The security surrounding payments via the Internet has come on leaps and bounds year on year. The firewalls in place with added confirmation checks, passwords and all of this now make it near impossible for any fraudulent activity.

For this section, the work between both parties, casino and bank must be in synch. One of the key areas of a casino is to reduce, stop and highlight cases of money laundering. This is evidence alone that checks are made, that the payment section is not left unsupervised.

If any fraudulent activity does arise, the bank is first on the case to cease any transactions. The casino is of no power to influence your original account.

4.2 Safe Gaming

There is only one main software tool on the market which has unmatched successes in the realm of internet security and this is the SSL encryption program or 128-Bit Digital Encryption software that is now used, not just by online casinos, but a host on online vendors looking to stabilize, lockdown, tighten and stop any form of hacking. This protects your personal information, your banking details and upholds your privacy agreement with the operator you sign with.

4.3 Responsible Practice

Licensing is key for any casino vendor online. It’s certainly not enough just to be a registered site. There are rules and protocols for a business to get from square one onto the next level in distributing their services, either on a national or international scale.

The foundations of success and achieve any credible status begins with, and rest heavily on, the approval of a licenced regulator. Once a casino passes the required testing and checks, they are then classed as a safe and certified gambling operation which can now work within the laws of its market.

There is more to a casino than just the offer of a welcome bonus to new players. Hundreds of man-hours and days, plus a great level of detail goes into setting a site up to make it a valid and available platform for players to win cash from, claim offers through and to be a player that is within the countries online gambling laws.

5. Join a wider community through online live casino UK platforms and experience gaming on a whole new level

“Casino gambling is colourful, dramatic and theatrical” – Steve Wynn

Through Online Casino UK, you can opt for the gaming function of ‘Live Casino’. Players in the United Kingdom have access to a huge array of hosted tables to give them that bit extra in ways to win their fortune. No online casino is ever truly complete if this option is not made available to their members.

Within this gaming realm, you are able to implement your free spins, use no deposit bonuses, play games of roulette and blackjack and bet in real-time against the dealer and other players.

5.1 What is a Live Casino?

In terms of entertainment value, this is right up there with the best. The feature is a streamed broadcasted direct from the studios of a leading software developer and hosted by either a male or female dealer. Fully trained and equipped in customer service, players can enjoy one on one games or take part in tournament events with other members of the site.

The virtual platform incorporates all the classic games from baccarat through to craps. It is also a platform with generates new and exciting games and offers diverse ways in which to present them. The Dream Catcher and Monopoly are now common options amongst the menu of titles, and it will soon move into the realm of Virtual Reality gameplay over the coming years as the technology as tools continue to develop for the industry.

5.2 Benefits of Playing Live

Playing in this format has its advantages over the more standard gaming formats of virtual machines.

✅ Games that are not available on standard machines.

✅ No algorithms are used to determine winning outcomes.

✅ Play against other members.

✅ Access pool-prized tournaments.

✅ Special Progressive Jackpot tables are available.

✅ Special bonuses are available for free gaming (please always read the T&C first.)

Casino Bonuses prides itself in being able to present the Best Live UK Casinos.

6. What bonus casino UK allowances are out there for new players to claim from the best operators available

”The best things in life are free” – Everyone that has ever lived

There is much to discuss on this topic as we look at valid game types, the valid deposit methods, what wagering t&c apply (if any) and many more details new customers need to be aware of prior to using any of the promotions given to clients of the casino as a reward for their commitment and service.

6.1 Available Bonuses

Players are fortunate enough to have access to a whole host of promotions and deals, so here is a list of the most common rewards you’ll be able to redeem and hopefully make free money from.

  • Match Deposit Bonus: i.e. 200% up to £500.00.
  • Welcome Packages: i.e. £1000 with 100 Free Spins.
  • No Deposit: Extra Cash Allowances or a selected number of Free Games
  • Free Spins: up to 1000 free games for specific machines or live games.
  • VIP: Loyalty Rewards and Exclusively tailored bonuses.
  • Happy Hour: Daily/Weekly Spin Bonuses
  • Referral Bonuses: Cash allowances for you and a friend.
  • High Roller Bonus: VIP Packages for Greater Bankrolls
  • Coupon Codes: Specialist Discounts for specific games.

6.2 How to Claim Your Bonus

If the idea of making free money without using any of your own finances excites you, then here is how to generally claim your exclusive bonus offers.

1. Join any casino from our top 10 sites

2. Use the link which has the bonus code embedded into it.

3. Once your account is activated, you can open your bonus.

4. Prior to use, check the T&C to learn what games are valid.

5. Activate the bonus when opening the eligible games.

6.3 Bonus Strategies

The ‘free’ offers to bet with can be used in the realms of tactical play. Many hours and days spent practicing a game can pay off using these promotions thereafter. It’s a great way to get the max service from a casino, to practice on the games they offer (which we provide in our free games section) and to play them with the casino’s own money.

If you like playing roulette, slots or blackjack, any game it doesn’t matter, then make your decision of what rewards to use is based on the games you love playing.

You should only ever bet on games you understand and by being smart and selective, your reward won’t go to waste.

Also, check the promotions page of the casino to see prior to registration what bonuses are given to customers currently on site. Are new ones given out daily? Are there monthly rewards? Check every bit of the page to see if they are the best for you and are able to keep you satisfied.

7. Looking at the legal online casino UK terms and the conditions laid out for players to be within the law

More and more new online casino UK platforms are coming onto the market month by month. There is a staggering number which are registered and licenced towards the UK markets. Here we cover the details you may be interested in knowing when it comes to the UK gambling laws online and how you are or are not affected.

7.1 The Current Gambling Laws in the UK

It all begins with the Gambling Act of 2005, this was a shifting point in law due to European Union regulations, which were more pro-gambling and for now, something which has a foothold on UK legislation. In turn, all operators wishing to provide their services for UK residents must obtain a UK Gambling Commission licence. With this licence, you can participate inside of online casinos, bingo sites, poker rooms, sports bookies and play the lottery.

In 2015 the Gambling Act was updated by the UK Gambling Commission as it became an independent body funded by the UK Department of CMS. The new approach allowed for them to support and approve other overseas regulators, meriting them on fit a proper practice.

These are classed as whitelisted jurisdictions.

For them to get approved, they must submit their presentation to the Secretary of State for CMS (Culture, Media and Sport.) in order to apply for a licence within the UK. However, those on the whitelisted are unable to promote their services as part of Section 331 which resides in the Act of 2005.

As the law goes, UK players have zero restrictions and no win is taxable unlike in other countries. All regulations and problematic rules fall on the heads of the casino, but once a licence is granted then a player can enjoy all the services and features regardless.

7.2 Licensing Authorities

Here are the whitelisted jurisdictions which are approved by the UK Gambling Commission whose sites you are fully able to join with peace of mind in term of playing within the nation’s laws.

✅ Alderney Gambling Control Commission

✅ Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

✅ Malta Gaming Authority (Part of the EEA)

✅ Isle of Make Gambling Supervision Commission.

✅ All countries within the EEA (European Economic Area)

You can read more on the authorities regulating the online casinos by heading to our Licensing Authority guide.

8. How do we pick the best casino sites? What merits a top 10 spot? What should you be looking for online?

Yes, there are indeed tips to help you select the right casino for you and for you to end up with the right games you wish to play. Much has been covered but we had to leave out some pointers for this section, so you are able to take the following information onboard to start off on the right foot towards your successes in the world of online casinos.

8.1 Get the Best Site Possible

Getting the best online casino UK service is very simple if you know what to look for. We have touched upon some of these previously, so we will go over a few of them again to explain the bigger picture. This way your approach to the UK operators begins and ends on the right path.

Is the casino providing…

1. The correct licensing information from one of the regulatory bodies mentioned in section 7.1 and 7.2?

2. Offering fair Welcome Bonuses?

3. A variety of mixed games and machine both live, virtual and with sports betting?

4. Fast, secure and reputable banking services?

5. A VIP programme which supports your loyalty with rewards?

6. The latest SSL software that is fully in date?

7. Access through multi-devices such as mobile and tablet?

Be sure to ask these questions of each and every casino to know how strong the foundations are of their company, service and reliability.

8.2 How to Pick Your Casino

The best online casinos truly standout when you begin to familiarize yourself with knowledge of these key areas. You will begin to read them in a new light and seeing that what may appear to be a big site to join, may in fact, not have the customers interest at heart. It takes time to learn and to see these differences between casinos. Like us, you may go a bit wild and insane having to read through the small print and the regulated terms of offers like bonus free spins, but it all pays off in the end, figuratively and literally speaking.

The Welcome Bonus

When we tell you to get the max out of a casino, we don’t necessarily mean big is better. Before you apply as a new player, you need to check the quality over the quantity. Remember the T&C are there to help explain what the player gets out of the bonus. Does it merit a deposit? Can you cash out winnings? Is there a max wagering restriction? Can you play streamed roulette with the offer?


We love platforms which offer us the trinity of gambling options. Casino, Live Casino and Sports Betting. Being able to play a mix of slots and any live blackjack game variant with the added option of going wild on sports betting is the perfect blend. Now, we’re not saying all casinos must go wild about this. Again, the quality is key and it’s all about providing more ways of improving your chances of winning.


Deposit and Withdrawals, very important features of a casino which, in fact, must be one of the very first things you check before signing up. In order to secure your winnings or to be able to transfer your money into the casino, you must make sure your services match. See if you are able to use your regular banking methods with the casino, if not, can you opt for a different service to handle your cash? Also check how many days withdrawals take, to be sure you are happy with the service of how your money is handled.


We all want free games and the more the better. From No Deposit Bonuses to Free Spins. But do not underestimate the value of VIP schemes which reward you with tailored discounts. Many come without the need to deposit, they will never be highlighted within the promotions, its more of a case of waiting for them to drop into your account to activate. So, if you love sports betting the more bets you make, the likelihood is that you will have bonuses tailored to this. Same for slots if you play enough, blackjack games, lottery and so on.


We highlight in every review the security software used by casinos, but it is worth taking the time to read the tools used by each site to learn and grow your understanding of the feature as over time it will change and evolve. Players in the United Kingdom have a larger selection of sites and are more prone to attempted attacks, so be a step ahead by knowing your security software.


Mobile gameplay is the highest trending format for gamblers right now and it is hard to see this being knock off the top spot given the convenience it offers. By haven’t a site which provides multi-device access, you no-longer become restricted to time and place. It broadens your ability and chances of winning and when it comes to slots; learning about the developers of slots it adds an extra dimension to your knowledge. Some slot developers make games easier to win with lower payouts and others make their games harder to win with bigger payouts. This is something which you will learn in time and can read more on within our strategies and tips guide.

9. Casino Summary: Our conclusion on the online UK casino market and a rundown of the key points to help you

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston S. Churchill

So, there is a lot of wild information to absorb and take in when it comes to gambling via the Internet in the UK. But bettering your knowledge, taking a step back to see the bigger picture really does help. As mentioned before, you will begin to see how things within the casino interlink, how one feature has a cause and effect on another.

By now you may still have a thousand questions, so let us point out a few of the most commonly asked ones to help you at this stage before embarking on your journey to jackpot riches and life-changing fortunes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to play with real money online? You deposit real money and win real money back in UK currency. The standards of payments made online are extremely protected. There are various ways in which you can protect your banking details through 3rd part services such as PayPal and prepaid vouchers. All available options carry their own security measures with usernames and passwords with confirmation backup as added security. Not forgetting the casinos own SSL digital encryption software to assist also.
  • How can I register? Select a casino from the top 10 list or via their review and complete your registration process. Allow for time as the casino deals with the KYC regulations and prepare your documents ready to send to make the process faster. You can email copies of your ID and Utility Bills to aid your registration. Once complete, you are ready to play.
  • What’s the minimum amount for deposits? The minimum deposit amount varies from platform to platform, Typically, some allow as little as £5.00 others it can be £10.00. The casino will have a notification in the banking section to inform what is the correct amount you can cash in and advice what can be withdrawn.
  • What is the Legal age for gambling online? The UK laws permit players aged 18-years and older the right to gamble online. If you are under this age, you will be in breach and could face court action from the operator as well as a hefty telling off from your parents or guardians.
  • Can I join more than one casino? The best thing about all of this is you can join as many casinos as you like. There is no restriction in numbers and from that, the number of free bonuses you play with. Many players join more than one casino in the first month as they get a feel for the site or options. Hopefully, with us, you won’t have to jump around to get settled, given the important information we’ve provided.

From all associated at Casino Bonuses, we wish you much luck and hope you enjoy our selection of the UK’s best online casinos.