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Available bonuses on slot machines

There are two ways of making money when playing on online slot machines. The first method is by forming the right combinations on the reels that you see on the screen. This is something that players of the game attempt to do most of the time. The second way of winning the jackpot is by activating an available bonus on the machine you’re playing.

It is actually possible to trigger mandatory bonuses during a game. Throughout the years, slot machine developers have created different types of promotional benefits. Players usually have a type of bonus they prefer over other types. That is why it is always important to check the specific functions, rules and other variables of a slot games bonus feature before you start to play.

It is almost possible to classify slot machine game bonuses as having genetic attributes since they are so logical in design. For starters, it is worth noting that there are two very common bonus categories. The first category corresponds to ‘free spin bonuses’. Just as its name suggests, this bonus allows you to enjoy free spins without having to pay anything at all. The number of free spins may vary according to the type of machine and online casino you play at. Free spins are highly dependent on multipliers, which increase the value of the number of rounds that can be enjoyed by a player.

The second category is often referred to as ‘the second screen bonus game’, ‘mini-game’ or more specifically ‘the choice between x and y’. In this case, the rollers disappear to blend in with the thematic decor of the slot machine and then the player must perform a number of tasks that will directly influence the amount they can win. One example of a very simple and recurring bonus task is to find a specific object that corresponds directly to a winning number. Sometimes you may even discover several winning objects or numbers. Alternatively you may very well come upon a ‘trap’ object that will jeopardize all the winnings you have accumulated from the beginning of the game.

There are also multi-level bonuses. This works in the sense that if the player passes the first level, he can earn free credits in the second. But, if you fail at the first level, the game will end and this means that rather unfortunately you will have to start all over again.

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