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The 10 commandments of online casino games

In everything you do there are always rules and codes that must be adhered to in order for things to run as smooth as possible. This is no different when you’re playing at an online casino and we actively encourage you to keep these firmly in mind when playing online. They will help you avoid disappointment by ensuring you have a pleasant experience and above all help you avoid being defrauded by illegal sites.

#1: Be aware of legal practises in your country before playing for cash

The fact is that playing online is illegal in some countries. It’s very important that you’re aware of the specific jurisdictions in the country which you’re playing from. The legal and illegal status of many games may differ so be sure to check because it may be the case that blackjack is legal to play but poker is not or vice versa and the online casino probably offers both. You’re advised to contact the relevant authorities in your region to avoid any compromising situations.

#2: Always read the fine print

Legal online casinos will always have several pages of information. In general this covers terms and conditions, location of licenses, site administrators and customer service with a list of contacts, operators and owners, game rules and available payment methods. In order to avoid any nasty pitfalls you must read the casinos terms and conditions thoroughly. For this only you can be held responsible. Should you come across something which you don’t understand then use the sites customer service channels to ask any questions you need answering. It’s always best to ask questions than to make a mistake and be disappointed later on.

#3: Start by playing in free mode

We strongly advise you to always test out each game before you play it for real money. If you cannot play the game for free then this is your cue to leave the site and go to one that does let you because it’s the norm these days. Additionally playing for free allows you to see if there’s going to be any potential issues with the casino and to leave without incurring debts. These can include connectivity issues, pay-out tables, house edge and compatibility with your own computer.

#4: Contact the casino’s customer support service

All reputable online casinos have ways of contacting customer support. Whether by telephone, email, or live chat, there will always be available channels for direct communication with the operators. We encourage you to try these services out initially by asking some general questions to find out if they’re really available and also how efficient they are. This goes a long way to giving you piece of mind that in event of something happening and you needing an immediate response, they will be available to provide you with the support you need.

#5: Check all available payment methods

The best methods of payment are transaction services through the internet or remote types such as NETeller. You will still find however that some online casinos do not offer all the payment methods that are currently popular so it’s always best to check upfront. It’s also advisable to avoid casinos who charge for withdrawals as a reputable casino should never charge for the release of your own money.

#6: Compare all available bonuses

Online casinos will provide regular bonuses in order to attract and hold onto prospective clients. Standard types of bonuses can include referral bonuses, registration bonuses and loyalty/VIP programmes. If a casino doesn’t offer anything like this then simply do not waste your time playing there and go to one where they offer you attractive incentives to join.

7: You could win more by playing the same game at a different casino

It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that levels of payment, charges and the house edge all vary from one casino to the next. The games are external software products and then the operator sets all the options themselves including fees and charges. Check around and see if the game you want to play is available at more than one casino. If so then double check the payout tables and house edge to see if they vary. After that it comes down to personal preference but reputation is often the best indicator of an online casinos reliability. They should always display this kind of information on their website. This strengthens the point of always conducting adequate research beforehand.

#8: Ensure that your personal information remains confidential

When you decide to play for real money and register with an online casino, there are certain things you should always keep an eye on. For instance, a reputable online casino will always protect your personal information and your identity through the use of data encryption. Ensure that the url of the casino always starts with ‘https://’ rather than just ‘http://’. The ‘s’ stands for secure in this case and it means you will enjoy a secure connection to the casinos servers.

#9: You must have one sole aim: winning

In an online casino you have ample time to prepare your strategy beforehand. In all cases you can have the strategy guides open at the same time while you play. Do not hesitate to use the strategy guides on our site to ensure you’re well covered when it comes to playing efficiently and above all intelligently. It’s an excellent way to add to your advantage over the house and other players.

#10: Always have fun!

The only drawback of online casinos, is the absence of free drinks and the lack of banter with charming employees often found in land based casinos. As a result you must ensure you’re enjoying as rich a gaming experience as possible. Put on some music, pour yourself a drink, turn down the lights and relax. You’re the boss so make the most of it!

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