Sic Bo – The #1 Sic Bo Guide for Online Casinos

Sic Bo is a game of luck played by gamblers from all corners of the globe. It is especially popular in Asia and Macau. Dive into the atmosphere of joy and excitement by placing your bets and waiting for the three lucky dice to show your fortune. Unlike Online Poker and Blackjack, the two ultimate casino games of skill, Sic Bo is loved for its unpredictable and thrilling nature.

Sic Bo history and how we roll the dice in the 21st Century

As can probably guess from the name, Sic Bo is a game with a touch of Oriental flavors. Originally it comes from ancient China and the name Sic Bo was originally translated as “two bricks”, which later was known as the “dice pair”. The literal meaning of Sic Bo is “precious dice”. At its early stages, the game used to be played with two dice and then gradually it acquired an additional third dice, which made the three dice rolled game much more engaging. At the beginning of the 20th century, Sic Bo made its first steps in the United States as it was brought to the country by Chinese immigrants.

Interestingly, the rules of Sic Bo are very similar to the ones of Roulette. Both games are casino table games of luck that offer players some additional support related to the guides and betting charts displayed on the Sic Bo and Roulette tables.

Sic Bo Invites players to test their intuition and ability to guess the outcome of something they have absolutely no control of. This makes the gameplay so much more exciting! The bets are placed based on the players’ predictions of the outcome of the three dice once they have been shaken.

After its first introduction in the United States, the game has come a long way and entered the majority of America’s leading land-based casinos. In the late 20th century Sic Bo became a widely popular game played all over the world as it migrated into the digital world in the process of creation of the online casino.

The game remains very specific to its normal creation, there is no variant of sci bo, it stands as a single option that can be played as a live dealer format or virtual machine. You can read a review of one of the free demo games we have on-site. No pays to play if you wish to learn the game and understand the probability of winning. With unlimited free units to gamble with so, you can master the ancient Chinese game in your own time.

Getting more and more curious? Read on to find out how to play this exotic casino game like a Pro and win big!

What you will find in our guide: Sic Bo Online and at land-based casinos

If you are interested in trying your luck and you can’t wait to start rolling the three “precious dice” of Sic Bo, you have landed on the right page. Our guide has been carefully put together by a team of passionate Sic Bo players, who will provide you with all the important information related to Sic Bo rules and strategy.

First of all, before you get into the nitty-gritty of the game rules and strategic decisions, you should ask yourself what type of player you are. Have a look at the options below and choose which option represents you more precisely.

Type 1: Staying on the safe side

This type of player prefers getting to the destination by taking a series of smaller steps that involve only calculated risks.

By choosing this strategy, players tend to win several smaller stakes bets and collect a reasonable amount of winnings overall. Playing on the safe side is most recommended when you are just learning the basics of a new casino game. Therefore, regardless of your gambling appetite, it is best to start with safer bets if you are a novice player.

Type 2: Bigger risks involve more delightful wins

This type of player likes taking risks regardless of the situation. The idea is to place bigger stakes bets in the hope to scoop out a much juicier payout.

Are you type one or type two? Keep reading ourSic Bo guide to learn more about your gambling appetite and weigh out the pros and the cons of various betting options that will make you feel at ease.

Sic Bo rules

Sic Bo is known for its simplicity as the Sic Bo rules are really easy to get a hang of and start using immediately. Once you have mastered the main principle of how to make basic wagers, which, by the way, are all focused on the outcome of the roll of the dice, you are ready to start placing your bets. If you ever feel that you have forgotten on which area of the table you must place your bets, remember that the guide is outlined on the luscious green felt that covers the gambling surface of a Sic Bo table. This allows you to refresh your memory when needed and focus on just having fun!

To start luring your luck, simply choose your chip size and place your chips on the relevant area of the Sic Bo table to match it to the bet (or bets) you wish to make. Keep in mind that you are paid according to the number of successful bets you have landed. If you want to try something a bit more daring, try placing multiple bets. Despite carrying slightly higher risks, this approach it will instantly increase your chances of winning.

Sic Bo strategy

Here are some recommended Sic Bo Strategies players from all over the globe tend to employ in order to increase their chances of winning. You will notice that the recommendations made below are created in line with the level of experience in Sic Bo. Thus, the following strategies are advised for the following levels:

  • Beginner Sic Bo players should adopt the lower risk level strategy.
  • Intermediate Sic Bo players should use the medium risk strategy.
  • Advanced/ Seasoned/ High Roller Sic Bo players can go for the highest level of risk using the higher risk level.

You will find a detailed overview of these three main strategies on our site. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of various betting tips based on the specifications of each risk level.

How to choose your bets when you are playing Sic Bo

Level 1: Beginner – Low risk strategy

To play it safe while standing at the Sic Bo table, it is best to place those bets that have the smallest edge. In Sic Bo the most attractive rate of the house edge is 2.78%, which can be activated by placing Small, Big, and Combination Bets.

  • Bet on Small and Big

These types of bets have the closest to Evens chances. Just pick any small or big number that you feel will be your lucky one and place your bets on the table.

  • Place Combination bets to spice up your gameplay

This bet is sometimes underestimated when selecting an effective strategy in Sic Bo. The advantage of it is the fact that the house edge remains reasonably low – only 2.77%, however, the odds of winning are still really high – 6 to 1. This means that every 7th bet can bring you victory, while the payout is 6 to 1.

Level 2: Intermediate – Medium-risk strategy

The main principle of this strategy is to place several bets on two completely different options.

For example:
  • Place two chips on double 1, 2 and 6, plus three chips on 12 = the total value of this bet is nine chips.

If either 12 wins or a double wins, you will get 24 chips.

  • Place two chips on double 1, 5, and 6 and three chips on 9 = the total value of this bet is nine chips.

You will get 24 chips if either 9 or a double wins.

Level 3: Advanced – High-risk strategy

This bet brings the most fruitful results and is aimed at those players who do not mind spending a bit more on placing high stakes bets in order to get a more attractive reward. The idea is to place a number of Combination bets and win several bets on one roll of the dice.

Here is how it can be done:

Place your bets on what is known in some cultures as “unlucky numbers”, such as 8 and 13.

Bet on 8 by placing three chips on 8 and two chips on double 1, 2, and 3. To top it up, place and additional two chip bet on a combination of 2 and 3 to have the outcome of the dice is 2, 3 and 3 covered. In total, you will be betting 11 chips, whilst your possible return is 27 chips if 8 wins. If addition, should a double win, you will get 22 chips more, and if you get even luckier, if the combination bet wins too, you will get an additional 12 chips.

Bet on 13 by placing three chips on 13 and two chips on double 4, 5, and 6. To top it up, place and additional two chip bet on a combination of 4 and 5 to have the outcome of the dice is 4, 4, and 5 covered. In this case, you’re the total value of your bet is 11 chips, whilst a possible return is much higher! If the lucky-unlucky 13 wins, you will get 27 chips. To top it up, if a double wins, you will receive an additional number of 22 chips. And if this is still not enough, should the combination win, you will get 12 chips over and above the chips, you have already collected for this bet.

Isn’t all this so thrillingly exciting?

If you want to know more about this ancient Chinese dice game that has proudly become a serious player in the 21st-century iGaming industry, keep reading our guide and we will tell you more about where it is best to play Sic Bo for free and for real money.

Where to play Online Sicbo for free and real money?

If you have never played Sic Bo before, you will be pleased to know that learning the rules and the layout of the game takes a just few minutes. With just a couple of differences, this game is very similar to Craps and Chuck-a-Luck.

Not surprisingly, just like other casino games of chance, Sic Bo is available at land-based and online casinos all over the world, however, it is worth mentioning that this game is extremely popular in Asia, especially in Macau. Want to know where to play Sic Bo for free? Tune in, we have got it all covered here.

Sic Bo Free Play

Depending on your interests and gambling appetite, you can choose to play Sic Bo at an online or brick and mortar casino. Both types of establishments offer this exciting game to players from all corners of the globe, including Las Vegas, Europe, and China. It is important to keep in mind, however, that land-based casinos are limited in terms of any free offers. If you choose to play Sic Bo at a land-based casino, you will not be able to benefit from any casino freebies and special promotions.

If you are only starting to play Sic Bo, it is a good idea to opt for online casino gameplay, which means that you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of fantastic casino bonuses and additional free perks. Since there is a lot of competition in the world of online gambling, many reputable casinos try to beat the competition by diversifying their bonus packages and, thus, luring new players thanks to the attractive conditions that will get you rolling.

As a new player, you have the best opportunity to grab an excellent deal that will help you boost your bankroll and play for free at the very start. To find a suitable casino, simply go through the list of casino reviews on our site and pick any reputable casino operator you like. We guarantee that all our casinos are licensed and regulated by reputable internationally recognized authorities.

Sic Bo for Real money

Having mastered the rules of the game as well as some suitable betting strategies that make you feel at ease, you can start seeking new opportunities to place real money bets and take your game to the next level. This step is very important in your Sic Bo experience since you will be able to try out a variety of bets, including low risk high and low bets, combination bets, medium and high-risk multiple combinations, double and triple bets.

Of course, this type of gameplay will require real money deposits and you have a variety of options at your disposal. Traditional land-based casinos will be a viable option, however, before you decide to visit a terrestrial casino establishment, weigh out the pros and cons of spending a certain amount of money on some other expenses added by the costs of your plane or train tickets, accommodation, food, and other bits and pieces you buy when you travel.

To reduce the total cost of your casino entertainment, you canplay Sic Bo online anytime, anywhere. All reputable casinos offer real money play and you can actually scoop out a mind-blowing payout by placing a minimum real money deposit, boosting it with the added value of bonus cash and free spins, and as a result, significantly increasing your chances of winning.

Our experts have tried Sicbo and here is what they say

Here at Casino Bonuses Index we take our mission of delivering outstanding gaming experience to our loyal readers very seriously. It is surely overwhelming for some new players to be faced with so much choice they come across on the Internet. To help you get to all your favorite games faster and stress-free, we constantly search the global net in order to find the best offers in the iGaming industry.

Once we confirm that a particular online casino operator is legit, we test out the games and the range of bonuses on offer. This gives us first-hand experience we need to be able to give our readers the best summary of the newest game releases as well as new trends in gaming software.

As part of this mission, our dedicated team of casino experts has tried Sic Bo online and at land-based casinos and here is what they have concluded:

1. Online Sic Bo is provided on demand.

2. Mobile play is available on a variety of devices.

3. Mac users are welcome to play since many online casinos offer Mac-friendly gaming software.

4. There is an option of saving all your favorite games on the home screen that allows you to get to your games in a blink of an eye.

5. Both land-based and online versions of Sic Bo provide the same level of thrill and allow to win a real money reward at the end of the nigh.

6. Free play helps to get a hang of the basic rules and strategies, which minimizes your losses.

Are you ready to play the game online or with alive dealer? You are just one step away from the best casino thrills as we are about to conclude this guide. Read on to find out how to get started.

Sic Bo guide – Let’s roll

As you can see Sic Bo is a thrilling casino game that can be a great option for both novice and seasoned players worldwide. Despite the fact that it originated in ancient China, this fascinating casino favorite has evolved in the process of transitioning through many eras of cultural and social development. Having started with just two simple bricks, Sic Bo has acquired a refined taste for world-class casino entertainment, which provides players with a dynamic play and a touch of luxury.

We hope you have found this guide useful as it gives you a concise overview of the history of the game, its basic rules, and three main strategies that will help you start placing real money bets and improving your results. We have tried and tested a vast array of casino games and bonus packages and we can reassure you that you will be provided with a safe and responsible gaming environment here on our site.

Now it is time for you to start luring your luck! Choose your lucky numbers and place your best and leave the rest to the best run of fortune! Game on!


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