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Sic Bo: Medium risk strategy

Whether you’re a beginner or you already have some experience when it comes to playing Sic Bo, it might be that the low risk sic bo strategy is not meeting your playing needs at this stage. If you want bigger wins but still a modicum of flexibility with your betting you will have to adopt a medium risk strategy.

This type of tactic implies that even though you may lose money, the losses will never be significant. In addition to this; your earning capabilities will be much greater than those from the small risk scenario of betting on ‘small’ or ‘big’. The method you will employ will be to focus on using combination bets to give yourself at least four different chances of winning on each turn. While it’s certainly possible to lose four times in a row, the return on the investment will be surprisingly high when you actually win.

The numbers to bet on

You want to use combinations of bets that have dependent features to maximize any chance to win so, for example If two out of your three dice were to show a value of 1 which becomes a total of 2, we can say that the total of all three dice can only ever be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8. They will never add up past 8. Therefore, in this instance, where we would bet on a double 1, we would also bet on a ‘sum-total’ of any value less than 8 at the same time.

You would use the same thought process when for example you land a 2 and a 4 totalling 6. At this point the sum total of all three dice can never be more than 12 so you can bet the total combined value as lower than a 12 or higher than a 6 and also bet on a double 2 or 4.

Below are typical bets you would make when using a medium risk strategy in Sic Bo:

Bet A Three units on 9 + Two units on a double 1, 5 or 6 (a total of 9 units)

Bet B Three units on 12 + Two units on a double 1, 2 and 6 (a total of 9 units)

This can yield great results if both parts of the bet hit. You’re looking at 24 units per part so if both parts hit in either Bet A or Bet B then you win 48 units in total which is a nice little earner.

Ideal for insiders

This type of medium risk strategy suits Sic Bo insiders a little more than beginners. It’s targeted towards players that are used to the game but want to switch up the tactic of betting on just ‘small’ or ‘big’. The medium risk strategy can lose more money than the low risk strategy for example but a win pays far greater, and on the whole, it’s a much more exciting dynamic when playing this kind of strategy over a more defensive style.

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