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English roulette

English roulette is extremely similar to French roulette in many respects with the English variant actually using the same roulette wheel as its French neighbor. The system of placing your bets is however fundamentally different and also the English roulette play mat offers a different layout. Finally, only seven to nine players can simultaneously try their luck at English roulette, making seating at a table rather limited.

Introducing… English Roulette

English roulette is closer to French roulette than the American variant. Aesthetically, English roulette and French roulette have many similarities. For example, both games use exactly the same roulette wheel, comprising of a total of thirty-seven numbered slots from zero to thirty-six. The roulette wheels used in French and English roulette have eighteen black slots and eighteen red slots opening up a wide spectrum of betting possibilities. Also in the same vein as French roulette, the zero slot in English roulette is coloured green.

Despite these similarities, differences still remain between these two variants. For example only seven to nine players can participate at a table in English roulette and the play mat is similar to that found in American roulette. Note that a specific feature of English roulette is that each player uses chips of a specific color to distinguish themselves from one another and these chips are generally each worth an amount equal to that particular table’s minimum bet.

Zero risk and a get out of jail free card

As with French roulette, English roulette has only one zero slot. The lack of double zero is a good for players, who therefore have no risk of losing double the amount of their original bet. In addition, the ‘En Prison’ (in jail) option is not present in English roulette with only ‘La Partage’ (the split), more commonly known in English casinos as ‘double or quits’, being offered when a player makes an ‘evens bet’ and the ball lands in the zero slot. As such, the player can stretch his bankroll out a little further and it’s also more attractive for players using the ‘Martingale’ system of betting. English roulette is a more interesting alternative for making money because just as with French Roulette, when using certain strategies only the zero slot can be of any real threat to the player.

The ‘not so dirty dozen’

Without the presence of the ‘En Prison’ rule and a lack of a double zero slot, English roulette can offer really profitable earnings. While conventional bets such as ‘evens bets’ e.g. black/red or evens/odd are affordable to play, it’s the trickier combinations that are the ones with which you are most likely to win big. Thus, players tend to give priority to bets that encompass twelve numbers or ‘Dozens’ as they’re more commonly known i.e. the first (1 to 12), the middle (13 to 24) and the last (25 to 36). To know that the house edge is 1.35% on average in English roulette is a great comfort considering the average for roulette is around 2.70%.

There is no denying it, for us here at Casino Bonuses this is by far our favorite variant of roulette. It represents a perfect balance of all the best features found in French and American Roulette but also encompasses a lower house edge than the others and opens up opportunities to use betting systems like the Martingale more frequently because of the exclusion of rules such as ‘En Prison’.

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