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How to Win on Scratch Cards

When you play online scratch cards very frequently, you logically always want to win more. Here unlike other casino games like blackjack for example, the strategies aren’t very clear and there are few techniques that can ensure wins every time you play online scratch cards. We will still advise you on steps you can take when playing to potentially help you increase your winnings or at least contribute towards making less mistakes when playing online.

Choose your scratch card carefully

When playing online scratch cards, you generally play a lot of times in succession, so choosing which to play becomes quite high on the priority list. This can be one type or several and it is always best to choose a theme that inspires you and a game type with a whole host of attractive propositions when it comes to winning.

To achieve this, you can play on free scratch card games hosted by sites like ours for example. Free online scratch cards will give you the opportunity to try out all the features of different cards without having to deposit any real money. As you can see, this is a great way of making an informed choice on which card to actually spend your money on at a later stage. Once you’ve made a few choices we can help you find a casino with a range of attractive bonuses for you to take advantage of while playing.

Increase the bet in the hope of winning BIG

There is a direct relationship in online scratch cards between the amount you bet and the amount you win. The higher you bet or ‘buy’ in on the card, the greater the available prizes will be and the more you will win if lady luck is by your side. It’s entirely possible to make huge profits when employing bets of $10 or more, especially if you can choose the max multiplier available in most online scratchers.

Scratch cards and progressive jackpots

The progressive jackpot is a game mode that is potentially very profitable. The principle remains the same as other progressive jackpots available on games like slots and video poker, that is, players playing on the same network have a cumulative jackpot pool and at any point can become eligible through certain actions to win the entire jackpot from across the network. In order to be eligible to win, you must always bet the maximum amount. This does mean however that even if you don’t scoop the progressive jackpot when you do actually win, it will still be a significant amount of money.

Scratch card tournaments

Tournaments of this type can be an interesting solution for online players who want to get a bit unconventional. When you play in a scratch card tournament, you all begin with the same bankroll. The nice thing about such tournaments is that most of the time they’re not paid in the conventional way you would win from scratch cards, but in the same way as most other casino based tournaments. You play for as much winnings as possible to rank higher and higher on a leader board and thus become eligible for a share of the whole prize pool.

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