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Online European Roulette: Rules, Free Games and the Best Casinos

European Roulette online

Our player’s guide to online European roulette will introduce you to all the key areas of the online roulette game. From this, you’ll be able to learn the rules, learn strategies, claim free bonuses and join the best online casino sites which offer this roulette variant.

What is European roulette?

Roulette is very much a popular feature that is loved by many people in the world of online casinos. The game is simple to play yet offers great entertainment just by placing a bet or a number of bets on a single number or numbers, in the hope that the ball of the wheel lands your prediction. This is the essence of the game, but for this guide, we look at the European variant of the game. We look at how the wheel is different to other games players have the option to. We look to see what bets can be made within the game as you play and introduce you to free casino demo game features that you can play from our site. There will be discussions on free bet bonuses, where you can bet free chips at the wheel to see if your lucky numbers return any free money back. There are a number of things to get through and we begin by looking at the physicality of the game which players love so much.

The Table

The option of roulette is a good way to make some money, the house edge stands at an average of 2.5%. The format of this is often seen as your ‘standard’ form of roulette.

The table plays with numbers 0 through to 36. The same amount is indicated on the wheel where each number is color-coded; red or black.

Of the wheel, a single ball is used to determine the result of a spin. The roulette wheel is spun clockwise and the ball spun around the rim counterclockwise. Once the speed reduces, the ball will then eventually settle into one of the numbered pockets. The result will depend on your betting placement.

The table holds many various areas and sections relating to a betting option.

Making Your Bet

The options to which you can make you wager on.

  • 1 to 18
  • Even
  • Red
  • Black
  • odd
  • 19 to 36
  • 1st 12
  • 2nd 12
  • 3rd 12
  • Row 1 to 34
  • Row 2 to 35
  • Row 3 to 36
  • Single Numbers 0 to 36
  • Multiple numbers: Pairs and fours i.e. 1,2,4,5 with your chip places in the middle of the grid.

The Odds

The odds of each possible bet.

✅ Pay 1:1 - Even, Odd, Red , Black, 1 to 18, 19 to 36 = 48.6% likely outcome

✅ Pay 2:1 -1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36 = 32.4% likely outcome

✅ Pay 35:1 - Any single number wager = 2.7% likely outcome

✅ Pay 17:1 - 2 Number Combination = 5.4% likely outcome

✅ Pay 11:1 - 3 Number Combination = 8.1% likely outcome

✅ Pay 8:1 - 4 Number Combination = 10.8% likely outcome

✅ Pay 5:1 – 6 Number Combination = 16.2% likely outcome

What is the difference between American and European Roulette?

American roulette is another popular variant of this table game. The rules are primarily the same, as they are with French roulette. So how does online European roulette vary from the American table?

Analysis of American and European Roulette

So which variant offers the better experience of roulette as a game? Which loses you to win more frequently? Well, the layout is only different by one factor, the pockets of the European roulette wheel plays with one 0, whereas the American version has the single 0 and the double 0.

So, the best one in terms of odds would, therefore, be the European roulette table because the system is more favorable to the gambler.

The answer is a very obvious one. The more options to bet on with any version of a game, the higher the risks are. The American wheel still retains much popularity because of the simple addition of an extra pocket for players to win from. Its more of an emotional excitement rather than a financial one because it still retains the same value in its odds from a single chip bet.

Payout Difference

The overall payout difference is a factor of one. For players that deposit their interest inside of the Euro table, the odds are 1 in 37, given that there are 37 pockets inside the wheel. The resulting payout is therefore 35 to 1.

For gamblers wishing to use the US table, the odds are increased to 1 in 38 because of the extra pocket for double 0. The payout from this results in 35 to 1 + your original wager.

Players are split over which is the more profitable game given one comes with fewer risk and the other with better returns.

Comparison of House Edge

If we review the likelihood of the player winning given the minimal change being a factor of one, it still hugely alters the house edge.

✅ 1:1 Bets - Even, Odd, Red , Black, 1 to 18, 19 to 36 - Euro = 2.7% US 5.26%

✅ 2:1 Bets -1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36 - Euro = 2.7% US 5.26%

✅ 35:1 Bets – Single Number - Euro = 2.7% US 5.26%

✅ 17:1 Bets -2 Number Combination - Euro = 2.7% US 5.26%

✅ 11:1 Bets -3 Number Combination - Euro = 2.7% US 5.26%

✅ 8:1 Bets - 4 Number Combination - Euro = 2.7% US 5.26%

✅ 5:1 Bets - 6 Number Combination - Euro = 2.7% US 5.26%

What is the house advantage in European Roulette?

The house edge represents the advantage the dealer or casino has over you and the other players. As highlighted, the roulette house edge is more favorable over the US one, but the is also another factor to take into consideration. The player can decrease the percentage further by not placing their chips on the 0 number. Winning games is about tactical play and not focusing on the money. With this game, it’s about building slowly. Eliminate the 0 out of your bets and the percentage drops to 1.75%. There is, however, no single reason as to why this option is better, players are different, each with their own different way of approaching any game. Some may consider the French rules to better than both that of the Euro and US variants. However, based on calculated risks, this is the better option and, thusly, why we made this guide to begin with.

1. Lower House Edge

2. Fewer Numbers = Less Risk

3. The Option of Voisins Du Zero

Voisins Du Zero

As part of the platform, an additional betting feature is added which allows users to bet in sections. Voisins Du Zero translates as “Neighbors to Zero”. This offers three alternative betting sections, within this is the ‘Tier Du Cylindre’ which covers any wagers for the opposite side of the wheel. Lastly, is the ‘Jeu Zero’ which picks fewer numbers which will include the 0 pockets.

Taking a look at the idea of European roulette strategy and what techniques you can use to win

When you play European roulette, note that there is, in fact, no skills requirement, you cannot influence where the ball lands or how slow and fast wheels are spun, but there are strategies to help pick a winning number from the spin.

Points of Influence on the Game

Here are some key ways to influence how you approach the roulette games found online.

  • Play Live Formats: Live dealer tables are not programmed with algorithms like the virtual machines. This will better your chances of winning.
  • Place Sensible Bets: Opt for the outside odds which are 1:1. This will cut losses and allows you to build your profit slowly which is key to getting success out of this game.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Learning the rules and layout of the game and experimenting can go a long way. Only gamble on games you know and with enough time learning and honing your technique, you can make the right decisions.
  • Bonus Play: Get free allowances which act as financial insurance. Claim bonuses to boost your bankroll which, in turn, can allow you to either increase your wager on outside bets or gamble higher a few times across the game with high stake wagering on individual numbers.
  • Avoid 0: If you place any chip on this, you are falling into the casino’s hands. Lower the risk and stick with the options that have multiple elements to the number i.e. color, odd, even, and combinations.

Get European roulette free online from the best casinos online and through our free demo machines

As mentioned, online casinos can grant members of their site various offers and rewards to help them play with either free chip allowances or spins on their virtual machines. You also can enjoy free machines through our own website if you’re not yet ready to play for real money with a bonus offer.

The Bonuses

Here are some ways you can access free goes at the roulette table.

✅ Welcome Bonuses: Both free spins and money can be provided to use on live and virtual machine games.

✅ Free Spins: Can be claimed through deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses which allow you a certain number of spins on the casino’s selection of virtual machines. You can get anything between 5 and 500 free spins in a bonus offer.

✅ No Deposit: These are no payment privileges that allow you to use this offer without needing to use your own funds. This means winning free cash if you’re lucky in the game.

✅ Matched Deposit Bonus: Payments made into the casino are matched by a percentage and given back to the depositing user. This could be 100%, 200% even up to 500%.

✅ Exclusives: You can discover exclusive offers for tournament games from specialist casinos. They will provide more funds as you play against other members at the table.

The Demo Games

Inside our site we offer free demo formatted machines for you to enjoy, there are also links to them in this review. You can access the free titles by selecting the links either in this review or directly from our homepage, listed as Free Games.

You can access them without the need to download system applications and you can split your playing across all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. You have 24-hour access to the menu of titles where you can enjoy any variants of the European Roulette table.

Software developers include Real Time Gaming, BetSoft, Playtech, Play’Ngo, Microgaming, iSoftBet and 1x2 Gaming.

With these authentic casino productions, you have the perfect platform, in which to learn the game, it’s rules and strategies. There are many variants and wheels to spin, with some very interesting options to split your time between.

Double Wheel Roulette, Chinese Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette and Age of Gods Roulette which is a progressive jackpot game.

European Roulette Summary: Concluding our the gaming guide with top 5 roulette tips and a FAQ

From live formats to virtual machines, European roulette is in every place of the casino. It is loved by many and is the greatest variant of roulette to play. We will leave you now with a roundup of some helpful tips and give you a rundown of the topmost frequently asked questions regarding this game and how it is played.

6.1 Top Tips

  • Take advantage of the bonuses presented by the top casinos in our list and use them to stay in the game longer and to cover your own finances as insurance.
  • Always practice, learning more about the machines and how they play will improve how you tactically approach a game and how you budget.
  • If you only had to pick one format of European roulette, then playing live is the one to choose. It offers more emotionally with interaction against the dealer and other members of the site.
  • Stick to wagering against options like red, black, odd, even if you wish to see more frequent wins and fewer losses. After that combination bets. Only bet singles if you have enough of a bankroll.
  • If you play virtual machines, test out which developers make their games easier to win on. Having an insight into the developer’s work will help you throughout all the rest of the other gaming options in the casino.

6.2 FAQ

  • Q: Can I play European roulette live? A: Yes, there are many numbers of live tables for this option. Look out for Evolution Gaming who are the leading company in live streaming games.
  • Q: What’s the minimum wager of a game? A: This is relative to the table you find. Live games can be as low as 0.10 some are a minimum 1.00, the same is with virtual tables. Where minimums could be 0.50 or, again 1.00.
  • Q: Which is the best bonus for roulette? A: Depending on the player you are. Cash allowances can help to boost funds and allow for longer game time and riskier wagering. This would, therefore, be the more favorable option.
  • Q: Are there any ‘must not dos’ in a game of roulette? A: Don’t play your budget to quickly. Don’t wager too much on singles. Don’t focus too much on the 0 number.
  • Q: Are there any VIP tables for this game? A: There are VIP European tables found in the live section of any casino. Usually an option for high bankroll members.

Thank you and enjoy all the best roulette games through and our recommended top 10 sites.

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