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Online Slots Guide - The Ultimate Gaming Directory and Index for Slots

When it comes to the choice of casino games online, none are more predominant than the slot machine. For this alone we have created you an online slots guide to help you learn the rules of play, strategies and gain access to the best titles for free.

Online Slots Guide updated : 04-01-2020

Best Casinos to play online slots - 2019
  Casino Country Bonus Terms Software Play
$3000+ $20 Free
4 $11500+ 25 Free Spins
5 $5000+ 25 Free Chip

1. Introducing a history of online slots and the rise to popularity in the realms of online gaming

The origin of the slot machine begins in the late 19th century. The first one was built in 1895. It was called the Liberty Bell. This device was built by Charles Fey, who was a car mechanic at the time, based in San Francisco.

1.1 Birth of the Game

The contraption consisted of 3 rotating wheels, each with printed symbols, that of the diamond, heart, Horseshoe, spade, star and a cracked liberty bell. Players would deposit a nickel and pull down on the lever found on the side of the machine. Upon landing three matching symbols, a bell would ring indicating a win for the payer and thusly, coins would fall from the mouth of the device at the bottom. At the time the largest payout was 50 cents, equalling 10 nickels.

At the turn of the century, the machine was growing in popularity and demand, it was at this point the Mills Novelty Company started manufacturing on a larger scale and producing the Mills Liberty Bell from 1907.

Over the following decades, the contraption took on new designs, materials and opened the door to larger jackpots.

It wasn’t until the mid60s that the machine became fully electronic and was called the Money Honey. This was released by a company called Bally, who is still in production today with the more familiar online slot machines.

Into the 70s and the slot incorporated a video feature which held the symbols and paylines. It became available in hotels and soon grew into the casino market out in Las Vegas. In 1978, the video slot was acquired by the IGT company from the manufacturer Fortune Coin.

The 1990s came and provided the next milestone in the evolution of the machine. The bonus round came into the main gaming features. This allowed for additional payouts and jackpot features. The success meant it contributed to over 70% of the income made by the casinos at the time and took up a standard 70% of floor space within the land-based venues.

1.2 Modern Day Machines

As we moved into the digital age and a new millennium, the once bulky cast iron machine was transformed into a series of coded algorithms, a string of zeros and ones. The game was at its peak built with random number generators, video playback, 3D animation and by now, jackpots which rose to over a million in sum.

The online casino industry evolved into something beyond an empire, it became something so freely accessible that for millions across the world, to play on the newly formed and digitalized reels was a way of life.

You will now find that casinos hold thousands of gaming titles, machines based on major blockbuster movies, games with life-changing payouts, different bonuses and themes, alternating reels and grids. The game has changed and will continue with the technology which has helped to get the slot game this far.

2. Presenting a complete player’s guide to slot machine games, covering all key points of information

Our online slots guide is your directory to all things and key information which is associated with the world of slot gaming. This will be the perfect starting point for all new players who are looking to learn what a progressive jackpot is. It will invite you to take advantage of free play machines which are demo mode formats of the very best online slots used by the casinos online. These free slot machines with hundreds of free games to choose from will take you on a dazzling ride of premium casino entertainment absolutely risk-free!

As you play slots online through our website, you can also read up on strategies to help you win. This helps complete the free platform where you can review thousands of titles covering every theme and style. We talk you through bonuses, such as the no deposit bonus, the free spins and welcome bonus, to see how they are of advantage to slot players who seek the opportunity to win real money at zero risks.

2.1 Breakdown of Our Guide

Here we have three key sections regarding the slots machine. These sections cover the rules of the game, the strategy and the progressive jackpot feature. Each part can be read within their own unique guide by selecting the highlighted links. Each further expands on the topic and gives you more detail as to its influence on the game.

2.2 Rules

Before any player goes off to have a wild time on the games, it is always best to know how the platform of a game works. Through our review of the rules, you’ll have a clear understanding of how money is won through different variants of the machine. Not all symbols are the same, not all payouts are the same and not all slots are the same.

We will discuss the effect of programming and its influence on the rules. For example, the RTP algorithm is programmed to pick winning moments within the game and can affect the jackpot payout unless players select and bet with the highest wagering requirement.

2.3 Strategy

How will you win? Will you take any tactical approach with you? Are there any clear strategies which pay-off? We look at all the factors of strategy and how to influence the programming of digital software which controls the spins and the winning probability.

There are many people playing right now with their own ideas on what paylines to select, deciding which are the best slots for bonus levels, whether to alternate their bet values for every other spin. We look to see if random chance or luck is triggered by the actions we take whilst gambling.

2.4 Progressive Jackpots

The progressive jackpot is seen as the reel king, this is for many what playing and gaming within the slot category, is all about. A player can win a considerable fortune as to change their own lives and that of those around them.

We offer you an insight into the feature and how the huge game is played and how it has been won many times.

3. Play the very best online slots through our site and the top 10 casinos online completely for free

If you wish to play slot machines then might we suggest the first step is to familiarize yourself to the game whilst it is a free platform. There are a number of ways a player can assess the free platform of a slot machine. Our slot machine guide invites you into two separate worlds of free-play and yet both offering the same one thing.

At, we hold over 5000 slot titles, real authentic casino reels that you can spin with no requirement to download any additional software, regardless of the device you wish to use.

You can also acquire your free spin experience through the best online casinos and their games, thanks to their bonus offers. With free spins bonus gratuities, players will be able to win real money from the video slots without any requirement of depositing.

3.1 Demo Gaming

Test how random your luck is throughout hundreds and thousands of free games right here. Firstly, all demos are accessible via desktop, MAC, tablet and mobile. This includes iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. There is no mobile app needed thanks to the HTML5 software these games are built with.

Discover a vast mix of titles to spin, learn how the programming of the reel works, discover which games offer the largest winning paylines. Access progressive titles and feel what multi-million-dollar games play like. Begin playing and experiment with different betting techniques. The free gaming is there for fun and available for those wishing to learn how gaming is conquered prior to gambling for real payouts.

There is a unique amount of area to explore and gives you the opportunity to learn about the developers behind the titles. These include slots from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Elk Studios, Quickspin, Play’n GO, Blueprint Gaming, Playtech and dozens more.

✅ 100% Original Games.

✅ Authentic Software Developers.

✅ No Download and Compatible to All Devices.

3.2 How it Works

free slot game for fun

► Click on the picture to access the FREE version of the game ◄

Example: Jack and the Beanstalk™ by NetEnt.

Upon loading the game, you will be faced with the games into which can be skipped. Next is the highlighted menu of the game which introduces what bonuses and features with be available within.

The slot loads and you see this is a 3D animated feature bearing all the hallmarks of a NetEnt game. This slot is classed as a 3 x 5 grid. Along with the bottom panel, you have an information icon to read about the features of the game, your betting level option, autoplay, max bet and coin value. The last box will indicate to the player what they have won from their spin.

The game offers 20 pay lines, free spins bonus features, walking wild features, a treasure collection and jackpot prize of 200,000.

Begin by selecting the level you wish to bet at, note the higher you go, the more the cost increases in the bet indicator. You can also adjust the value of your wager. To confirm your limit and cost, press the central spin button to begin the game. Winning lines will be highlighted with a pay line and an animated sequence within the symbol.

Tip: Values can be adjusted and alternated throughout the game. With a piece of paper to hand, in groups of 20 spins, test and log how frequent wins occur for each way you can wager. Then alternate, either jumping from low to high or in increments of higher wagers to see if the algorithms are affected. More on this within our strategies guide.

3.3 Bonus Gaming

Get more than just one free bet from the best online casinos. The number of free spins on offer can climb into the hundreds, but this is just one example of the many out there. Lines upon lines of offers are obtainable through operators nestled within the top 10 listings found within our site. Bonus play is hugely advantageous to both new members who can access exclusive offers to help them play their first game. It is also available to current members of a site which regularly claim several in-house promotions as gratitude for their loyalty. Here is a look at some of the more commonly found rewards which you are able to gain access to once registered with a casino through

✅ Welcome Package

✅ Free Spins

✅ Matched Deposit

✅ No Deposit

✅ VIP Rewards

✅ Refer a Friend

✅ Exclusive High Roller Bonus

3.4 The Bonuses

The Welcome Package

The welcome package is pretty much standard of any online casino. This is a promotion exclusive for new members only, tending to give those registering a sum of cash or a number of free games, in which, to experience the site with

Free Spins

One of the most popular offers is that of free spins. Not just for slot play, but all other types of games. This allowance can grant you anywhere of 5 to 500 spins of a game. Some are, however, restricted to particular slots, but still, all winning spins allow for players to keep their profits.

Matched Deposit

The match deposit is a great insurance offer which allows for players to cover their own finances with the casino’s own money. If you deposit $100 and the offer is 100% you gain an extra $100 to play with. If you lose through your own money, you gain it back from the casino. Great to use if you wish to tackle those mega millions.

No Deposit

The no deposit reward is pretty much a no-strings gift that is given to the player just out of courtesy. The gift is often smaller than what other promotions give, but it can still be a mix of cash or free games.

VIP Rewards

As a member of a casino, your time and efforts are not gone unnoticed. VIP programs assist players in reaching point levels which turn into rewards. Part of this is receiving tailor-made allowances. For those which regularly play slots, will find that the casino grants a mixed number of free spins for the member’s favorite games.

Refer a Friend

Often a cash reward which can be used for online slots. Members only need to get friends and colleagues to register to the site also and both receive extra funds for their favorite games.

Exclusive High Roller Bonus

If you are in a fortunate position of having a bankroll that has little effect on how you budget for games, then you can take advantage of exclusive high roller packages which present for those opting in, with larger sums of cash and more free spins to enjoy, the price of this relies on you depositing more than what a ‘regular’ player would.

4. Our Review of the Slots Games: Why we love this game and recommend that you give them all a go

Within we have many ex-professional poker players who seem to be the best test subjects for online slots. We gave our own Barry Howard a whole hour to test out a selection of our free games and invited him to explore what the world of slot play offers users within the casinos we recommend in our top 10.

Here is his review of the gaming option:

“With over 30 decades of poker experience under my belt, slot gameplay was never a consideration. In my youth, these were known as ‘one-armed bandits’ only accessible at the time in the public houses I would occasionally socialize in. There has, of course, been a considerable change in the games look, features and accessibility. I’d seen slots listed within the menu of the casinos I’m personally registered with, but honestly had no interest to play them.

One a playing level, I see that there is a great abundance of styles with rich designs and captivating themes. What interested me were the slots which had been made to officially represent the movies I had heard of and watched. Jurassic Park™, Top Gun™ and The Mummy™ to name a few. I was taken by how well the games were made and presented.

When it came to playing, I tried to work out the programming of the system. With Top Gun™, for example, I wagered low bets, counting the spins till it won, 15 spins first. I then increased my wager and started recounting. It appeared the higher I wagered the more frequent the wins landed. My count between wins settled around every other 3rd spin to which a win would happen.

By this time, I was at $12.50 per spin and on the 3rd rotation of this amount, the free spins bonus landed. I’d won 8 free games. During this, a dogfight feature opened up on the screen which fired wild symbols at the grid. This landed a win of over $39k and I was only on game 5 of 8, unfortunately, this was in demo mode so no payout for me.

I explored other facets of the slots game and learned that through casinos you can enjoy slot machine tournament challenges, play progressive jackpots and collect a number of free bonus rewards gifted by the casino. The slot option was certainly more diverse than what I have experienced through poker. It is very easy to see its appeal and why many favor this option if you want both fast and easy gameplay which includes very high payouts.”

5. Slot Machine Summary: Concluding our online slot reviews with our FAQ and top tips to help you play

online slots guide

There is no doubt that slot machines online are a huge asset to the entertainment factor of a casino. Every known and possible theme has been explored and created for members to engage with. The jackpots are of ludicrous proportions that are backed by featured bonuses which expand the game’s potential and player’s capacity to win.

We end our review of the online slot with commonly asked questions regarding the subject and you can read our top tips which to take with you before playing for the big real money payouts.

5.1 FAQ

  • Q: Are slots fair? A: All slot programming from the top casinos on our site are tested by regulators. They are cleaned of faults and programming bugs and updated over time. Bitcoin slots use a provably fair tool which codes the programming prior to each spin so you have a guarantee the spin is fair.
  • Q: What the biggest jackpot? A: Progressive jackpot games certainly carry the largest sums. The biggest changes, relative to which has paid out. The top two regular payers seem to be Mega Moolah™ by Microgaming and Mega Fortune™ by NetEnt.
  • Q:Are there ‘Live’ slots? A: There are a very small number of casinos around the world which offer this format, but they aren’t so common as to be seen within our top 10 recommended sites.
  • Q: What is RTP? A: The RTP stands for Return to Play. This is the algorithm of the platform which determines the winning ratio. i.e. 97% RTP. This means 97% is the player’s edge of winning, if, for example, it was 100% then both player and house have an equal chance of winning.
  • Q: Are there Virtual Reality slots? A: Yes, there have been some produced and accessible. The technology for the casinos is still in its infancy, so is not widely accessible as yet, but games have been made but within limited operator sites currently not in the top 10.

5.2 Top Tips

☆ Avoid slots with an RTP of less than 96%.

☆ RNG (Random Number Generator) slots payout randomly and are not based on the funds put into the machine, like RTP games.

☆ Pick slots with more paylines and more bonus features because they provide more opportunity.

☆ Be sure that if you play Progressive Jackpot titles, to check the rules, as many require you to wager higher amounts in order to qualify more easily for the jackpot features.

☆ Practice with demo games long before you start using your money. That way you have seen if it is of any value and worth.

Many thanks for joining us at We hope you enjoy the rest of our slot guides and other feature on our site and the best of luck playing.