A Complete Lowdown on Mobile Scratch Cards

smartphone scratch cards

Online casinos offer more than table games and slots to help keep you thoroughly entertained. Sometimes you might feel like a gambling fix when you do not really have much time to spare, which is where scratch cards come in handy. Below we will reveal what you need to know about mobile scratch cards.

TOP mobile-friendly casinos to scratch cards

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How Do You Play Mobile Scratch Cards?

Mobile scratch cards have been designed in a way that anyone can play them. Once you have decided on a scratch card that you would like to play, you can buy it using some of the money in your account. If you do not have any, then you will obviously need to deposit some money into your account using one of the possible payment methods. Just like you would do if you were depositing cash to place a bet in poker or roulette.

Since the majority of scratch cards do not cost a lot at all, you will be able to buy quite a few without feeling that a deep hole has been left in your pocket. We say the majority because there are some scratch cards that have a $30 price tag attached to them. Keep in mind though that the higher the price tag, the bigger the cash prizes.

Once you have completed your purchase, the online casino will usually ask you whether you want to play now or save them for later. Online scratch cards are beautifully designed and come complete with fantastic animations and graphics that will certainly capture your attention.

You then have the option of scratching the card yourself or clicking the “Reveal All” button so that the symbols are revealed right away. However, in our opinion, it is best to scratch them off yourself as doing it automatically will just get rid of all of the thrills surrounding this game. There is nothing more exciting than scratching off the remaining symbols, looking for the one that you know will see you get a match and win some money.

How Do You Win Playing Online Scratch Cards?

When you are playing scratch card games on your phone or other mobile device, the playing process is exactly the same as if you were to walk into a shop and buy a real scratch card.

Each scratch card has its own set of symbols and combinations that will lead to a win. Therefore, all you need to do is have a quick read of the terms and conditions and start scratching. If you reveal a winning combination, then you have won some cash. It really is as simple as that.

What Are Your Odds of Winning Scratch Card Games?

The odds of winning a prize on a scratch card obviously vary, but it is somewhere around 1 in 3. In other words, every third scratch card sold should be a winner. Of course, this does not mean that if a customer buys three of the same scratch cards that they are guaranteed a win. You will obviously have a better chance of winning some cash, but like with all gambling, picking up a winning ticket is something that cannot be guaranteed.

When you buy a mobile scratch card, the RTP will usually be clearly displayed. The majority of scratch cards will come with an RTP that is higher than 90%. If you come across any with an RTP that is lower than that, then you should probably choose another one. The one exception to this is if you are going for a jackpot prize and are not too fussed about the smaller wins.

Obviously, the chance of winning the top prize is pretty slim, but if Lady Luck happens to be smiling upon you, you might be the lucky customer walking away with a large sum of cash added to your account.

Try Mobile Scratch Cards for Free

When it comes to table games or slot games, many online casino players like to try games for free before they start spending their own cash. This is always a good idea as it allows you to experience the game and allows you to try out different strategies. If the game isn’t to your liking, you can simply move on without being annoyed that you have wasted your own cash on it. Online casinos are aware of this fact, which is why they often provide their customers with the option of playing for free on their website.

You will be happy to hear that online casinos that have scratch cards as part of their service also allow their customers to experience them for free. This is great as you can play a particular scratch card for a while to see whether it pays out often. If you play twenty times and get no winnings, it is best to find another scratch card ticket. Furthermore, you can check whether your mobile device works well with the software that is used. Once you think that you have found a good scratch card game, you can start playing for real money.

What about Mobile Scratch Card Bonuses?

When you sign up with a new casino website, they will give you a Welcome Bonus as a thank you for creating an account with them. The bonuses will usually be in the form of free money or free spins, but there are actually some gaming sites out there that give bonuses in the shape of free goes on particular scratch cards.

There are two common scratch card bonuses. One is where you will be given free chips that you can use to play scratch cards, while with the other you will be given a number of free games on a particular scratch card. You will be able to win real money here, but with all bonus winnings, there will be wagering requirements in place. We recommend that you always read the terms and conditions of any bonus that you receive.

2 Tips to Keep in Mind When Playing a scratch card game

Below are some good tips that we recommend you always keep in mind when playing scratch cards. Actually, you will do well to remember these tips whenever you are gambling.

Stick to a Budget

When you are gambling, you probably have a little voice in your head that tells you that you will end up winning soon and that you should just play with that remaining $20 in your account. We highly recommend that you do not pay any attention to the voice in your head when you are gambling.

Before you place your first bet of the day, we recommend that you set yourself a loss limit. Once you have reached this limit, close the site or app (many online casinos have an app that you can play on nowadays) and go do something else.

Gambling is Meant to Be Fun

When you buy a scratch card from a shop, we bet that you do not run back in there complaining that you did not get a winning ticket. So, neither should you have a moan when you are playing on your phone and do not get a winning ticket. Gambling is all about luck and first and foremost it should be fun. Yes, we all like to win cash, but entertainment comes first, and winning is the bonus. Once you are no longer having fun, stop gambling.

A Brief History of Mobile Scratch Games

Before you head to the casino of your choice to scratch some cards, we thought getting back to the history of the game would be interesting.

Back in 1974, John Koza and Daniel Bower created the very first computer-generated lottery game for the Massachusetts Lottery. Their work with this company led them to taking a closer look at the lottery system in the 80s and they concluded that lottery players would prefer a game where they do not have to wait a long period of time before finding out if they had won or not. With all this in mind, the pair came up with scratch cards.

This game became a huge hit because it provides quick thrills at pocket-friendly costs. Thanks to the invention of scratch cards, the Massachusetts Lottery’s revenue increased from $1 million to $2.5 million per week.

Other lotteries around the country saw how popular scratch cards were becoming, so they decided to include them too. Their popularity soon spread to other countries and they were soon available all over the world.

When online casinos came into being in the 1990s, their popularity increased even more due to the fact that they could be bought from the comfort of your own home using a computer or phone. You can now find scratch cards at the majority of top online casinos, and there is a wide variety that you can choose from.


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