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Slot machines: How can you become a winner?

Winning strategies for slot machines are often talked about in various circles although as of yet none have been confirmed as 100% successful. With that said, it’s possible to play all casino games, whether online or land based, in an intelligent and calculated manner. Slot machines are by no means the exception to this rule. It is worth noting that almost 98% of players lose at slot machines. That means that only 2% of players experience victory. At this point you’re thinking to yourself “wow that’s low!” and it is difficult to believe in the idea of luck at all when seeing statistics like that. The truth is at least 80% of losses are due to the fact that players engage in these games without applying any rules and rely solely on their instincts or play erratically. The 2% who win do so because they make use of some form of strategy during the game.

Understanding the behaviours of a losing player

On our website we have provided strategy guides, explained statistical methodology and even interviewed gaming professionals for their take on the subject of using strategies to play casino games. Today we are going to provide a more sociological point of view with the aim of better understanding the personalities of those who lose at slot machines.

Losers are often novices or carefree individuals. They discover a ‘miracle method’ on a website of questionable reputation, register with an online casino and deposit money into their account then play on a slot machine for 30 minutes. At the end of the 30 minutes they end up unhappy because they have been unable to win anything. They get upset, becoming more and more frustrated and all that happens as a result is that the casino takes more of their money once they begin playing even more erratically. From this type of scenario you can conclude that it’s a huge certainty this player will never return.

Losing players tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Impulsiveness and the inability to make calculated decisions, often lacking in patience.
  • Naivety and a lack of real care or forethought.
  • Over extravagance and no concept of the true value of money.

Understanding the behaviours of a winning player

We continue our sociological study focusing now on the behaviours that constitute a winning player. First of all when they register, this kind of player doesn’t completely place their faith in the operator’s website. Instead they search for available information about the games they provide and carry out research in order to establish its reliability, only then trusting to use that casino brand. They also avoid playing in just one casino since they understand that spending their cash in only one establishment is too risky. They distribute their capital amongst several establishments and only risk a maximum of 20 percent in the event of an unfavourable outcome. The discerning player does not play frantically during 30 minutes on just one slot machine. Instead, they take the time to analyse, test and calculate their budget which they adapt based on the situation.

Winning players are observed to be:

  • Cautious. They do not act irrationally and prefer careful consideration as opposed to letting their emotions rule their decisions.
  • Well informed. They prefer using sound reasoning and common sense over purported miracle methods.
  • Restrained. They prefer to save rather than spend, acting similar to a broker.

Now you know the differences between a winning player and a losing one you can clearly see it’s a matter of prudence and carefully weighted consideration mixed with a good understanding of the basic principles of probability and clever money management that will give you the edge in the end.

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