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Roulette Bet - Use These 6 Strategies to Improve You Chances of Winning

Online roulette is an extremely popular casino game due to the fact that people really enjoy trying to predict where that small silver ball will land. Many people say that it is a game of luck, which is true to a certain extent. However, if you make use of the right strategies, you can improve your chances of walking away with some money. Below we will take a look at some popular roulette strategies.

Roulette Strategies That Work

Whenever there is the chance to win money, you will come across people advertising strategies that they claim will be able to win you more money than you could ever imagine. Although this might sound very enticing, we must stress that not every strategy that you come across is legit – this is something that you should always keep in mind. Whenever you come across a new strategy, you should take the time to do a bit of research so that you can find out how well it has (or has not) worked for others.

All of the roulette strategies that you will read about below have all been tried and tested, so you can be sure that they will help you to win more money if you are able to master them properly.

Simple Roulette Betting Strategies

On occasions, you might come across a strategy that some are saying works wonders for them. Intrigued by this, you start to read more about it but find out that it is actually very difficult to use. This can make things very frustrating as you will begin to think that you are missing out on a way to win easy money.

Well, luckily for you, all of the strategies that we are about to talk about are relatively straightforward to get to grips with. Most of them will fall into a basic roulette strategy category, but the word basic should not be looked at negatively here as each strategy is a means to make more money.

The Best Roulette Bet in History

Back in 2004, a young Brit by the name of Ashley Revell decided to sell all that he owned and empty his bank account. He managed to amass just over $135,000. He then travelled to Las Vegas where he stuck everything on 1 spin of the wheel.

Yup, that is right, he placed $135,000 on the ball landing on red. Luckily for him, it did, and he walked away with an extra $135,000. There are people who have won more playing roulette but we consider this to be the best roulette bet ever made due to the fact that if the ball had landed on black, he would have left the casino without a single penny to his name.

As well as being responsible for the best roulette bet, he can also probably classify himself as one of the bravest men on the planet.

The Biggest Roulette Bet in History

So, if Ashley Revel did not place the biggest roulette bet ever made, who did? Well, this accolade goes to Mike Ashley, who just so happens to be the owner of Newcastle United Football Club.

Rumour has it that in 2008, he went to a casino in Mayfair, London, and placed nearly half a million pounds on a complex bet that included all inside bets. This type of bet includes all the corners, streets, six-line bets, and a straight bet on 17. In roulette terms, this type of bet is known as a full complete.

He won his bet and raked in an additional 340,000 pounds. While this might seem like a lot of money to us, he is a billionaire, so that is probably the equivalent of one of us winning $300 dollars on a roulette wheel spin.

Best Roulette Bet Combinations

Roulette players will often combine their wagers. The option of covering a lot of possibilities is very attractive in a game where the winner is determined by where one ball lands.

However, there are many people out there who will just slap a wager down, believing that they are following a hunch or a pattern that they have recognized. The flaw with playing like this is that you miss out on the chance to manipulate your odds. The example below will help to illustrate this.

Let us say that you are happy to risk $20 per spin. If you bet on a single number, then you have a 1 in 37 chance that you will win, while there will be a 36 in 37 chance that you will lose. If you slap the $20 on a line between two adjacent numbers, you will have a 2 in 37 chance that you will win, while there will be a 35 in 37 chance that you can kiss goodbye to your $20. Or, if you bet on a 3-number row, you will have a 3 in 37 chance of winning and a 34 in 37 chance of losing your $20 to the casino.

As you can see, with the above bets, the odds are heavily in the favor of the casino. However, if you make combination bets, you can make sure that your odds of winning increase quite dramatically. For example, let us say you want to limit your potential losses per spin to $10. To do this, you can bet $1 on five black numbers and $5 on red. The odds of you losing the $10 will be 14 out of 37. If the ball lands on any of your chosen black numbers, you will win $35, take away the $9 that you lost, giving you a profit of $26. If the ball lands on the red, you will break even – the chance of this happening is 18 from 37. So, you have a 5 in 37 chance of winning a profit of $26 and an 18 in 37 chance of breaking even.

The Different Common Roulette Betting Systems

When it comes to roulette strategies that work a treat, there are six that you should try and take advantage of. We shall now take a closer look at each one so that you can try and improve your chances of winning.

The Martingale

This is one of the most popular roulette strategies and below we have outlined how it works.

  • Choose red or black and put down your chips
  • If you are lucky enough to win your bet, but the same wager on the other color
  • If you are unlucky and you lose your bet, double your wager and place it on the color that you just lost on
  • If you are unlucky again and lose once more, double your wager again and place it on the same color
  • Keep repeating the procedure until you end up winning
  • When you finally win, place your original wager on the other color and start all over

If you do not want to bet on the ball landing on a color, then you will be pleased to hear that this strategy works just as well if you are betting on 1-18 and 19-36 or even and odd.

The Reverse Martingale

When it comes to roulette strategies, this is one of the oldest in existence. As you probably guessed by now, with this strategy you do the opposite of the Martingale. Below we have once again outlined how to use this strategy.

  • Choose a bet and decide on your stake
  • If you are lucky and win, double your wager. If you happen to win once more, double your wager once again
  • When your winning streak comes to an end, start the process all over again

This strategy uses the logic the wins and losses will often appear in streaks. By betting more money when you are on a lovely winning streak, and less when you are on an ugly losing streak, you can more money. Experienced players believe that this strategy is the best one that you can use.

The Labouchere Strategy

This roulette strategy was made for those who love to place even bets. In other words, this strategy can be used if you are going to be placing a bet on black or red, odd or even, or 1-18 or 19-36. Find out how to use this strategy below:

  • Choose an amount of money that you want to win. Then split that number into smaller ones that add up to the number that you chose. For instance, if you would like to win $20, you might split it up into a sequence like 2-2-2-4-4-4-2
  • When playing, take the number of the right and the one on the left, add them together, and bet this value. So, in the above example, your first spin would cost $4
  • If you are lucky and win, remove those numbers from your sequence. Our sequence will now look like 2-2-4-4-4
  • For the next spin, take the number on the left and the one on the right, add them up and bet that amount again. Therefore, the second spin would cost $6. Repeat the process until all of the numbers have been removed. Once all of the numbers have been removed, you will have won the amount that you set out to win
  • If you are unlucky and you lose, do not take away any numbers. Instead, you must add the value that you just bet to the right of the sequence. So, from the above example, if we lose our first spin, our new sequence will look like 2-2-2-4-4-4-2-4

This might, at first, seem like a bit of a complex strategy to use, but with a bit of practice, you will find that it is a pretty simple strategy.

The D’Alambert Strategy

This is a similar strategy to the Martingale, but it is less aggressive. If you like safe strategies, then this is a good choice as it is one of the safest out there. Once again, this strategy is best used with even bets. This is how you use it:

  • Decide what your first stake will be
  • If you win, decrease it by one. If you lose, increase it by one

The theory of this strategy is that when you incur the same number of wins as you do defeats, you will be able to walk away with a profit. Let us give you an example so that we can make things clearer. We are going to start with a bet of $7.

  • Bet 7 and lose
  • Bet 8 and lose
  • Bet 9 and win
  • Bet 8 and lose
  • Bet 9 and win
  • Bet 8 and win
  • Bet 7 and lose
  • Bet 8 and win

So, above we have a sequence of -7, -8, +9, -8, +9, +8, -7 and +8 = 4

We ended up with 4 wins and 4 losses but still finished with a profit.

The Fibonacci Strategy

This is a safe and easy roulette strategy that can bring you some big wins. It is a progressive betting strategy and we explain how you can use it below:

  • The Fibonacci sequence is 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233 and so on. As you have probably come to realize, the numbers are the two previous numbers added together
  • If you are making use of this strategy, you place a stake that is the same as one of the numbers in the sequence. If you go on to win, you move back two spaces. If you go on to lose, you moved to next number and place that number as your stake

In order to make things clearer, we will give you a quick example. Let us say that you place an $8 stake and go on to lose. You then place down a $13 stake and lose that as well. You then put down a $21 stake and win. Your next stake should be $8 as you repeat the procedure.

Like with most of the strategies that we have talked about so far, this one is also best for even bets. Please note that you can begin wherever you feel like in the Fibonacci sequence, so long as you follow the rules that we just mentioned above.

James Bond Strategy

Let’s face it, we have all heard of James Bond and we are probably all aware that he is a very avid gambler. IF you have seen the film Casino Royale, then you will know that he also knows how to win when playing roulette even when the odds are clearly not in his favor. There is a roulette strategy named after him and below we explain how you can use it.

  • Place the same wager for every roulette spin – people suggest that you should wager $200, but that is not really necessary. You just have to make sure that proportion remains proportionate
  • If your stake is $200, then you will stick $50 on 13-18, $140 on 19-36, and $10 on 0

When you make use of this strategy, you will win if the ball stops on 25 numbers, while you will lose if the ball lands on 12 other numbers. If the ball happens to land on 19-36, you will walk away with a profit of $80. If the ball lands on 13-18, then you will walk away with a profit of $100. If the ball lands on the 0, then there will be a profit of $160.

Spin the Wheel for Free First

Before you dive straight in and start using these strategies while playing for real money, we recommend that you practice them until you are as familiar with them as you are with the backs of your hands. Although none of the strategies that we mentioned above are difficult to use, you will still end up losing a lot of money if you do not take the time to practice them first.

Luckily for you, there is a great way to practice and that is by playing online roulette for free. You will be able to play free roulette games at the majority of online casinos. These free games will allow you to practice your strategies so that you can put them to proper use when you start playing for real money roulette.

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