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Slot machine players, what type are you?

Slot machines were first created in 1889 and have appeared in popular culture throughout the years since. When you think of a casino, one of the first things you visualise alongside the roulette and blackjack tables, are row upon row of whirring slots with their flashing lights and franticly spinning reels. Slot machines have undergone an evolution that has occurred over the course of time. Fictional personalities such as Lucky Luke are great fans of the game, with comedians such as Louis de Funès also appearing in films focusing on one armed bandits. What’s more, each player attempts to adopt a playing style that they hope will lead to a hugely anticipated jackpot win. If slot machines could speak they would tell all sorts of stories about the people who play them, from the patient to the analytical and all the way through to the bold and stubborn!

The nocturnal player

The majority of slot machine players are men, a recent study showing this figure to be as high as 64% with a large proportion of them only playing during the night. The nocturnal player is an individual who needs this mystical, magical edge. They believe that their chance of winning increases once the sun goes down. This is the type of player that courts lady lucky and they hope to awaken the following morning with pockets full of money.

The frenetic player

The frenetic player is capable of spending all day without moving their eyes from the screen. They start off slowly to finish on a high note. They bet erratically until they can no longer do so, with studies showing that 80% of the strategies employed by this type of player are irrational rather than based on sound logic. Players of this nature suffer from an addiction and continue to spend until they see the jackpot wheels flash on the screen. They are compulsive, without restraint and only stop once their wallet is empty.

The visionary player

The visionary player is the type of player whose instincts or desire to try out a machine by chance leads them straight into the casino hall. Far from being extravagant, the visionary player follows his intuition at all times. They feel that it is possibly the right moment or day for them to win and calmly place bets in accordance with the ebb and flow of their emotions. Their hunches might even turn out to be right and enable them to win the jackpot. A recent survey of jackpot winners in the U.S showed that at least 48% of those surveyed ‘had an overly strong feeling’ that they were going to land the jackpot and did so.

The methodical player

The perfect accountant, a methodical player selects his slot machines carefully. They analyse the movements of the machine and calculate their percentage of winnings from it. They ask other players if they are regular visitors to the casino and collect what they deem to be important information from them. They then settle in and place their bets while keeping an eye on their budget. Every move they make is carefully calculated and they have a game plan that’s been planned out well in advance.

The ‘doubles’ player

The ‘doubles’ player is an eagle eyed player who believes that they know the right time to pull the lever. They also believe themselves capable of producing results through the power of nothing else except their ‘extraordinary vision’. Not to be confused with the frenetic player, these types of player actually believe at one point the ‘stars are aligning’ in their favour. Nevertheless, the occurrence of these types of events is extremely rare and ‘doubles’ players may appear silly or insane to most.

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