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The Basics

When you first get into playing at an online casino, sometimes there’s a lot to learn in a very short space of time. The good news is it doesn’t have to be daunting because playing at an online casino should be fun and on the plus side, recreational gambling is a very popular pastime. With millions other people doing it can’t be that hard and likewise they all had to start somewhere just like you.

To make it a bit easier for you to digest this new experience while savouring the flavour of it, we have selected some areas where beginners often require assistance and put together a series of articles to cover all the basics you’re going to need when you first set out to play at an online casino. The aim of this section is to arm you with the necessary information to begin playing with confidence. You can also use this as a reference guide in case you’re stuck with certain issues online. Without further ado let’s take a look at some of the topics we’re going to be covering in this beginners section that we’ve titled ‘The Basics’

Online Casino Glossary

We believe that a concise, easy to use and above all easily accessible dictionary of online casino terms and phrases will come in handy for you, since not everybody has a firm grasp of every technical term and expression related to gambling when they first start playing. With its no nonsense approach, our dedicated glossary will explain all the key terms for online casinos to you in plain English. After all, how can you answer key questions or be expected to know any odd or obscure terminology without an understanding of all the related jargon?

Forums and Social Communities

Specialist interest groups and communities exist in every type of industry and are comprised of people from all walks of life that share similar or common interests and hobbies. In the world of recreational gambling this is no different and the more you surf the web at different casino sites, the more groups you’re likely to find. These groups share strategies and information on every conceivable subject within the main theme. For us that’s online casinos so this article explains what types of groups and communities there are for recreational gambling and also explains their purpose and sheds some light on the types of people that are a part of them.

Progressive Jackpots 101

There could be nothing better than hitting the spin button and all of a sudden landing a progressive jackpot. What’s a progressive jackpot we hear you ask? Well, to start with it should possibly be considered as a recreational gamblers end-game i.e. the ultimate purpose of why some people gamble in the first place. If there was something out there that all casino players want to win, then it’s a progressive jackpot. Often reaching into the millions of dollars territory, progressive jackpots are a mainstay of games like Online Slots and Caribbean stud poker games. Let us introduce you to progressive jackpots and all their subtleties, and after you can start playing to win!

Live Dealers

Just when you thought they couldn’t re-invent the wheel any further, some online casinos went that extra mile and introduced an amazing new concept in online gambling. Live Dealers is exactly what it sounds like, you have a live croupier at your online game to deal the cards or spin the roulette wheel and keep an eye over all the in game proceedings. We have found that this leads to a richer overall experience and also improves an online casinos reputation for fairer gaming. Now you have the chance to sit back in the comfort of your own home and enjoy casino games just like if you were at a real bricks and mortar establishment.

Fun mode

A number of casino operators have developed a mode which is available to everyone with no exceptions, Fun Mode! Due to the fact that betting cash outright in online casinos is not for everyone when they first start playing, this mode makes it possible for all users to enjoy casino entertainment free of charge. You can do this for an unlimited period and in the process play all the games you love plus test out others to see if they’re types you might like to play for real cash eventually. It’s the best way of entertaining yourself and you can do it without dipping your hands into your wallet at all!

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