Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is a genuine ‘brain-teaser’ for some players. In stark contrast to Poker or Blackjack for example, it is highly difficult to devise infallible winning strategies for Sic Bo. Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to optimize your chances of winning with this online casino game, allow us to show you how.

Articles about Sic Bo

The rules of Sic Bo

Our guide will entail the use of a strategy as a procedure for the management of your bankroll in terms of the allocations you make at the moment of betting and also the use of math and probability to narrow down your bets to achieve the best possible odds.

Played with 3 dice on a green felt mat, the aim of the game is to predict certain outcomes based on the rolling of all three dice. You are able to place several different bet types simultaneously, to cover certain eventualities or possibilities. This can include the sum total of all three dice as well as doubles or triples and other combinations. The mat is marked out to give all available bet types and to bet on certain types you simply place how many units you like on the bet of your choice. If you win you are paid out according to which parts of your bets landed successfully and according to the pay table of the casino itself.

Sic Bo strategies

It can be really difficult to build a traditional type of strategy for Sic Bo. Many have tried and failed in the past and really the only thing you can do is employ tactics to manage your bankroll and make smart bets that are linked in some way or another so that if one doesn’t hit then the other has a chance to and vice versa. There are three typcial strategies to employ based on your bankroll and they are called low risk, medium risk and high risk strategies. Each of these 3 employ a different method of playing based on available funds and your objective.

A few methods to win

Being one of those games where it’s virtually impossible to influence the outcome of the end results, you shouldn’t expect too much when it comes to winning. Its more the fact the game is so unpredictable that makes it particularly appealing to casino players. Instead it’s about the methods you employ while you play and the amount of discipline you display also. It’s about playing slowly, betting consistently and combining your bets and elements of various play styles to try to keep a modicum of control to your game.

Winning a Sic Bo tournament

Tournament play differs greatly from the solo style of play. In Sic Bo tournaments it’s all about the end results when it comes to who wins, so playing traditionally is kind of redundant in this setting. You need to keep consistent and play really cautiously, as saving your bankroll and adding to it slowly are the main two factors you need to consider. Those with the highest number of credits by the end of the tournament will be crowned victorious!

Sic Bo players

There are many faces around a Sic Bo table, do you recognise yourself in any of them? There are several different profiles when it comes to Sic Bo players. They include types like the strategist and the psychologist to name but two of them. Some are a mystery while others are easy to read but all play their part equally in the grand scheme of things. These types of players have gone on to shape the modern game of Sic Bo that we know today, both in land based and online casinos.