Online Slots

Slot machines these days are wreaking havoc in casinos. Slot games offer the duality of appeal and addictiveness and they have been the subject of the ultimate quest for knowledge, with 1000's of players attempting to learn of their history and design to gain any sort of advantage possbile.

Online Slots

An overview of slot machines

With the recent addition of RNG software embedded into the slot reels, the task of out smarting the slot game became even harder and to this day remains the holy grail of casino game knowledge.

Charles August Fey, not known to many, was the gentleman that sparked the notion of creating a slot machine which featured reels, during the nineteenth century is was known as the Liberty Bell. Fey, who early on discovered a passion for all things mechanical, moved to California in the United States of America and it was there he devised this revolutionary machine that went on to change the landscape of gambling and casinos in his time. Nevertheless, it was through the subsequent evolutions in design by developers since Fey that the style of slot machines and the introduction of special bonus systems we have since come to know and love were set in place.

Slot machines are a very popular game in both online and land based casinos. They generally aren’t that expensive to play on and typically come in 3 and 5 reel varieties. Slots began with the singular pay line, it seemed obvious that to win, one must have a clear line of symbols, as time and games progressed the pay line would form various patterns but remaining singular. Now we have a deluge of options going from the rewarding to the bonkers, with slots covering lines of beyond a thousand. The function to win more lines is more-so within online games than their land-based counterparts. The slot terminology that house such lucrative pay lines are Basic reels, Multi-Line, Multiplier, and the infamous Progressive slot. The progressive slot machine proves to be very popular due to the huge jackpots that can be generated because you’re essentially playing in combination with several hundred people at any time, all contributing towards the available pot.

The use of strategies

When you dabble and take on a slot machine, there is absolutely no harm going in prepared with a strategy and you’ll no-doubt get a feel for how the game is going after the first 50 spins. Read the game and bet wisely is always a chance for great success. The result of each spin is determined by a computer algorithm, the odds are the same for every spin and pay out rates can be set by the casino so it’s a good idea to try to make some quick calculations before playing. . Chance is everything, there’s a chance you can get hit by a bus tomorrow, but not unless you view the whole dynamics, if you were to know the bus route and times, there’s a strong chance you won’t succumb to a tragic end by the number 43. So to minimize your losses you view the game, and your spending, stake larger when there is a progressively long run of no wins to beat the odds. When playing a progressive lot the claim is easier, the higher you stake the more eligible you become to land the prize. The whole aspect works on a ratio basis and the games T’s & C’s will highlight this.

Slot machine tournaments

Tournaments are always fun and in slot machine tournaments you can face thousands of opponents all looking to rank in the top 10 positions of the tournament leaderboard. Ranking among the top 10 ensures you win a percentage of the prize pool and it’s possible to enter the tournament at any time you like. Always set yourself a target because you only get one chance in these types of tournaments, and once you’re out, keeping an eye on the leaderboard at all times during the event is a good idea because it allows you to capitalize on any unexpected changes to the rankings.

Progressive Jackpots

There are two forms of online slot entertainment, your standard slot which neatly defines ‘normal’ and its counterpart, the progressive jackpot slot. The progressive is the more popular of the two because it can reach substantial fortunes in monetary rewards, though these are much harder to win. The idea behind such jackpots is that a percentage of every player’s winnings get put into a common prize pool with one lucky person having the ability to scoop all these winnings for himself. With the noticeable boom in the Progressive slot foray, some casinos went onto increased prize funds by linking games across entire networks, either the sole operator or the entire country for the same game, multimillions thusly became commonplace as a jackpot figure for progressive slots.

Types of slot machine players

For every game there is a certain type of player and for every type of player there’s a distinct approach. Online slots work on the same principle, you’ll have your players which prefer to welcome in a new dawn after 4 or 5 hours of gameplay overnight and those with a more methodical approach, lab coats on, chalkboard littered with algorithms, random gases and liquids bubbling away in some test tube. There is a slot game for every type of online casino player, but which type of slot player are you?

What it takes to be a winner at slots

Firstly ignore a lot of strategy guides, they don’t cover all the games and a just a broad generalisation, go with gut instinct first and foremost. If we examine the actual statistics behind winning we can see that almost 98% of players lose at slot machines with 80% of those losses due to the fact that they had no strategy in place at the time to minimise their losses. The 2% that win actually do so because they employ some form of game plan. That seemingly great divide of winning and losing is in fact only minor, it comes down to one thing only, that being your mental approach and it goes for everything. You play a game of football, and unless all 11 players are mentally in tune, the outcome will be more favourable than if only 4 felt positive. When it comes to slots, your actions will determine the true outcome. If it doesn’t feel right, you’ll feel happier that you only lost a small sum, rather than chasing a win and losing more than you really should. So that is where the key element of strategy resides – human behaviour.

Online Slot Machine Reviews

Not only do we provide a dazzling array of the highest quality slot games to play online, they are exactly the same high end video slots that are used inside regular online casinos, limited to free play mode only. As a team, we quality check all providers from casino operators to software developers. Anything that formulates a casino will be reviewed by us for you. To partner the list of free slot game titles, we have a stocked library of online slot reviews to give you tips and help you with gameplay, software and bonus information, so that when you play them you know full well what to expect from the game. Should any take to your liking, then you will find the necessary links to try your luck and win some real money with our trusted casino partners.

Available Bonuses

It really is needless to say, but the obvious way to win is to strike a combination of matching symbols upon the necessary number of reels. Another way of winning the jackpot when playing on slot machines is by triggering bonuses on the machine you are playing. These bonuses fall into 2 categories, namely ‘free spin bonuses’ which as the name suggests, grant you extra spins at no charge and then a ‘bonus game’ which is usually machine specific and appears in the form of a themed mini game. During the latter you generally hunt for bonus icons or objects with the possibility that you also lose your money if you uncover a ‘trap’ object. Rarer to find are the bonuses which have level game-playing, Now we love these features because they immerse you more as a player and to play a slot that has real depth to it makes the game drip with character.