Pontoon Card Game

If you’re a fan of the onlne casino game blackjack then we’re sure you will love one of its most popular variants, Pontoon! This domestic version of the famous card game originates from the United Kingdom and has rules that are similar to traditional blackjack but with some slight variations. In order to give you a better overview of the game of pontoon and its strategies we put together a short guide for you to learn the main differences between this version of the game and blackjack, hopefully allowing you to maximise your winnings when you play this next time at an online casino.

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Pontoon Card Game

The rules of pontoon

Although pontoon is different from the more traditional game of blackjack, both games have a lot of similarities when you actually get down to playing. This isn’t surprising as they are both derivatives from the original game of 21, therefore the object of the game is actually the same as the more traditional version; to get as close as possible to the total of 21 or ‘pontoon’ without going over or ‘bust’. In blackjack the best hand is a 10 plus an Ace, this is called a natural blackjack. In pontoon this is still the same goal. In a casino, landing a ‘natural’ pontoon will earn you a payout of 2 to 1 whereas for blackjack this will be slightly lower at 3 to 2. To discover more of the subtleties of pontoon, take a look at our dedicated article on the rules of pontoon where we delve into a little bit more detail.

The strategies in pontoon

In the same way that there’s applicable strategies in the game of blackjack to help you maximise your winnings and minimise losses, in pontoon it’s possible to use similar strategies to gain an advantage over the house. Even though it’s a game of chance, you can still increase your odds of beating the dealer using methods that have proven both popular and successful for a large amount of casino players. These methods are easy to understand because they’re based on card combinations that all have high potential. With this in mind there’s no need to reference the basic strategies in blackjack or have any sort of card counting skills, instead we will show you 3 key points to consider while playing which will help you to maximise your winnings.


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