Rules and Strategy

In this section of our website you will find up to date rules for the most popular online casino games on the market today. In addition to this, we’ve had our in-house experts create some of the best strategy guides that you will find anywhere on the web.

At Casino Bonuses Index we know how important it is to get off to a great start when you’re playing at an online casino. Years of professional playing experience has gone into the creation of these guides and our writing team has literally poured their collective souls into creating a guide set that spans all player types, from beginners to the advanced. So whether it’s Blackjack or Roulette, Slots or Video poker you know that you’re in the best hands, it’s our mission to steer you on the path to winning that elusive big money jackpot!


One of the most widely played casino games both traditionally and online, blackjack has some very interesting angles when it comes to associated strategies. It’s a quick to get to grips with the games rules but its intricate strategies will take a lot longer to master. Get yourself up to speed with the most in-depth blackjack strategies available online today!

Video Poker

An exciting twist on an original theme, Video Poker might seem easy, but in order to maximise every available opportunity you have to be on the ball. Our tips and tricks will easily allow you to switch up your strategies by game type, teach you to manage your available bankroll and give you a very clear idea of what it takes to win an online video poker tournament.

Slot Machines

Slot machines have proved to be a firm favourite when it comes to land based casinos. The same can be said for online casinos as well and slot machines have truly evolved from when they were first created. We take a look at the types of slots out there and how they tie in to progressive jackpots as well as exclusive guides on how to win at online slots and online slot tournaments.


With numerous betting options Roulette can sometimes seem like an overwhelming nightmare. Fear not because we break it down for you piece by piece and take you through all the rules, variants and bet types as well as give you workable strategies designed to maximise your win ratio and make you a pretty penny in the process!


Above all this game of chance remains accessible to everyone. Your main opponent is the banker so in this section we explain the game in great detail and provide you with workable strategies that have been designed to give you the competitive advantage over the bank. We also profile the most common types of baccarat player so you have an idea who you’re playing alongside.


One of the most popular dice games in land based and online casinos, craps is one of those games that’s shrouded in mystery. Now you don’t have to worry about lifting its veil of secrecy because we’ve exposed the game bare for all to see with our guides to the best techniques and strategies for playing craps.

Sic Bo

In Sic Bo you have little space to think about long winded strategies. Instead, it’s a case of thinking cleverly. Sic Bo work best with strategies that are based around money management and the level of risk associated with each betting style. In our guides we will explain the low to high risk strategies as well as how to play to win in a Sic Bo tournament.


An ancient game that still holds its own in the modern world, Keno is a lottery game in the vein of a national or state lottery draw. Although largely dependent on lady luck, Keno strategies can be formulated when the game is scrutinized at a deeper mathematical level. We do this and more in our dedicated Keno rules and strategy guides.


Loved worldwide for its ability to be the social game in the casino, Bingo is a game of chance where it all depends on the variant you play. From Speed bingo all the way up to the 90 ball variant there are workable tips and tricks designed to help you maximise all available aspects of the game. You’ll also enjoy learning about its ‘Greatest Theories’… a must read story!

Scratch Cards

One of the fastest growing phenomena in online casinos, scratch cards where a firm favourite of people who loved a little flutter. Now that they’ve been brought into online casinos there are some points you will need to consider before playing them online. We bring you the rules associated with scratch cards as well as some strategic food for thought.

Pai Gow Poker

A fusion of old and new, Pai Gow poker is a 1 v1 variant of poker with a little twist. We look into workable strategies which have been designed to maximise any given situation and give you knowledge on which hands to play and how to decide on the weight of each hand combination. Read through this section carefully to come out victorious at Pai Gow poker!

Casino War

One of the easiest games to get to grips with, we look into the history of Casino War and explain all the rules of online Casino War and at the same time provide you with some clever tricks and tips in order to conserve your bankroll in the case of a battle or two. Prepare yourself for war with our easy to follow guides to this popular casino game!

Caribbean Stud Poker

Looking for something a bit more exotic? Caribbean stud has all the makings of an excellent poker variant but with no bluffing potential. So like any good poker game you’re going to need some workable strategies and hints to get the most out of your experience. Luckily we’re all hands on deck when it comes to this variant so enjoy our strategy guides and tips designed to help keep your head above water.

Three-Card Poker

This three card variant of the popular game of Poker recently had a massive renaissance and now has become a very popular game at online casinos. We take a look at Three-Card Poker and reveal all the tips, tricks and tactics you’re going to need in order to beat the dealer. Our Three-Card Poker guide will have you playing like a pro in no time at all!


A popular British variant of Blackjack, Pontoon has all the excitement of its older American cousin with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. We take a look at the rules of Pontoon and how they differ from those of Blackjack plus analyze some workable strategies and present them to you in an easy to follow guide.


We hope you find these strategy guides extremely useful. When you’re ready to try a few out, why not choose one of our free games from the list below and experiment to your hearts content: