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As part of our articles on problem gambling and addiction to gambling, we thought it would be a good idea to touch on some subjects which can help you manage your recreational gambling time to keep it from ever becoming a problem in the future, whether you’re playing at an online casino or involved in any other type of legal gambling activities.

When referring to ways to limit your gambling time we like to call it ‘self- management ‘, as the number one person responsible for your time and how you spend it is you. Problem gambling can be a very serious matter so we’re going to look at some ways to prevent any type of issues arising in the future. We break it down into what we call managing your ‘T.M.E’, these are three very simple categories; Time, Money and Emotions.

Manage Your Time

As a recreational gambler you must learn to set limits on the amount of time you spend at an online casino or gambling in general. At a very simple level gambling triggers certain feelings in your brain that induce a state of pleasure. The problem with playing for hours on end is that you constantly chase this sensation and can become the victim of a negative loop, chasing something to regain that feeling you had previously. When playing at certain online casinos there are options within your player settings that allow you to set the length of time you would like to be able to play in order to keep your gambling a strictly recreational experience.

Manage Your Money

Your budget or available bankroll is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re involved in any type of legal gambling activity. This can be more of an issue with online casino players however because of the simplicity involved with depositing funds into your online account and also features like reverse deposits. To avoid this becoming an issue we recommend that you set a budget before you start a recreational gambling session. This limit must also be affordable to you, for example you must be comfortable enough to be able to lose all this money and not have it affect your day to day life. Online casinos also provide the option to set daily and monthly limits in your online player settings to keep your balance in check.

Manage Your Emotions

Managing your emotions and your overall state of mind is a vital part of self-management when taking part in any legal gambling activity. You must understand that playing at an online casino is purely a game of chance and that you need luck in order to win. There is no skill involved in around 90% of all games of chance so knowing and accepting this fact is important. Never decide to gamble in order to make yourself feel better if you’re already distressed or anxious as this will make you play erratically and you will almost certainly make mistakes that could end up in huge losses. Always begin your recreational gambling sessions with a proper mindset and remember that the number one reason you play is to have fun. Play respectfully and within your means at all times.

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