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Scratch Cards Guide: Revealing Everything Within the Lotto-Based Game

One of the more recently created form of casino games online is the Scratch Card, a lotto feature that allowed players fast and easy access to huge rewards. With its popularity, we’ve created for you our scratch cards guide with rules, strategies, free games and bonuses.

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Scratch Cards Guide: Revealing Everything Within the Lotto-Based Game

1. A history of scratch cards and how the game transformed from the time of 1970 through to 2019

In comparison to a vast majority of other available games, the scratch card is one of the newest features within the world of casino. Here our scratch cards guide looks at the history of its development which leads us to the modern aspects of the game.

1.1 How it all started

It all began with a Ph.D. computer scientist named John Koza from the State University of Michigan in the United States of America. His job at the time was with J&H international, who at the time was a firm which specialized in promo gaming cards which were found within grocery stores and petrol stations during the 50s and 60s.

The cards would be a free product tool, allowing customers to win food and goods if the symbols on the card matched a graphical print in the local newspaper. Koza helped the J&H firm with the calculation of the odds, making sure their product was fair and that the outsourcing of the material was evenly distributed.

The coupon customers collected had a waxy surface which could be removed to reveal the symbols. This and the combination of the state lottery gave Koza the idea of an instant win scratch-off game, believing that serious money wins would be more appealing than having to wait for weekly prizes to be drawn.

Koza approached Dan Bower who was a retail promoter and J&H regarding the idea. They formed the Scientific Games Corporation in 1973 and landed their first major distribution order in Massachusetts, with 25 million cards ordered for the entire state. It didn’t start smoothly at all, with federal laws prohibiting the transport of such gaming cards across the state lines. After legal wrangling’s and a new anti-counterfeiting coating was created, the tickets went on sale.

The scratchcards at the time were called The Instant Game and with a top prize of $10,000. Players buying the tickets were also added to a three-monthly prize draw of $100,000. Sales boomed and $2.7 million dollars’ worth of lotto tickets were sold every week. Over the following decades, the game was available across all of the United States.

1.2 Modern Gameplay

The business grew and became a worldwide success. Many countries taking on the common fundraising approach, whereby those wishing to play would be contributing the money towards fundraisers and to help charity organizations. This would be a free profit scheme to help local communities and businesses. The number of ticket sales grew and prizes to match given the ideas of helping with school and disability made the taboo concept of gambling, an easier pill to swallow.

The national lottery led the way for the scratchcard to become an online option by the late 90s. The jackpot would reach millions in its prize and customer base. Soon after online casinos picked up the easy to play and easy to win concept with a view to selling the idea to players within their own site.

Built with the same program, the instant scratch-offs came with a mix of styles and themes which broadened the cash offers from the original coupon. This time there were up to 5 games on a single ticket, the more games you wanted on the scratch card ticket the price would increase to play and win back. Some online casinos still act on the donation to charitable work, others just receive the payments to give back to the members of the casino.

2. Our guide to scratch cards introduces you to every key element of the now popular instant win game

Online scratch cards are now commonplace thanks to top prize records reaching the millions for those which play and win, generating a profit for a number of specialist charities around the world. The scratch card game online has one benefiting element to it which the state national lottery scratch cards do not have, this is a consistent game prize!

Scratchcards which are brought from the stores consist of a number of prizes and one main high jackpot. Those who pay for a ticket to win the top prize may be unaware that the jackpot could have already been scooped. There is no indication made to help inform ticket buyers what has and has not been won at the point of sale. To receive any up to date info, then players will have to search online to help them find out what money prizes are left.

With casinos online, you’ll find that prizes on offer remain consistent. Every ticket you receive will have a chance to win a jackpot. So, if you want to start winning from a game which offers top playing rewards and helps with fundraising then your time is better placed online than at the shops.

2.1 Rules

For those wishing to play this game, here we add a complete review of the gaming rules within this section’s header. Click to read all the info on how the game is played online across the many different variants there are.

In all honesty, the game is the easiest form of gambling there is, and you’ll be able to pick up the concept in no time at all.

2.2 Strategy

Fundraisers aside, the focus on you winning takes center-stage. Here in the review the ideas of strategy, which is linked to the header, you will get to learn all about the concept of tactical gameplay to help achieve more success online. Learn how free games can just your spending and how to make a profit on discount offers inside the casino. All the info you need will be right here to give you the perfect instant wins.

3. Enjoy the very best online scratch cards with no requirements to download software or deposit money

You can now enjoy the exact same fundraiser scratchcard games through our own website. We present the option demo mode games which are the very virtual cards you’ll find in the top casinos online. Here you can already view over 30 different titles to play and see if you can land the jackpot prizes.

Another easy way to access free games is through online casino bonuses. With these, you can win easy cash from a range of deals and discount rewards. All the info you need is right here.

3.1 Best Casino Bonuses

If you wish to receive the best casino bonuses, then you’ll need to register with the top 10 lotto sites found here at Start your experience off with a no pay bonus and enjoy instant cash should fortune favour you. Here are just some of the bonuses on offer that are eligible for scratch-off games.

✅ Welcome Package

✅ Free Spins

✅ Matched Deposit

✅ No Deposit

✅ VIP Rewards

✅ Refer a Friend

✅ Exclusive High Roller Bonus

3.2 The Bonuses

A scratch card bonus will come with certain terms and requirements, so be sure to read the full details prior to activating and using them. Here’s a closer look at what the bonuses offer you in order to play and access the games.

The Welcome Package

Claim 100% up to $300 + 100 Free Spins! This is an example of how the Welcome Bonus looks. You can enjoy a cash boost and a series of free spins once you have registered online and activated your account.

Free Spins

The free spins are not just for slots as the name would indicate. Free spins are in essence, free games. You can receive a number of these, as low as 5 and up to 500 depending on the casino and the promo at the time.

Matched Deposit

The match deposit is a bonus which pays back on a percentage sum of what you pay into the casino. This percentage value can be anything from 100 to 500%. The depositing often comes in tiers which breaks the total value down to make it easier for members to access. For example, the first payment of 20, could be 20% cash back from the casino and a second could be 50%, and so on.

No Deposit

The option of a no deposit bonus is just that. Members are rewarded with either cash or free spins without the requirement of paying into the casino at all.

VIP Rewards

Get loyalty rewards and tailored coupons for your favourite scratch cards. Given to all members for their loyalty to the casino, your efforts are paid off in free gifts which make up the casino’s VIP discount scheme.

Refer a Friend

If you wish to receive another cash injection to your balance for more free instant win games, refer a friend or colleague to the casino you’ve joined.

Exclusive High Roller Bonus

With low costing tickets and high rewards, just imagine the possibilities if opting for a high roller bonus, which allows for more funds and free spins to be put into your account, just like the welcome bonus but on a grander scale.

3.3 Demo Play

✅ 100% Original Games.

✅ Authentic Software Developers.

✅ Compatible to All Devices.

✅ No Downloading.

This is what we present with our selection of 30+ free demo games. There are, of course, far more within the casinos, but these cover the kind of diverse options which are out there, not only in theme and style but also gameplay. You can, of course, find the 30+ titles we hold in the casinos we recommend. They are authentic games which are made by casino software developers. You have the likes of Playtech, Play’n GO, Microgaming and 1x2 Gaming. Award-winning providers which have programmed their features to play across any device and allows for Android and iOS mobile players to experience them on the go. You don’t need to run and download any additional software as they play directly from our own browser.

Take your time enjoying the games, there are no restrictions and they are playable 24/7 with unlimited gameplay.

3.4 How it Works

Example: Plunder the Sea by Microgaming.

When you load the game, you’ll see that this game offers 2 separate ways of winning.

On the left, is Game 1. Match 3 symbols to win from the 6 bubbles in view. To the right, you have Game 2, here you reveal the treasure to see what you can win.

Along the bottom of the game are the action buttons, View Payout, Stake, New Card, and what you have won in the Win window.

In the payout section, you can see what the wins are and value for the stake you set. The stake has a minimum of 0.50 to play and 10.00 maximum per game. The highest win value is 5000 coins if playing with 0.50 and climbs up to 100,000 if playing a wager of 10.00.

To begin, click New Card, the bubbles will have the words Click to Pop, pop all 6 to reveal your symbols. For game 2, simply click the bubble to reveal what the chest holds, the prize could be 50 coins or 1000, or you get an empty chest if you’re unlucky.

This is the simplicity of the game and an example of just how high the prizes could be. If you wish you can press the Reveal All action button for auto play. It is entirely possible to win both the highest values from each game making this and many more like it a very special and unique game when it comes to fast and easy riches.

You’ll find that will all gaming options, the high wagers will always come with bigger rewards. The price is risk, but our strategies will help lower this factor.

scratch cards guide

4. personally experience and review the scratch cards games available to you

We decided to add to our guide a special review of the games which are told through our own experiences. For this we assigned Tom Lasten, our Editor n Chef to test the free demo games and to see how his luck faired within the casino he is registered with. Let’s find out if he made a winning start to his first venture into scratch games.

“my only experience of scratch cards comes from those which you often find at some kiosk or store by the national lottery stations. I wouldn’t class myself as an avid player given you can never tell with the national lottery if the jackpots still available or not, but I used to buy them now and again.

I’ve seen the option to play scratch cards online before, often in the hidden section of specialty games, but my focus has always been poker so looking forward to what it can offer.

The first thing which stood out was the titles of very well-known brands and films, such as The Mummy™, Gladiator™, Pink Panther™ Rocky™ to name a few, so I opted for these first. I know of Playtech, the software company that had made these bigger titles, they have a history of making epic slots, so I expect the same big things from these titles.

The Gladiator™ game had the same look and quality as the online slot, matching effects and symbols. Wins could be formed by matching 3 images in a row or column with wins multiplied by the wager you play. Wins from x2 up to x5,000 meant the jackpot was 500,000 on a 100-wager game.

Next, I opted to play Freezing Fuzzballs to see how the quality of play varied. Firstly, the jackpot was less at 25,000, the game could be won by matching 3 symbols trapped behind the ice. Wins are multiplied by the wager set at the start of the game, then minimum being 2x the wager, the highest being 2500x. Both games play the same with no real variation on the principle of how you win. This isn’t too surprising as players should know what they get when it comes to these games. They are made to be easy, fast and simplistic to win from.

I took to playing for money and found hundreds of different options to from film themed ticket to sports. I played Wolf Gold™ by Pragmatic Play, as I we ran a news story on them and knew the Pragmatic Play cards came with a $1 million payout. The games where neatly produced with proper scratching effects added to the games and the inclusion of free games if you reveal 3 matching symbols for this unique feature. I walked away $12.00 up on the casino so no complaints about the experience.”

5. Scratch-Off Summary: Concluding our guide of scratch games online with top tips and FAQs

There are many real money scratch cards to be found online, certainly on a scale which the national lottery cannot compete. You have our additional reviews that discuss more on the rules and strategies to go through, which completes this gaming guide. Check them out to gain more insight and knowledge to this platform.

We now leave you with some frequently asked questions and top tips to help you going forward.

5.1 FAQ

  • Q: Where can I find special fundraising cards? A: The best casinos to find fundraising scratch games are those which tailor their casino towards the lotto themed games. Downtown Bingo casino provides these kinds of games and have charity bingo events.
  • Q: Are there any special bonuses for mobile users? A: You can claim coupon codes from specialist sites inside the top 10. Just download and register via the app and use your allowance to play free scratch games.
  • Q: What are the odds of winning? A: The odds are relative to the developer that makes them, but on average, your return is a 60 to 70%. If you want the answer to a specific game, click on the payout details or game info to read the percentages.
  • Q: How long does a game last? A: Typically, no more than 30 seconds. Some games come with an auto play feature which can play games within 10 seconds, so it’s the fastest way of winning in a casino.
  • Q: Is there a winning strategy? A: There are favourable techniques which are discussed in the strategy section of this guide, but the best tip would be to avoid National lottery cards as you could be playing many where the main prizes are already won.

5.2 Top Tips

☆ Assess which games have the better RTP odds. This will improve your chances of a return.

☆ Test games over a period of 10 goes each in demo mode first to find which ones have more frequent wins. This way you buy tickets for real money more smartly.

☆ Scratch cards are just like slots, if you have a dry patch then cease playing and move on to the next game. New slots have a higher payout frequency to older ones so stick with them.

☆ Make sure you are getting value for money by checking the value of the symbols before you play. Are wins with multipliers better for you than the ones which payout as a single cash prize?

☆ Bonuses are great in helping with a budget, so take advantage of any allowance which prolongs your playing time and saves your costs.

Find out more about the game with our additional guides and experience the best options through Thanks for using us.

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