Privacy Policy: What Casino Bonuses does to protect you?

We, at (shall hereon in be also referred to as the “Company”, “we” or “us”) respect your right to privacy and we are committed to continually protect the privacy of our fellow users ( referring to “you”).

We have developed this Privacy Policy to keep you informed about how we go about collecting and using the information obtained through our site which provides information surrounding casino games and various materials associated to the gambling industry (which will be referred to herein as the Service).

The Privacy Policy works in conjunction with our Terms of Service and is found incorporated herein by references.

We encourage you to have a good read the Privacy Policy to help you make careful and correct decisions before being entertained by our Services. Using our Services means you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

In this much cared for Privacy Policy you will learn and read about:

  • The types of data and information we may collect.
  • Cookies.
  • How any data or information collected is used.
  • Who we share the information and data with.
  • How long the collected information is kept.
  • How your information is safeguarded.
  • Minors.
  • Updated Service
  • How you can contact us.

The types of Data and Information we may collect

We take non-personal data and information, meaning that no specific data linked to yourself directly is gathered. We only seek to collect technical information that has been transmitted by your computer, which includes certain software information and hardware information such as the type of web browser and operating system. This will also include language, the domain name and access time in which you linked to the Services. All very geeky and boring but with purpose.

From our site, we gather data about your preferences to our site, which pages you visit and what areas of the Services you have a fondness for.

The data and information does not personally identify you so don’t worry. Though under our Privacy Policy we may pass on this information to Third Parties.

When it comes to personal information it may come from the data you provide to us and the collection of your I.P Address. This in merges of the non-personal data would, therefore, combine as personal data, but this is not our intention. Just making that clear to you.


These cookies allow you greater navigation of the web browser, the cookies store page information you have entered or visited, so that by returning or by moving from page to page or site to site you are tracked to make the surf on the worldwide web a lot easier.

There are a number of different cookies out there and we use the following: (i) 'session cookies' these are temporary browser setting that clear once you leave the browser. (ii) 'persistent cookies' these are stored on your own computer and remain until the browser history is cleared. Think of it as a google search bar recognising your history; (iii) 'third party cookies' set up by other sites that analyse the content of the website you are looking at, so with us if you enjoy a particular section of the site this information is stored for the third parties.

All cookies can be deleted by clearing your own browser setting so you have full control.

How any Data or Information collected is used?

So how is this all used?

  • To provide the content of our Services.
  • To authenticate your access to the Services.
  • Communication and keeping you informed of the Services.
  • Advertisement you may have interest in.
  • To help us analyse our own content and make it less boring and more exciting for you.
  • To perform research on our own content, what works, what doesn’t work etc.
  • To test changes just in case we update any old, unused content.
  • To help and support troubleshooting for our Services. Meaning we can respond to your queries.

Who we share the Data and Information with?

We do not sell or trade personal information with Third Parties expect from what you have read within this Privacy Policy.

If any information is passed on it’s to our subsidiaries or affiliated partners to help us analyse our own site and improve its content.

Should the law become involved for any reason then we are obligated to pass on information.

Thusly, you are knowingly and agreeing to the action above by continuing to your our Site and Services. If this is a concern please immediately cease the use of our Site and Clear your browser history.

How your information is safeguarded?

All data and information is safeguarded by using the latest in digital encryption, which is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Although all steps by ourselves try to make your experience the best possible, we cannot be held accountable for those that may seek to disrupt our service with malicious tools and viruses.

If you have a feeling that your privacy has been treated and is not in accordance with the policy you are reading, please contact us directly at Contact Us no matter the situation, be it a software matter or verbal case.

How long the collected information is kept?

Your tracked information and data is kept indefinitely until such time you request for us to delete and remove. You can request this by emailing our help team at Contact Us. (except for data that we are required to keep under applicable laws).

Should we bore of the data we delete it once it becomes of no relevance to our needs of improvement to the Services we provide on the Site.


Our site is not intended to attract the attention of minors and is aimed at people who are of legal age which is above the years of 18. Sometimes minors are misguided to our site or come across it by chance and we cannot be held responsible for their action. As such, if you have reason to believe a minor has contacted us and shared information, please message us at Contact Us immediately.

Updated Service

From time to time our Privacy Policy may change, adapt and/or be updated. This is fully within our rights to keep this ship afloat and make sure everything is as it should be within the ever-changing laws. As a user, you automatically agree to adhere to the changes whilst on our Site and further details are within our Terms of Service.

How you can contact us?

Should you have any general queries and questions about our dedicated service and/or Services or on anything regarding information we collect about you and what you have read in the above then please feel free to message us at Contact Us.