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How to Play Roulette – Learn the Roulette Rules in Under 10 Minutes

Roulette rules, strategies and roulette tips on how to play roulette and win. Whether you’re gambling for fun or real money, there’s no better opportunity to learn online roulette rules, American roulette rules, the rules of roulette payout and we’ll tell you what the odds of winning at roulette are. Basically, come to the end you’ll know how to win at roulette.

Knowing all about the game and how to play roulette when facing the table in a new online format

We also provide free games from Vegas Roulette to French Roulette variations to hands-on teach you how to win roulette. It’s Monte Carlo packed into one handy roulette rules guide. Games used by online casinos that the player can practice roulette rules on and learn the payouts. Playing with real money payouts are reserved for those that join the casinos in our Top 10 List which offers the best casinos housing Roulette and provide great value bonuses for new members.

Your Roulette rules are further enhanced with the original casino free games to learn the roulette game on, this will save you losing with real money while you come to grasps with the real roulette rules, usually, it takes a few to find the right table across all the variants Roulette rules can cover.

Now, let’s jump straight into the roulette rules and the game features. Remember the roulette rules work for all variants.

Experience all the different levels of roulette, Here’s what you can expect when you take a seat at the table

We start our Roulette rules article by explaining the basics of roulette rules, this game of chance is played with a roulette wheel on a cloth table layout.

A roulette wheel has 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36. The slots around the wheel run alternately red and black except for the 0, which is green. The layout enables players to make their bets on the desired number or color. You can wager on a number, a color or a series of roulette numbers. Once the bets are placed by all players on the roulette board, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel and slide the ball into play.

Later on, in this article, we will look at the winnings available from the bet

How to play at the roulette wheel for new comers wanting a basic game to experienced gamers

Online roulette rules and the general game of roulette is similar to its land-based counterpart in that it’s a game where players bet money on positions across the layout and then, once the wheel is spun, they wait for the ball to hopefully land on the number, color or combination that they‘ve chosen. There are a significant number of possible options within the roulette rules, for example, the roulette rules allow you to bet on even or odd numbers, on red or on black, on pre-set groups of numbers and also on columns and lines.

Each of these options in the roulette rules will pay-out differently depending on how difficult it is to land on them as, for example, there’s a lower chance statistically to hit a specific number than say simply either red/black or odds/evens and you’re rewarded accordingly.

Here’s a look at the bets, and the roulette odds from those wagers that you can do within the game

Below is a list containing brief descriptions of the different types of possible wagers allowed in roulette and their respective pay-outs so you know all about the maximum roulette payouts, whether it’s a color bet or if you predict a number upon spinning the wheel. This section will allow you to know all payouts you can pocket within the chart of a roulette bet.

Bet TypeDescription
Simple (Single)Bet on an individual number. You win 35 times your bet if the wheel stops on the number you’ve chosen.
Double (Split)Bet on two numbers. You win 17 times your bet if the wheel stops on one of the numbers you’ve chosen. A split bet (à cheval) is made by placing chips on the common line between two numbers.
Triple (Trio)Bet on three numbers. You win 11 times your bet if the wheel stops on a number you’ve chosen. The horizontal bet requires the chips to be placed on the outside edge of a row of three numbers.
Angle (Corner)Bet on four numbers. You win 8 times your bet if the wheel stops on one of the numbers you’ve chosen. To make this bet, put your chips at the intersection of four numbers.
Square (Four numbers)Bet on 4 numbers. You win 8 times your bet if the wheel stops on one of the numbers you’ve chosen. To make this bet, put your chips at the intersection of four numbers.
Rue (Street)Bet on three numbers. You win 11 times your bet if the wheel stops on one of the numbers you’ve chosen. A horizontal bet is made by putting your chips along the outside edge of a row of three numbers.
Ligne (Line)Bet on six numbers. You win 5 times your bet if the wheel stops on one of the numbers you’ve chosen. To make this bet, put your chips on the outside line at the intersection of two rows of 3 numbers.
Douzaine (Dozen)Bet on 12 numbers. You win 2 times your wager if your bet wins. This bet is made by placing your chips within the boxes marked 12P, 12M or 12P.
12PThe first 12 numbers on the table (from 1 to 12)
12MThe 12 numbers in the middle of the table (from 13 to 24)
12DThe last 12 numbers on the table (from 25 to 36)
Deux douzaines (Two Dozen) Bet on 2 dozen numbers. You win one-half the amount of the wager if your bet wins.
Passe ou manque (High or Low) Bet on all numbers between 1 and 18. You win even money, 1-to-1, if your bet wins. To make this bet, put your chips in the box labelled "Low".
Rouge ou noir (Red or Black) Bet exclusively on the colour that will come up. The zero does not account for either one. You win even money if your bet wins.
Pair ou impair (Even or Odd) Bet exclusively on the number that comes up being even or odd. The zero does not count for either one. You win even money if your bet wins.

Knowing the roulette table and how to place your bets for a maximum return, this is your strategy tool

Following the roulette rules noted above, we felt it would be important to know of the table that you’ll face when you greet the live croupier inside the live casino option. This is the ultimate roulette betting strategy.



Is played individually


All numbers between 19 and 36

19 to 36
1 2 3 LOW
1 to 18


All numbers from 1 to 18

4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12


All numbers that end with an even number

EVEN 13 14 15 ODD


All numbers that end with an odd number

16 17 18
19 20 21
22 23 24


All black numbers

25 26 27


All red numbers

28 29 30
31 32 33
34 35 36
P12 M12 D12 D12 M12 P12


P12 First dozen
M12 Middle Dozen
D12 Last dozen

Left Square : 1st column the 12 numbers

Middle Square : 2nd column the 12 numbers

Right Square : 3rd column the 12 numbers

This has been your guide to Roulette rules, remember these Roulette rules work for all variants of the game. We hope you land the results and very big wins you’re after having covered all the roulette rules advice and there may be a jackpot around the corner if you pick up one of our free casino bonuses and use our best roulette strategy.


🧐 Is Roulette easy to learn?

Roulette is perhaps the easiest casino game to play. For many players it’s their first venture into the traditional form of gambling online. You can pick up the rules in a matter of minutes and you can practice on our free roulette games.

💫 Do the rules change for the roulette variants?

The basic rules of roulette don’t change, you still place your bets on the prediction of the number or the type of number that will land. Variants only will give you additional betting options so there is nothing new to learn in terms of the rules.

💎 Does live roulette hold any different rules?

There is no change in the rules of how to play roulette when you take on the live dealer during a live game. The only differences come in the amounts you can bet, the changes in the betting options if you play a variant of the traditional game i.e.
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Double Wheel Roulette

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