Rules and Strategy

Winning a slot machine tournament

Slot machine tournaments are competitions where you face thousands of opponents all trying to rank in the top 10 spots on the tournament leaderboard. By ranking in the top 10 of the competition you are eligible for a share of the prize pool, with the amount of winnings determined by your position. It’s possible to enter into a slot tournament at any time during the competition but you only get one attempt whatever the outcome. This is the most difficult thing about these types of tournaments, the fact that you have to play against thousands of players and have only one chance at winning.

Sharing the prize pool

To get through a slot machine tournament successfully you must start by setting one or more goals. It is worth noting at this point that it is not essential to have the best score at the end of the tournament since the prize pool will be shared by the top ten players once you reach the end of the competition. What you must do in this case is try to position yourself between 2nd and 10th place. Scoring 20,000 points on the day doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win that amount in cash. 20,000 points might be the equivalent of $5000 or $10,000 for example. This is why it’s essential to set a numerical target before entering into the competition. This target could be the number of points you’re aiming to score or the value of the cash prize you want to win.

One score and only one opportunity to win

In a slot machine tournament, you pay a registration or entry fee and are only permitted one attempt to obtain the highest score you possibly can. Now in order to do this, you must play proactively. The minimum target would be a sum to the value of $2000. However, it’s worth noting that there is a great chance of losing position on the leaderboard very quickly and at any moment when participating in these types of tournament there is always the possibility that you will lose and be unable to participate any further.

A competition that changes constantly

Players must also remember that the leaderboard in no way remains fixed. Fluctuations and unexpected changes in circumstances do occur during this kind of tournament. Although the players with the highest scores may continue to climb up the leaderboard, others may very well stagnate or drop position. As long as the tournament has not come to an end though, opportunities for progression are still possible and it’s important that these kinds of opportunities are taken advantage of. It is advisable to check the leaderboard regularly, keeping an eye on any important changes. Once you feel that the activity on the leaderboard has reached a stable period and the tournament starts to even out and slows down, be ready to act quickly as this might be your opportunity to win big or perhaps even enter the tournament if you haven’t already done so. This will enable you to capitalise on the situation.

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