Rules and Strategy

Winning a Sic Bo tournament

Sic Bo is a game designed for gamblers who are looking for simplicity and spontaneity in a casino game. It allows the placement of a wide variety of different bets, some simultaneously, all shown on a game table, similar to the method employed in roulette. If this sort of game seems easy to access when playing solo, it might not be quite the same situation when engaging in a tournament style of play, one where you will face a significantly large number of opponents all as eager to win as you.

Understanding the tournament

Nowadays, both land based and online casinos offer players the opportunity to participate in traditional Sic Bo tournaments. Players start off by buying chips that convert into credits for online participants. The general concepts of betting and winning stay the same although in tournaments you rely less on scooping the huge wins from low odds than in single play. The aim of the tournament is to collect as many credits as possible. At the end of the tournament it’s the one with the most number of credits that wins the prize although there are smaller rewards generally available for the runners up.

Tournament strategies

As Sic Bo is a game of chance, relying on strategies to win is at times can be rather difficult. It is however possible to increase the probability of winning in a tournament. Focus on the bets that prove most profitable, simple bets are often the best for achieving this. It’s important to be able to bet while at the same time remaining safe. Remember that the aim of the tournament is to preserve as much capital and, if possible, sufficiently build on it. Expert management of your available bankroll will be the centrepiece to your winning tactic. Try to always think a little bit ahead, you can effectively play as long as you like if you bet with comfort and security in mind.

All casinos are different

Each casino chooses its own profit model. The probabilities, win and payout percentages are never the same so make sure you select the casino that has the least advantage. Your goal is to win credits and to ensure this you have to play in an environment that allows you to make the most out of this kind of approach. Take a look at the payment tables before playing in a tournament to assess the probabilities when it comes to winning and how to achieve overall victory. You need to exercise your intelligence, patience and discipline to stand tall and win a Sic Bo tournament.

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