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Undoubtedly one of the major casino games online is roulette and for this, we have created a unique roulette guide. This easy to read review of the game will introduce you to a whole host of features, such as the rules, free games, bonuses, variants and strategies to win.

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Introducing you to roulette - Its history and the rise of popularity which changed much of the gambling industry

In making our roulette guide we explored all areas of the game to bring you a comprehensive guide that will help you to learn how the game was and is up to its current form.

How the game was born

The table format began its origins back in the 17th century. Developed by a French mathematician, Blaise Pascal whilst trying to create a machine that worked on perpetual motion. There are, however, theories that the dynamics were based on an old Chinese board game that worked on the arrangement of 37 animals into a square. The 37 animals which were numbered added to a sum of 666, which cast doubt over this theory because the French roulette table has both the zero and double zero option which constitutes more than 37 possibilities. However, the modern wheel would still add to the sum of 666.

The history of the game can be found throughout ancient Rome and Greece, yet in France, the popularity was at its highest point.

At this point in time, gambling was deemed illegal in France and it wasn’t until two French noblemen Louis and Francois Blanc moved to Germany in 1842 where it began its spread across Europe.

Louis Blanc went on to establish the Monte Carlo Casino Resort, further expanding the game’s appeal. It was European settlers moving into the American states of the early 19th century which then made roulette a global game. In America, casino proprietors were not too pleased with the percentage of the house edge and didn’t favor the single zero option of the wheel and unanimously opted for the traditional French style of the wheel.

Like many games of the time, there was change and adaption as industrialization grew and technology developed. Playing roulette became one of the main features during 50s America and succeeding within the land-based casinos of Las Vegas along with other table games of the time like Craps, Poker, and Blackjack.

Modern Roulette

From an age of board, gaming carried in backpacks of weary travelers through to a digital age where it is now accessible through a device carried in a pocket, online roulette is now on a worldwide stage 24/7. The leaps in technological software have allowed for the digital formatting of the game to be presented in all its variants to millions of players at the same time.

On the Internet, you can play online casino games of roulette through virtual machines, and through live streaming broadcasts. The online roulette game has adapted and changed over a course of time and it will soon be available in a form of Virtual Reality, whereby players become avatars and experience the excitement of the game through a whole new digital realm.

Presenting a complete player’s guide to online roulette where you will learn every aspect of the game

All online casinos provide the option of playing roulette through its different variants. Our guide is a perfect companion for any first time player or beginner to gambling as it helps to explain all of the important factors now associated with the online table. From the rules of each of the alternative casino games through to the bonus offers which bring about free gaming, our guide is a complete review of all the things you need to help you achieve success whilst playing and to win roulette the smart way, regardless of the format you pick.

Below is a brief outline of the various subjects covered within this guide. You can read more about each topic by selecting the highlighted headings which will lead you into the subject’s article.

Roulette Rules

Not all roulette tables are the same, therefore attention to the Roulette Rules is important. Never bet money in casinos when you do not know how a game is played. This is rule number one, which saves you both time and money. Incorporated into the rules is the idea of strategy, so being fully aware of the moves you can make on the table, will assist in your ability to develop your own strategy. The rules article will cover the American, European, French, and English tables and how players can win from them.

Roulette Strategy

Are there strategies to help the outcome of a spin? Is it better to bet on red or black as opposed to selecting a number inside the grid? Ultimately, is there a system to use to help you win easier? We have plenty of experience with live games, strategies for slots and we have read every possible book about the matter. There are two clear facts that face players looking at the roulette wheel. 1. You cannot influence where the ball will land. 2. You have no real planning as to what numbers to predict next. And 3, Yes, there are alternatives elements that you can influence.

In our review of the Roulette Strategy, we look at how bonus offers can assist your gameplay. There are mathematical theories that deal with structured budgeting and betting techniques. More on this is revealed in our article on strategies.

American Roulette

We review the American Roulette tables in all their glory, from the earlier stages of their development, through to how the system is available from the top 10 casinos online. In the more informative article about American Roulette, you’ll read about and have access to the best selection of demo American tables, where you can develop your own winning system to help you win real money from the casinos.

French Roulette

If you wish to play French Roulette live in the top online casino sites, then our review of this table will assist you in having access to the best demo games and their suppliers. We also discuss the origins of this variant and the ways you can win from its multi-bet options. If you wish to try your lucky numbers with this game, then select the link to place your bets.

English Roulette

Perhaps you wish to play and explore more of the English Roulette variant in the casino. Learn how to bet and what bets can be made through our selection of demo games that come with the linked article. Learn how the wheels and numbers changed to suit the preferred English way of playing. Perhaps it could be the best way, only one way to tell, of course.

European Roulette

What are the betting odds? What appears on the wheel? What free games are there? We discuss a few points in this review of the European Roulette variant where you will understand more of the house edge the game has and which is the best place to access live formats of this popular variant.

Bets to Avoid

There are certain ways of winning, just as there are of losing. Whether you play against the live dealer or if you place your chips through a virtual machine, we discuss the Bets to Avoid. This means looking at the betting odds, what’s marked on the wheel and the types of games there are throughout the spectrum of roulette gaming. We look to help you cut down the number of losses and increase your wins ratio.

Example: Is it better to predict where the ball will land or are players more successful if they just bet on black or red all the time?

Experience for yourself the roulette game through our free demos and through free casino bonuses

With Casino Bonuses Index, users have the luxury of getting games for free. Free Roulette is a double offer because it comes through demo machines which we have stored on our site and through bonus offers provided by the casinos recommended through our top 10 list and reviews.

Casino Bonus Play

Never miss the opportunity to gain extra advantages when they appear. Being part of a casino offers you, quite literally, free offers to use on all roulette games. From exclusive one-off specials for new players through to loyalty points. These extra discounts, deals, and bonuses allow players to limit the risks they take, to be able to get insurance on their budget, and to help boost their bankroll which they aim to play with. Here is just a brief list of examples that are currently available right now from the moment you register and throughout your time spent playing the section of roulette games. These are open to being used and taken advantage of.

✅ Welcome Package

✅ Free Spins

✅ Matched Deposit

✅ No Deposit

✅ VIP Rewards

✅ Refer a Friend

✅ Exclusive High Roller Bonus

The Bonuses

The Welcome Package

Exclusively available to new members, this welcome package can provide first-time players with a selection of rewards. Often seen providing both financial funding and a number of ‘for fun’ games to enjoy. Though can also give new members one or the other within their special promotion. It’ not a requirement but to claim, you often have to make a contributing deposit.

Free Spins

With this bonus allowance, users both new to the site or as current members can be granted anything between 5 and up to 500 free spins. This works for both formats of the game virtual and live. The spins may also be restricted to a specific game, so terms conditions apply and must be read prior to use.

Matched Deposit

Depositing is a requirement for this offer. A casino will match the member’s depositing sum by a percentage. This can be anything between 100% matched on the amount or anything up to 500%. This deal allows users to opt in to pay over three, four, sometimes five installments. Each time getting a piece of the total bonus.

No Deposit

A favorite of all seeking the perfect gift from a casino. This no deposit offer allows players to use the allowance as they wish. There is no payment to make or a specific rule to follow. This is often smaller compared to other bonuses. Cash allowances won’t exceed more than $25 and free spins, about 50.

VIP Rewards

Casinos will recognize loyalty amongst their members and with this, they provide specialist VIP programs and schemes to reward the players registered. The setting allows for users to claim points as they play, the points are then converted into prizes. There are also loyalty bonuses given to members as a tailored-bonus for their favorite most-played games also.

Refer a Friend

Gain extra cash support the more friends you refer to the operator you have joined. Both parties will be granted a sum that can be used towards the access of roulette in both the casino and live casino realms.

Exclusive High Roller Bonus

One for players that have a larger budgeting structure and bankroll balance to play with. These are for the users who can afford a loss but because of their capacity to play ‘bigger’, casinos have exclusive bonuses which are specialized in providing a larger margin of financial support and free spins.

Demo Play

✅ 100% Original Games.

✅ Authentic Software Developers.

✅ Compatible to All Devices.

✅ No Downloading.

Test your skills in a risk-free environment. Play the same released titles as what features inside of the top online casinos. Is it all about luck, or are you able to figure a way of betting the casino at their own game? This platform is a must for all new beginners. You can use any device to access the titles within our menu of demo machines. You can use your MAC, tablet, mobile, and desktop. Mobile support is the most common option and you will have compatible HTML5 software through Blackberry, Windows, iOS, and Android if you opt for this choice.

We provide all variants of the virtual roulette game so that you can experiment with enough choice, style, and themes, in order to pick your favorites and those which seemingly support your luck better.

You’ll also be able to better equip yourself when it comes to learning strategies and tactical play. The titles are available 24/7 and are unlimited in their gameplay. So you can now play for as long as you like, as often as you want and no matter where you are.

How it Works

online roulette

► Click on the picture to access the FREE version of the game ◄

Example: Mini Roulette by Playtech

Upon loading the game, you will notice the table is considerably smaller, this is fine, as we’re only explaining the structure of how the games work. This variant plays with a smaller wheel. Players have numbers 1 to 12 to bet on. This comes with a single zero option and carries with it the standard multi-bet sections such as rows, odd, even, red, or black and single numbers which all feature in a more ‘traditional’ table or live dealer format. The chips to bet and win with are of the same values, your minimum wagering starts at 0.10 and climbs up to 100.

You start by selecting the value of the chip and place it anywhere on the layout of the table. Confirm your bet by selecting the ‘spin’ button. The wheel will spin, and the ball will land within one of the numbered pockets.

You have the option of selecting ‘rebet’ to repeat the previous action, using the same chip values and the same numbers. You can ‘double and spin’ which increases the original wager of the previous game. To reselect, simply select the chip value and place it on the table and all previous bets clear.

Tip: A game like this has a greatly reduced house edge because of the smaller amount of numbers used. It’s best to practice on such a game with lower house advantages because winning is more frequent.

Our review of roulette online: Why we play this game, love this game and recommend this game

At we have a roulette fan in Tom Lasten, who we allowed a full hour to explore the demo feature we have and to review his experience. He was also allowed to access his own casino to explain the benefits in more detail regarding the game.

“For me, it is one of the most fun ways of making money, all done at the wheel of the roulette game. I love poker and it’s my number one game of choice, but if I need time away, I find roulette and blackjack provide me with enough chance to increase my profit margins.

Inside our collection of demo titles what is instantly clear is the quality of the software developers making them. I have my favorites because I believe some make their tables easier to win on than others.

Some of the titles were already familiar to me, as I’ve seen them in the casino I’m registered with. The machines I don’t play as much, I prefer to go for the live tables and to interact with the dealer for a complete experience but giving the machines a go was a fun experience and I’ve learned a bit more about them.

By having a huge abundance of different titles, you can explore the range of options each software provider has, this helps in the process of elimination, over how makes their games better than others. With this, I was able to whittle down the titles to a top 5 which I would play for real money.

I was amazed to learn how fast time went whilst playing these virtual machines, I thought that perhaps the novelty would wear off after a few goes, but they are so well made, that the fun factor immediate grips you.

With my top 5 titles, I headed inside my own casino to pick them out. I used one of the promotion bonuses on offer to play the games one at a time. The bonus didn’t pay off, but as I continued to play beyond the free allowance, I started making a profit. Roulette has always been about the long game. Users won’t walk away with a big cash sum after a few spins, unlike the slots, so this was expected.”

Roulette Summary: Concluding with our FAQ and top tips to assist you whilst playing casino roulette

We conclude you review of roulette with a selection of commonly asked question which relates to the game and a selection of top tips to take with you, either onto the stage of playing in a casino or enjoying the demo games for fun.

Roulette is indeed a special game. For many players entering a casino for the first time, it is often the first game of choice because the rules are so simple and the options you have to win from are numerous.


  • Q: What is the house edge in roulette? A: Roulette is seen as one of the more ‘fairer’ games throughout the casino. The house edge is the percentage of advantage the casino has over you. In this game, it is about 2.54%.
  • Q: Can I play live variants that aren’t classed as your more ‘traditional’ titles? A: Yes, there are a number of exciting, whacky and specialist variants within the live menu for this game, including double wheel roulette and progressive jackpot roulette.
  • Q: How do I register to play live roulette? A: First, you join a casino from our top 10 list. Register by completing the online data and passing the casinos KYC protocols. Once you activate your confirmation email, log in to your account and select ‘Live Casino’ where all the games you want will be placed.
  • Q: Which is the best betting option? A: Outside bets mean less risk, but also smaller returns. Avoid single number betting and instead, hedge the bet by either selecting doubles or the four numbers near your prediction.
  • Q: Are there any VR games of roulette available? A: As yet they are in the making but none are available with our current top casinos. But it will only be a matter of time till you’ll be putting on your gloves and goggles to experience the VR arena.

Top Tips

  • Outside betting is always better, lower risk and higher chance. Aim for color bets, odd or even, etc. The wins will be minimal but so too will your losses.
  • Avoiding zero or double zero bettings to reduce the houses edge over the game.
  • Use bonuses to help boost your bankroll so you can stay in a game longer and help build your wins.
  • RTP machines carry an algorithm that determines when it will payout. RNG machines use random sequencing that triggers their payout. Find out which one you prefer and test them with our demo titles.
  • The practice is important, learning to budget is just as important as knowing the rules, so take full use of the demos to learn how to be disciplined with your funds.

We hope you now have learned much more about roulette than you knew before. Thanks for using Casino Bonuses Index for your guide to casino games and enjoy playing them.