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Here at Casino Bonuses we recognise that in some instances, players can experience problems relating to gambling activities. By problems we mean addiction to gambling; specifically what is known as problem gambling and pathological gambling addiction. We cannot stress enough how serious an issue problem gambling can become, many recovering addicts are surprised at how quickly their situation spiralled out of control in the first place. It can affect anyone; you may even know someone for whom gambling is a problem. It is more common than most people think but with the right treatment and support, people can return to living a happy and healthy life post addiction.

We pride ourselves on being responsible advocates of recreational gambling; we also believe prevention is a much better option than cure, so in the next series of articles we aim to highlight some of the issues surrounding gambling addiction and also what can be done to prevent it ever happening to you in the first place.


We believe that when you begin gambling for recreational purposes, you should be responsible enough to know your own limits personally and financially. With this in mind we developed the idea of self-management with regards to gambling as a way of regulating or ‘checking’ yourself. That centres around three simple principles that we like to call T.M.E. These letters stand for Time, Money and Emotions. By learning to optimally control all three aspects you can enjoy your recreational gambling time without it ever becoming a problem and taking hold of your life in a negative or dangerous way.

When playing at an online casino there are features available to you that can help you control your experience within the framework of our T.M.E model. They offer options within your player settings that will help you keep within your means with regards to managing your recreational gambling time appropriately.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is something that, when it happens to a person, he or she has very little or no control over. It is an extreme medical condition similar to alcohol or drug addiction and the person affected will often exhibit the exact same symptoms related to gambling activities as drug addict would in the context of drug use. It can cause many problems for those affected and the people around them, and is not a very nice experience in general. An addicts health can deteriorate very fast when they suffer from this kind of addiction, their state of mind is greatly affected and ultimately so is their personal wealth and social or family ties.

Through our article we seek to give you some insight into gambling addictions, the symptoms around the illness and the statistics to show how prevalent it is in our society as a whole. We explain the systems and techniques used in the treatment of a gambling addiction and also give you some useful information on where to get help if you or someone you know is affected by problem gambling.


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