How to Win at Slots – Top Tips and Casino Cheats

how to win at slots

WA progression of our online slots guide explores the answers of how to win at slots inside of the online casinos. Here you will be privy to information the casinos do not want you to know as we bust myths and give you the facts of online slot machines straight so you can win more often.

An introduction to the online slot machine

The online slot is the most played game in casinos. The machines are so diverse they cover every theme, style and genre. They capture old and new worlds and also many of the big Hollywood blockbuster movies. Millions of people around the world right now from Vegas to China are competing to win the same jackpot prizes from these easy to play machines.

Slots are a big business and because of their appeal, the payouts can reach far into the millions. Here, in this section, we are going to explain how the slots are built and made to then expose the flaws and how you are able to get a winning streak from them.

How Slots are made

The casino is there as a business and not as a payment lender. They are in it to make money and we, as players, have the slight opportunity to take some of that money and fortune from them. So, is there a strategy that works when playing these games? Well, yes there is but it is not a straightforward as you think because of how the games are made.

All slots are built the same, there might be 5000 in number surfacing on the Internet, but their programming is the same. This comes down to the algorithms installed in the slots. As a player, you will need to be aware of the facts long before you play to get the best results from the strategies that lay ahead.

    The first algorithm is a Return to Player calculation, otherwise known as the RTP in the gaming data, which you can access by clicking on the game’s information button. The RTP for video slots determines when the machine will payout based on the money that goes into it from all the players accessing the same slot from around the world. Once the coin count has hit the right percentage, it’s payday.
  • The second is the Random Number Generator algorithm. Whilst you bet on these the payout is totally random. They are known as RNG machines, mostly used for virtual cards, like video poker, and blackjack and table games like roulette. Though some developers like to use these for their own slots because they are seen to be more ‘fair’ and thusly make them a popular feature.

With these programs in place, you could spend all the time you have playing, and yes, you will land some coins, but you will never make a good amount of profit unless the margins within the games have been met. You can’t expect a game to payout 3 jackpots in a row if there is not enough money being put into them to compensate the payments going out.

What are the benefits of slot machines?

The reality behind the games may make it seem pointless to be gambling on them, but these elements can be altered and manipulated, which we will come to later. But slot gaming is a fun and exciting option given to us by the developers.

Point of mention: It is not actually the casinos that build these games. They are created by independent gaming developers, who are then contracted to supply their work to the platforms we call casinos.

There are some benefits to playing slots. First of all, you will find that many licensed operators provide plenty of free spins bonus offers within welcome bonuses and other promotions. Entertainment wise, no two slots are ever the same. Reels can expand, bonus rounds can be triggered, there are various ranges in the number of pay lines in a game and you have random features that can produce more winning moments.

The biggest perk of playing a reel-based game is that if you hit the jackpot from one of your spins, then you’ll land some of the biggest jackpots made for the casino. When we say big, we are talking millions of dollars, the maximum payout from a single win was $18 million on the Mega Moolah™ slot by Microgaming. The odds are high, but it shows that if you want to learn how to win, then you may as well do it with the largest prized game of them all.

Myths of the casino slot game

If there was one big rule at this stage of you trying to find a winning strategy to slots, then it would be, “Don’t fall for anything that says you can win 100% on slots.” As with any betting, there are going to be times you will lose, this is a simple fact.

There is no possible way to have any influence on the action events of the game whilst it is in motion. Adjusting your bets does have some effect, but only because of the algorithm.

There are many, many guides online that think they have the answer to how slots work in the interest of the players. If there was a system that was 100%, Vegas would have died long ago.

Analyzing the approach to online slots

So, what do we know about slots?

Well, these machines are programmed to take in a certain amount of money and once the right level is reached, it will start paying out in big sums.

Every machine is the same, so if you play Mega Moolah™ in America, you’re playing the same Mega Moolah™ in Canada, in Europe and in Australia. The games aren’t separated for each country to have, there is no one Mega Moolah™ for only the US players to play on and one in Canada for them to win. It is all the same, no matter the casino you join.

The odds are high, you have a high percentage of players online, with a not-so-high percentage of games. in circulation, there are about 5000 slots on the Internet and a player number of approximately 500 million people.

With just these factors in place, how the hell can a strategy be formed when the actual goal is to win the jackpot before the other 499 million people playing already?

Looking at the overall factors

So, when we look at the basic factors, we can begin a process of elimination.

We know the resounding factor is that the more money going into a machine means, they will more likely pay out more frequently. So, if you want to bet on the slots, you will have to figure out which of the casino’s games are more popular.

Fortunately, casinos have menus that highlight their popular titles judging by the numbers that play them from their membership.

As a player, you will need to do some research and go through roughly 10 casinos to have a peek at their list of popular games to get a good understanding of where the money is going to. it shouldn’t take too much time. You don’t have to be a member to see the menus of these sites.

Once you have established which games are best to aim for, you then need to consider the factor that you will need an expendable bankroll to take the task on of playing these games.

Your next mission is to look at the free spin offers and bonus codes you can claim to bulk up your account. Extra credit coins can also be obtained with some casinos in the US giving up to $12,000 to play with if you enrol with their Welcome Bonus offer.

With this, you need to find a casino that, one: gives you the right video slots to play and two: can fund your gambling.

For the time being, this is all you need, as we now present the tips, cheats and hacks that will strip away the odds of a game, setting you up to win a big amount of cash in the process.

Hacking the Slot’s Data

One thing we didn’t mention is how the slot is also connected to your personal data. This is going to blow your mind, so stick with this, because you’ll start to see how everything ties in.

Every casino online has a player management tool. This tool stores data on everything you have played, every single bet placed, what you have won and have lost. It has everything on you. It knows the average time you spend gambling; it knows what you can afford to spend and lose basically.

This management tool is synced to the slot machines and this is where the strategy to win begins, by altering the data that it has on you as a member.

Casino data hack

How this isn’t some illegal Vegas hack, where you’ll be decoding and setting up viruses. The task is very simple. The casino uses a lure, just like fishing and you are the fish.

💥 Every new member of a site wins something when they sign up. Why? No, it is not beginner’s luck, this is a myth. It’s because the new members don’t have any historical data, linked from game to management tool.

Starting to see the picture yet?

Winning wasn’t created by chance, there was no biometric data in which to influence the payout algorithms within the machine. This is the lure, you get hooked and this is where the casino wins their money back and gains a profit because winning feels good, you think your luck is in and you want to hit the games again, so you’re gambling more.

This said, no matter how random this may seem there is a fault within all of this.

’Beginner’s luck’ every time

The best and only strategy that works is the Beginner’s Luck theory. When you register to your new casino you should, for now, ignore any of the bonus offers of a free bet or any free spins. By collecting these, you are adding data into the management tool. Save the bonus spin offers till after you have won.

If you were to collect a high cash value offer, the percentage of what you can lose will be calculated by the algorithms in the game and could take longer to see a profit return. Deposit the maximum amount of $50. This is the right amount to see the plan work whilst betting.

Once you are in the menu section, find those popular titles and begin playing.

Note: if the casino doesn’t have a list of popular titles aim for the new releases, everyone loves a new title and fresh challenge, so it will draw attention and become your money path. As you spend your coins, your first win should come within the first 25 spins. So, calculate an average of $1 per spin saving you enough budget, just in case the game requires more spins. When you hit a ‘BIG WIN’ or a win from a bonus round, cease betting.

At this point, the algorithms will be working out the calculations of getting this cashback from you. Check the balance and exit the game once you know the payment is in your member’s account.

💥 Now, follow these steps:

  1. Withdraw your profit.<
  2. Apply for any bonus (optional).
  3. Close the site down or your app.
  4. Delete your history, cookies and uninstall the app and the app file!
  6. Reinstall the app or go back to the online site.
  7. Head for the next new game or a different popular game.
  8. Play with your bonuses or deposited funds.
  9. Repeat play, stop betting when you land a ‘BIG WIN’.
  10. Exit the game and repeat step 1.

The odds of winning after the break you give yourself is very high. The reason for this is that you are retracting data from the management tool and every month the casino has to run tests and checks on their games, to clear faults and bugs, etc.

Don’t keep playing when you make a profit, you will lose this. From time to time, you can revert to another popular title after a win, but it absolutely must be one that is made under a different developer. If you decide to do this cease playing is your profit drops by 25%.

This works on all video slots. You can try it with virtual poker, blackjack, roulette and so on. This method reels in the wins a good percentage of the time. It will help to lower your loss rate on your bets, increase your coin intake and help you to self-manage your gambling.

So, how do you win with slot machines? Reel easy, so much so, we’d bet on it.


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