Scratch Cards

We’ve all tried our luck at one time or another on scratch cards we’ve bought from the store or supermarket. They bring all the rush and excitement of a casino game to you in one short scratch, and the intense feeling of that big win is just as prevalent through playing scratch cards as playing at the roulette table.

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Scratch Cards

The rules of scratch cards

Most people are familiar with the principle of scratch cards, a short term diversion that could change your life forever with that huge win, or at least earn you a substantially smaller amount of money with which to enhance your life.

These days scratch card games are beginning to diversify and have become more and more popular online, with some operators offering a vast library of online scratch card titles to choose from. In the same way most casino games work, online scratch cards are games of chance and you have no effect or control over the outcome in the same way as you can influence a poker game for example. To win at scratch cards you simply have to be lucky!

When playing online scratch cards your goal remains entirely the same as when playing their physical counterparts. Each card has a different objective that you must complete in order to win. These can include matching identical symbols and cash amounts or beating a certain score set out in the rules. You then scratch the card virtually on screen and try to meet the criteria to claim your prize.

In our experience it’s always best to choose a scratch card game that peaks your interest, either by way of theme and subject or based on potential winnings and available bonuses. Always make sure you check the rules of the game set out in the terms and conditions before playing. This goes a long way in letting you know what you’re looking to hit to achieve a win and also can potentially help you to avoid disappointment or confusion over certain results.

Scratch card strategies

With the whole ‘game of chance’ thing, it becomes difficult to devise suitable strategies for certain games. Online scratch cards are one game type that falls into this type of category. There are however some guidelines you can follow to ensure you get the most out of your experience, helping you potentially increase your winnings and contribute towards making less errors when playing online for the first few times.

You should always choose your scratch card games carefully, selecting ones with attractive bonuses and pay schemes in order to try to maximise your winnings. When betting or ‘buying in’ on an online scratch card you should always bet as high as you can afford. There is a direct relationship between betting higher amounts in relation to the value of the available prize.

Betting high can also affect your game in other ways. What about the inclusion into the games’ progressive jackpot, if one is available, of course? To be eligible for inclusion you generally have to bet the maximum amount possible when playing but if you happen to win, you will take home a huge jackpot that is network wide.

When it comes to ‘network’ games, none can be more fun or challenging than tournament play. Online scratch cards can offer this type of experience to a player, with winnings that scale dependant on how you place in the tournament rankings and shared from a cumulative prize pool, rather than correlating directly to your total bank balance.

Where to play Scratch Cards ?

Here we look at the available options of online scratch card gaming, looking at the key areas that define the instant win lottery game. You’ll know where to play the best free games and the top casinos online that house them.

We take a look at the development behind them and discuss the makers which bring their games that are free to play and to play for real money returns. In all this will be the next progression to take once you have read about the strategies and our other guides which precede this area of where to play online scratch card games.


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