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Sic Bo: Low risk strategy

Sic Bo players who play a more defensive style of sic bo strategy and prefer to retain a bit more of their bankroll than most should play a less risky game format and wager the minimum amount. The best rate you will find in Sic Bo is around 2.78% and to gain a similar percentage you must focus on the ‘Small’ and ‘Big’ bet types as well as certain combination bets.

Small and big bets

You’re more likely to win with small and big bets in Sic Bo. If you’re a defensive player then this system of playing is probably the best for you. Several schemes can be employed using this method most notably 1, 2, 3, 4, or 1, 2, 3, 6 and the Paroli method. To negate high risk you should be placing your bets on ‘Small’ and ‘Big’ bet types, betting several times on the same number if necessary.

Combination bets

The combination bet (a specific bet on two numbers) also has a small advantage at around 2.77%. Beginners tend to overlook this kind of bet which is silly because the chance of winning here is 6 to 1, which means by rights you can expect to win once in every seven bets by using a combination bet.

As a variation to use when employing a low risk strategy, combination bets should be used frequently and it’s an important bet type to master as a beginner. It’s better to use combination bets that can net you consistent payouts than other bet types that are far riskier.

Ideal for beginners

This strategy of low risk Sic Bo is perfect for beginners because it teaches them to limit their financial losses in the long term, and become more familiar with the subtleties of the game. Beginners can approach this seemingly complicated game with confidence whilst keeping in mind the most suitable game types.

Once you feel comfortable playing at this level, you can move up gradually to a medium risk strategy and eventually adopting certain aspect of the high risk strategy. The downside with using the low risk strategy is that it’s repetitive and can quickly become boring so be patient with it at first, practice the discipline of limiting your bets and wining smaller amounts as a first point of call.

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