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The amount of available online casinos has more than tripled in recent years; you only have to look at the number of online casinos on our website as an example to see that fact in action. The industry itself has exploded exponentially in both the UK and, to the same extent where it’s legally regulated, in the USA. In both countries, gambling is already a large part of regular society and with the inception of online casinos many patrons from land based establishments moved to playing online. Operators identified the popularity of recreational gambling in both countries and where there is a demand there is almost always a supply as a direct result.

In order to set themselves apart from their competitors and attract new customers, online casinos continually look for new opportunities. Aside of having a good reputation by word of mouth one thing that also stands out is an official seal of approval or a quality label. In the UK and US you find quality labels everywhere, from food to medicine and also on items such as consumer goods. In the world of online casinos this is no different therefore any reputable and legally regulated online casino would have to have an official label of assurance regarding the quality and fairness of their games plus the standard of their operation as a whole.

How this applies to online casinos

To clarify a little, a quality label is a seal of assurance given by an independent regulatory body to show that an online casino meets or exceeds a set of standards and requirements set forth by an official charter. Be aware at this point that this process is completely voluntary and not an official requirement. However if the online casino wants to prove that their games and RNG’s are fairly setup and that their operating methods adhere to a high set of quality standards then the only way to do this is by allowing an audit of their entire operation by an independent regulatory body.

This specialized body is certified to carry out quality assurance tests and is able to check for proper process of due diligence, including risk management, personal data and privacy, player safety and identification methods, game and RNG fairness, adherence to promotion and marketing laws and to some extent they can even protect the rights of players in the event of disputes. One example of such an organization would be eCOGRA, an independent online casino testing agency whose label of quality carries with it a heavily weighted and unequivocal seal of approval. Online casinos that are approved by eCOGRA can be considered extremely safe to play at and most would be regarded as the best in the world.

The process of obtaining certification

When an online casino wants to apply for a quality label, it must approach a specialized certified body. They will then be required to disclose a lot of information about their business activities and once complete the body will begin to study various aspects of the online casino to see if there are any discrepancies between what they find and what information was provided. In addition to this, the online casinos software and platforms will undergo rigorous testing to ensure the fairness of their games random number generators and also the integrity of their payment systems. They also must be able to prove that they provide a safe and reliable environment for players and that they are able to manage player data with respects to privacy and in accordance to data protection laws.

Once this testing has all been completed and if the online casino has met the rigorously high standards set out by the agency during their testing then they will be awarded a quality label which they can proudly display on their website to let all their new and existing customers know that they are a brand that meets the standards required by their industry. If they fail the test however, then the casino can work with this independent agency to improve their operational standards in order to meet the required level to obtain a quality label. If you’re ever in doubt of the integrity of these agencies it’s good to remember that they are certified by law to carry out these tests and they too have been audited in line with a regulatory boards set of guidelines to ensure they are fit to issue this type of certification.

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