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When making the decision on which online casino to join, one of the best considerations is to take note of the rating the casino has on payouts. Here in our review, we inform you about what the best online casino payouts are and you will also be able to access our online casino reviews to help you make a final choice.

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What is a Payout Percentage?

When it comes to looking at the online casino payouts, there are many variables in play. A lot of factors are connected and many of which are unbeknownst to customers of the casino.

Through an understanding of these important key factors, you will be in a far better position to make a judgement call when looking for a site of your own to join. For many players, the decision of which online casino to join is usually based on the quality of the gaming available or even how big the free welcome bonuses are. If you're living in the United States of America, you'll probably search an American casino first.

Through this online review about getting the best online casino payouts, you will be able to see how all things interconnect. You will see how the best casinos are able to lay down a strong service for banking, how this then links to the games you play, what bonuses you use and how it all translates to quicker services to essentially put money into your account, not only faster but more frequently.

Why good payouts are important

To help put this all into context, you can call this the ‘payout rate’ of the casino. The payout rate will be the percentage of money that is put into the casino and what proportion of that is then paid out to the clients of the site. But do note, that the amount played is not the amount that has been deposited. This means that if you deposited 10.00 to play with and won 100.00 and continued to play with the winnings if you spent all the profit with zero return, the overall payment has been 110.00.

The payout percentage is a very important concept because it enables you to find the most profitable games in the casino. A lot of players believe the payout percentage is regulated by the casino, but this is not the case. It’s regulated by the commission that controls the issuance of licenses. They take into account a lot of variables and check and validate it primarily. Secondly, if an online casino wants to have their status officially recognized, the organization that controls quality across all casinos will monitor this percentage as part of a series of quality assurance checks.

The cause and effect principle of the slot machine

The variable factor of the games is, of course, the most important of all cogs in the payment machine.

The percentage of payouts which falls upon an online slot machine is between 75-98 percent. Many players often confuse this as a likelihood of payment percentage when playing the games online. So, when they would come across games which reads RTP (Return to Player) 94.6%, they believe that this is how high the outcome is of a win is likely to be. When in fact this is only informing players what the payout percentage is of the game itself and not your chances.

It’s always important then to check the percentages for each game individually because they usually differ.

For example, let’s imagine that the payout rate at a certain online casino is 95%. This means 95% of bets made by the player will be paid out on. This might seem high but it’s true that casinos don’t make more than 5% to 2% on each game. So, to continue, on our example slot machine, $10,000 has been wagered over a period of 24 hours. Upon analysis of the machine, the casino realizes that the pay outs amounted to $9500. The calculation, therefore, is really easy:

9500/10000 = 0.95 x 100 = 95%

A really good tip, in this case, would be to check with the online casino’s customer services as to what the payout rate is for the particular game you wish to play so you can compare and choose the best one.

What casinos have the best payouts?

When looking at the average casino payout percentage, remember to note that is not just down to how the slot machines are built. When picking an online casino, you have to also be aware of all the other contributing elements. The simple one, of course, would be the popularity of the site. The more players there are in number, the higher the rate of payments (not deposits) are likely to be made. This, in turn, will influence the percentage of the payout.

One of the ways of locating expert monitoring of these payout percentages is through independent analysis groups like ECOGRA, who will often publish results of returned winnings during a fixed period.

If one wasn’t too keen on looking at the analytical data, then a simple measure of whether a site was one of the best online casinos, would be how often really big wins would come out of a casino.

What are Payout Rates based on?

Here we look at the calculation of chance, it can be tricky but thankfully casinos are regulated to make playing a transparent process, not a deceiving one. All virtual games within the casino are marked with that their percentage is and these run off of two very different algorithms.

The first, as mentioned earlier is the RTP (Return to Player) percentage. This percentage indicator is the one most commonly found amongst the slot-like games of a casino. This again, is an indication of the money percentage you could win or lose from the game. The algorithms will have already longer determined your outcome before you have put your wager on because the money is not based on personal wagering to get the percentage rate, but for all players. This is why new slots and progressive jackpot games are so popular because of the percentage of money going into the games increased the chances for everyone.

Payout Rates part 2

The second percentage indicator of a game actually doesn’t work of numbers but is a random algorithm called the RNG (Random Number Generator). This algorithm is more commonly used amongst the virtual table games like roulette, craps or blackjack. The system for this is indeed more complex and perhaps easy to think of it as a mechanism which works like a numbered padlock or a safe. Every time the start button is pressed on the machine, the algorithm goes through a sequence of number, effectively to wind up with a matching code that unlocks the win. This all takes place in a matter of seconds and the number code always changes. To the regular casino goer, the RNG system seems a fairer process, but the truth is, both algorithms are in place to limit the probability of winning because the casino always has to make a profit.

What is the highest payout casino game?

This question is one which is most commonly asked by players. Which casino game has the best and highest payout? The best payouts online casino members can expect can will be found from the following 10 games.

Top 10 Games

RankGamePayout Percentage
1Video Poker99.92%
2Mega Joker™99.00%
3Mega Moolah™88.12%
4Baccarat: House Edge on Tie Bet15.75%
5Let it Ride (card game)3.57%
6Red Dog Poker3.16%
7Casino War: House Edge2.33%
8French Roulette: House Edge1.35%
9Craps: House Edge0.45%
10Blackjack: House Edge0.13%

Note: Even though the percentage rate for Mega Moolah™ is not the best rate for an online slot, the amount of times it has been one makes this one of the most profitable and popular machines. Remember that with an RTP algorithm, the more players actively using the game will increase its chances and this is the most consistently paying progressive jackpot machine ever built.

Tips for gaming success

First, let us look at what we know so far about the online slot machines and games which are available to play inside the best payout casinos online.

1. The algorithms dictate the outcome, which is either based on the percentage of the money being placed into the machines by all players or through random selection.

2. The more popular a game is, the greater the chance of the game paying out more frequently.

From these two factors, astute players should begin to develop ideas of how to approach online casino games. The clear understanding should be that if algorithms are influenced by a high input of money then the focus should be newer games and those with big cash incentives.

There are many games which fall into this section, progressive jackpots being the most obvious of choices.

Progressive jackpots are not all the same, for the most part, the terms and conditions will note that for a greater chance of entering the jackpot stages, that the max wagering requirement must be met. Now, is it not at all possible that this is a way for the casino to make more money and, in fact, the algorithms are in favour of lower stage bets?

For example, the past two winners on Divine Fortune™ won through the minimum betting stakes. A consideration to think about when spending your money.

There are also progressive jackpots which are part of a conglomerate of games, for example, Red Tiger is a software developer who has for all their games a mega jackpot that will payout at any time with no limit, then there is a second jackpot which must be won before a specific time of the day and lastly, a third jackpot that must be won by a certain amount.

Perhaps better odds of winning, why focus on one jackpot when there are suitable gaming options that present three!

The importance of knowing casino online payouts

Having knowledge of the casino payout rates will bode well for you in the long run. The construct of a site that pays out well and frequently is a very strong indicator that it is a site that believes in the principles of fairness. Now, given the fact casinos are indeed businesses which thrive to make a profit, they are never-the-less regulated to provide a service which meets independent regulatory standards from the licensee. So, yes, players will lose and players will win, but the signs of a site paying out well shows they are abiding by those standards and very much should be in your considerations to join.

Signs of a casino online with the best payout options

There are many qualities to a casino that will service their members to a higher standard.

Here are some key features to look for within the casino and about the casino that will help you to achieve opportunities for fast payouts and good payout rates.

✦ Bonuses: There are a number of legitimate offers and rewards that are given to players, either through signup bonuses, opt-in deals or by loyalty service. Bonus should be considered as insurance against your won money. The vast majority of promotions are deposit-based. Players will have to pay for the luxury of having more cash and free spins to play with. During your time as a member, the most common site of a bonus will come about through your loyalty rewards which randomly appear in your account without having to make a payment into the casino. Using such reward in conjunction with the best payout games online is possible. Be sure to read the details in the terms to be sure which games are or are not eligible.

✦ Banking: Though we will discuss this further in our next section, banking is important because of the function of a casino payout must be secure and reliable. For the fastest services, you may need to acquire a new approach to how you handle your payments online. Currently, there are multiple ways of handling your transactions. These options include credit card services, cryptocurrency, prepaid vouchers, e-wallets and other alternative online services.

✦Games: Gaming variety is essential but not key in the opportunity of getting a healthy payout rate. When it comes to gaming, you want quality rather than quantity. You want a casino that focuses on more bigger games in smaller numbers, than having a casino that offers too many options.

There needs to be a right balance, getting the perfect mix of high prized online slots which are supplied with new games twice a month. You want live dealer games to be held on a different area of the casinos, limiting players to sensible table numbers. If there is sports betting then this is perfectly fine, as there is no influence of the outcome that is controlled by the casino.

You want a site that puts a high focus on the big games, thusly, making the money funnel into the games which are more likely to payout frequently. If a casino spreads interest across too many games, then it will take longer for a payout to happen.

Warning sites of bad payout sites

There are some signs to look out for, should you decide to go your own way and search of your own online casino that is not listed on our website.

Reputable sites are regulated; therefore, the games are tested. If you pick a game and after 30 spins, nothing comes in on a spin or bets, then it is an indication the games are not tested, and you could be on a duff site.

If the bonuses come with no details or terms and conditions do not load, avoid these sites because they clearly have something to hide.

Will my banking method impact payout time?

The banking aspect of a casino has no bearing on the top online casino payouts, only in how quickly you will receive them. As previously mentioned, there are a number of ways in which your payments can be handled online. Not all casinos offer the same full-rounded service, so it is important to read our casino reviews to learn of the specifics each site invites you to use when making deposit payments and withdrawals on your winnings.

For example, one casino may very well offer a Visa service for deposits and withdrawing, but another site may only permit players to use Visa to deposit their money in and, therefore, look for an alternative option to withdraw their winnings.

Fastest payout options

  • PayPal: This online banking service is limited to several casinos but is one of the fastest options for depositing and withdrawals. Payments from the online casino to your PayPal are immediate. Transferring the funds from PayPal into your regular bank account will then take 2-days.
  • eWallets: Now dominating the banking landscape on the Internet, electronic wallets are the perfect options to use when looking to get your money transferred instantly into the casino and getting it bank from withdrawing in only a matter of days than weeks with other services.
  • Skrill: Another third-party payment processing service which works like PayPal. The payment conditions are the same and is now becoming the fastest growing online service due to the ease of registering an account that only takes a single email.
  • Neteller: An online eWallet service that boasts the lowest fees online for their eWallet service. Perfect for players that are using overseas casinos to transfer money fast between both the casino and the member.
  • Bitcoin: If you are fortunate to have access to this cryptocurrency, then you are able to benefit for same-day payments that the service guarantees. Instant deposits and immediate withdrawals. There is currently no faster payment service than that of Bitcoin.

Get your cash the safe and smart way

Through these options, you will experience a high level of customer support. These are reputable and established Internet banking solutions that give players top-quality services that are approved by over 500 casinos online across the world. If you need to change your banking setup, then we provide many reviews on the services of many sites. It could make the process of playing and payments a lot easier, so don’t panic if the casino you wish to join do not cater to your current banking service.

Summary on Payouts

When you begin to investigate new areas of a casino which you may have not considered before, you can begin to see a bigger picture that illuminates the real opportunity of gambling online. Unfortunately, many players online are perhaps too gun-ho to show any attention to the facts and perhaps see the function of playing online as a means of getting from A to B in the quickest time possible. It would be beneficial for players like this to take a brief period of time to learn just a bit more about the functions of the casino and studying how it works, in order to better their chances of winning online from a casino that has all the right tools in all the right places to make it happen.

Best online casino payout FAQ

Q: Do bonuses increase the odds of winning?

A: the use of bonuses has no influence on how frequent a machine or game will payout. The bonuses will only further progress your game time, this, in turn, could mean you are on the game long enough to land that winning payout.

Q: Is there a maximum withdrawal limit?

A: There are limited withdrawal amount. Not all casinos offer the same value to withdraw per day. You will have to refer to the casinos directly. Some can be as little as 3,000 per day to 30,000 per day.

Q: Which is the best progressive jackpot game to play?

A: The best game to play is the one which is most popular and offers players a mix of jackpots, rather than just the one. Currently, Mega Moolah™ has the most consistent wins for a major progressive machine.

Q: Is it easier to win from virtual table games or live dealer games?

A: This comes down to a question of knowledge. If you are more knowledgeable able a game, say poker, than those at the table of a live game, then this will be your more profitable option of the two. If you lack the confidence, then your safety net should be the virtual table machines.

Q: If the casino is only using one software provider are my chances limited?

A: Yes and No. if the software developer making the games is of a high standard, then the games will come with the right appeal to attract players and boost the payout opportunities. However, there are some developers that make their games trickier to win from and this can lower the appeal.


An online casino operates in exactly the same way as a regular land-based casino. There are laws that govern them based upon the jurisdiction they apply for their license under, but we have to remember that casinos are a business at the end of the day and a business is there to make money. The truth is individual players may win but the player base as a group will always lose, otherwise, the casino would simply go out of business. This is the nature with games of chance, it’s mathematically impossible for everybody to win all of the time.

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