Rules and Strategy

Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo is a casino game that’s played with 3 dice and its objective is to land one of a number of possible winning combinations. All bets in Sic Bo are based on predicting the dice combination that will be rolled on each throw.

Objectives of Sic Bo

Players place their bets on the Sic Bo table, trying to predict the possible outcome of the rolling of 3 dice. This includes both totals and combinations. Each player can place several bets simultaneously, which are paid out according to the odds indicated on the table. Since Sic Bo is a game of chance, luring your luck would be the best Sic Bo strategy. It is possible, however, to place your bets wisely and maximize your chances of winning. First, let's take a look at how different bets work.

The different bets in Sic Bo

In Sic Bo there are 7 types of bet available to you as a player, they are as follows:

Dice Face (one dice face): The players bet on one of the faces of the dice. If that number shows, the player wins the equivalent of his bet. If this number appears on two dice, the player wins 2x the amount of his bet. If this number appears on three dice, he wins 3x his bet. The casino's advantage on this type of bet is around 8%.

Two Faces (two dice faces): This bet is made on a particular combination of two numbers. If the player bets that the numbers 1 and 6 will come up, and they do, the casino will pay out at 5: 1. The casino's advantage on this bet is 17% or so.

Totals (totaux): The player can bet on the total sum of the three dice. The player selects a number between 4 and 17. Since the combination of the faces of the dice can change for a selected number, the odds vary depending on the number.

The table below shows the odds, possible pay-outs and the casinos advantage for the totals bet:

TotalPayoutCasino advantage
4 or 1760:129.1%
5 or 1618:147.2%
6 or 1514:130.5%
7 or 1412:19.7%
8 or 138:112.5%
9 or 126:118.9%
10 or 116:112.5%

Small or Big (petit ou grand): With this bet, the player bets that the total of the three dice will fall within a given category.

  • A 'small' (petite) bet wins when the total of the dice is between 4 and 10.
  • A 'big' (grande) bet wins if the total of the three dice is situated between 11 and 17.

One should not forget the other rule for this type of bet, which says that the casino wins if a triple comes up. In spite of that, the odds of winning are by far the most favourable with this type of bet, since the casino has an advantage of only 3%.

Triple: Here, you bet that each face of the dice shows the same pre chosen number. If this occurs you will win big (150:1), but the odds are not really in your favour with this bet: only 215:1, which gives a 30% advantage towards the casino.

Any Triple (n'importe quel triple): Quite simply, you bet that any triple shows. The pay-out is 24:1 on this bet, against odds of 35:1, which again gives a huge advantage of 30% to the casino.

Any pair (n'importe quelle paire): Betting that any pair will show will net you 8:1. This bet remains one of the worst to make on the table however, since the casino retains an advantage of 33%.

The payouts in Sic Bo

All the payouts in Sic Bo are designed by the casino operators in any given casino and will be indicated on the table. For online Sic Bo this payout information can be found on the operator’s website and during the game itself. They are also dependent on the type of bet employed at the time.

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