Rules and Strategy

The Basics of Keno

Keno is one of the easiest games to access based purely on how simple it is. You have 80 numbers and can choose 1 to 15 numbers to bet on out of the 80. You take a slip and mark the numbers and then place your bet at the keno counter. On the same slip you generally write your wager amount. Once you’ve paid for your ticket you sit back down and watch the draw to see if any of your numbers have come up. New numbers are drawn every 20 minutes.

When checking your ticket, if we take 2 numbers as an example, if you hit one of your numbers you may win $1 whereas hitting both of your numbers could net you $10. The same would go for say 3 numbers. If you hit 2 out of 3 you would win $1 whereas hitting all 3 would net you $50.

Is keno similar to bingo?

The 2 do resemble each other and it can lead to some initial confusion when new player first try out the game. Both games have 80 numbers but that’s where the similarities really end. Keno is more like a straight lottery game in which 20 numbers are drawn out of a possible 80 numbers in total. You select which numbers you think will be drawn and wager a certain amount based on how many numbers you’ve chosen and wait patiently for the draw to complete. In bingo you have cards with random sets of numbers and then you mark numbers that come out during the draw if you have them on your card.

Online keno

When you play keno at the casino you’re physically marking betting slips and handing them in along with your wager. When you play online however, you simply click to select the numbers you want and then wager the appropriate amount and confirm the bet. The draw is made through an RNG (random number generator) and your choices are matched automatically. If you win you’re paid out according to your wager and it deposits back into your available bankroll.

Bet types and winnings

This all depends on the casino you choose to play at. Some online casinos will have extra bets designed to allow you to bet on other variables. Most notably this includes bets on numbers you expect not be drawn alongside ones you do expect. Some casinos will restrict the number of tickets you can play simultaneously but online there’s usually no limit aside of your available bankroll on how many tickets you can play per draw.

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