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Referral Programs

Referral programs are available within the majority of casinos you find online. Essentially they are a unique and clever way to promote and market a particular casino brand, increasing its member numbers when acquaintances of existing members sign up and register on their site. How it works is very simple, for example you have someone who is already signed up to a particular online casino and if they refer a friend, family member or colleague to sign up at the same casino and deposit real money, then both will receive a bonus, usually up to the value of around $50 when it’s a single player at a time. Your account is then credited as soon as your referral deposits money into their new online casino account.

The more people you refer the bigger your bonuses will be as it often operates in a tiered structure, so for say 1-10 people it may be $50 per person, for 11-20 it may be a $60 or $70 bonus per person. It all depends on the online casino that you’re playing at as to how their tier system works. Some even give you 10% of the total losses of the people you refer. One other feature of a referral program is that casinos will often use the data from your referral record when choosing candidates to become VIP members, therefore the more people you refer the greater the chance that the online casino will offer you VIP status although nothing is guaranteed. Some referral bonuses also have wagering requirements attached to them.

The Terms and Conditions of Referral Programs

Like any other form of offer or promotional bonus, the referral option is subject to rules laid out by the casino operator, this affects the available bonus and along with that the withdrawal of winnings that come from using the bonus reward. This will apply to both parties that are using the program. We advise that you read through the terms and conditions thoroughly so that you’re completely aware of what is required of you and the other party before completing a full referral process.

As an example, here are some typical requirements you would need to meet in order to qualify for a referral bonus:

  • Both participants must be 18 years of age and over.
  • The ‘Referrer’ must have a real money account and must have made at least one deposit.
  • The ‘Referred’ must deposit real money into their account within the first 7 days of signing up.
  • The ‘Referrer’ and the ‘Referred’ must not be from the same household, or have the same IP address.
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