Slot machines tournaments

The popularity of casino games has increased during the last decade; a prime example being the explosion of poker tournaments and the media attention it draws these days. A contributing factor to this is the jackpot that’s tied in to the tournament itself and casino operators have noticed this trend as well. Online casinos have started to implement this aspect into classic casino games by ways of organizing tournaments for each game type. This has proven highly popular among regular players and has become an excellent way of attracting new players to their online casino site.

Tournaments remain popular due to their low buy-ins and in the majority of cases, the buy-ins all contribute to the tournament jackpot. Now slot fans and aficionados have the chance to play in specially designed tournaments, in the same way that poker and blackjack fans have been able to do for so long.

Playing in a slot machine tournament

Slot machines are traditionally meant to be played in a single player setting so how does this type of tournament actually work? Each player that participates is put into a ranking system based on how much money they currently have in total. The rules are simple; whoever occupies the top 3 positions on the leaderboard by the end of the tournament wins a cash prize based on their position. There can be slight variations dependent on the online casino you choose so be sure to read the tournament rules before you sign up.

Generally the event will be divided up into stages and split into several groups, each involving a set amount of players. When you start you begin playing the slot machine designated by the casino and the different stages may vary in length dependant on the casino hosting the tournament. The leaderboard lets you know your position at all times and at the end of each stage only the top two players from every group are given tickets to advance to the next round. It’s possible to play in smaller tournaments where there’s only one stage and one small group of players. In this scenario it’s usually only the player in first place who wins a cash prize.

Strategies for playing slot machine tournaments

Simply put, you have to spend money to make money. As real money is not used during these kinds of tournaments you must just play aggressively and bet the maximum amount in the early stages. Remember that your goal here is to accumulate the maximum amount of money possible by the end of each stage, and in tournaments that feature shorter stages, speed is a critical factor.

With this in mind the idea is to accumulate enough money to push you up the rankings. Then by carefully keeping an eye on the leaderboard you can slow down the betting once you’re high enough to advance to the next round, effectively coasting the rest of each stage. It’s advisable to stop playing once you are ahead of the other players rather than to continue playing and risk elimination.

Below is a live list of available slot tournaments. A lot of them are free to enter so sign up to one of our recommended top 10 online casinos and give them a spin.


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