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Roulette players

Roulette attracts a certain kind of player, the majority of which are professional gamblers who regularly frequent casinos. That’s not to say that they only play roulette because there are examples of gamblers who never detach themselves from their video poker or slot machines and others who sit for hours at the Texas Hold'em tables. There is in fact a huge diversity of styles and types of player who play in casinos today.

How do they conduct themselves during a game of Roulette? What type of roulette players are they really? We will try to answer these questions by giving you four of the most popular roulette player profiles to think about.

The popular or famous player

Stars of show business and reality TV, sports personalities and high-level celebrities from film stars to musicians, all like to play online casino games including Roulette. The former Manchester United star David Beckham would play regularly within British roulette circles but we’ve also seen Eva Longoria and former boyfriend Tony Parker sat in famous Las Vegas casinos betting around the Roulette table. Roulette is a popular game played by some of the most famous icons in the world.

The intellectual player

Roulette also attracts intellectuals including mathematicians and statisticians. They have a certain ease when calculating odds and have a fast working, logical minds. The world of Roulette remembers Michel Martin, a math specialist who mastered counting, probability and the calculation of odds in roulette. Using his knowledge during the game, he always predicted an almost certain victory. A book, translated as Casino Winner, tells the saga of Michel Martin and the importance of superior techniques and knowledge when it comes to roulette.

The scammer or con-artist

We strongly advise that you try not to behave this way but be aware that some players in history were amazing con-artists and crooks in general. This was the case with Charles Wells (famously the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo) and then Joseph Jagger in the 1800s. Jagger became famous because of the sheer scale and audacity of his deception and dishonesty. Joseph Jagger had hired 6 people to go to the casino and observe roulette tables without being noticed. What they found was that certain numbers on certain tables were hit way more frequently than others due to the wheels being biased. He then went into the casino over 3 days with this information, played those tables and won the equivalent of over $700,000 in today’s money.

The observant player

This type of player nowadays is what people term as a dying breed. These types of player possessed amazing observational skills and were capable of analyzing the rotation performed by the roulette wheel and predict with great accuracy which numbered slot the ball would fall into at the end of the spin. A man by the name of William Nelson Damborough was definitely one of the greatest and also one of the last of these great observational players. He was famously able to predict the trajectory of the ball even if it was moving.

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