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What is Keno? – Discover the Oldest Lottery Game Ever

One of the hardest odds lottery option to choose, but still millions of players are drawn to the game inside casinos around the world. So why are they still playing? What is the appeal if winning the big money jackpot is near impossible? Here we discuss what keno and the online keno version is and why it is played.

Introducing you to the World of Keno Gaming

The first evidence of this ancient game of chance, keno, can be traced back all the way to the East, specifically in ancient China and was very popular during the period of the Han dynasty. Although a simple game, it became a means of entertainment for the people and the government used it to indirectly collect more taxes. Tax money from keno went on to fund famous landmarks like the Great Wall of China and was also a means for financing intercontinental war efforts in their quest for global hegemony.

Keno throughout history - Early western variants of Keno

Several centuries after the Han dynasty, keno began to be exported in small waves to the United States of America. Chinese immigrants contributed greatly to the growth of this game outside of their home country.

It found its way to the state of Nevada, a region famous for its promotion of gambling and casino culture. From there laws were reformed in other states which allowed keno to be brought to other parts of the United States. Las Vegas staked its claim as being the keno capital of the United States and keno had found its way into western culture very easily.

The evolution of Keno tickets and how its game rules have changed

Over time the rules of keno have changed. Most significantly the original Chinese symbols were replaced with numbers and the quantity was decreased to 80 from 120. Keno had been further simplified to make it easier to understand and also more attractive. The tickets used to mark your selections subsequently changed to reflect the change to 40 less numbers.

These days keno is seen as one of the ultimate games in an online casino due to its simplistic rules and ease of interaction through easy to use online interfaces. It can be played by anyone and attracts millions of people into online casinos daily.

The game of Keno in the digital age

Unlike traditional keno, online keno has made the game more accessible to players from around the world. It’s considered a quick fix of entertainment, mostly because it requires very little time or effort to play and while some people will argue that it’s possible to apply strategies to your gameplay, it still remains at its core a game of chance.

There are several online casinos that excel in promoting keno. They offer competitive advantages over other online casino and organize regular keno tournaments. A lot of detail often goes into devising clever side bets for the game alongside the traditional betting scheme found elsewhere.

Playing the Keno Number from here on in

Keno and its numbers are played like Bingo, with just a few more options to bet on with the ticket. Getting a win inside the online casino is a trickier task. The number of people that have got all numbers correctly, you could possibly count on one hand, this is what playing lottery odds and games is all about though.

If you choose to be drawn into playing a ticket in the casinos, then you will find there is only tickets that are played in the virtual format. There are extremely limited sites across the entire internet that offers up live keno, literally a small handful from the hundreds of sites that do carry the virtual machines.

Winning is extremely difficult and those that have played the game long enough will have mostly walked with a minor prize compared to what could be potentially won when gambling with these games.

Benefits of placing a bet on online keno

Okay, so it may sound like an option that is all doom and gloom, but those that bet money on this and have played many times over, still consider this to be a game of high thrills and entertainment.

Players of keno, and other lottery games, know the main prize is realistically out of grasp but what keno gives is potential to build smaller prizes that do amount to good money. The chance to wager on outside bets still bring in profits and the fewer numbers selected the better in the long run for those taking part in the draw.

Keno lingo and terms to help you when playing for the prize

  • Spot: The spot is the number you mark. You can mark up to 10 spots on the card or virtual ticket.
  • Bonus: Look out for free bonus offers allowing you to gain extra money to bet with.
  • Ticket: This contains all the numbers to select from and hopefully match up.
  • Draw: The draw is the automation of numbers that come from the machine.
  • Prizes: Depending on the selected numbers, the amount returned varies, small prizes can be a few dollars. The penultimate can hit a few hundred thousand dollars.
  • House Edge: This is the advantage the casino has over the player. No strategy can effectively alter this no matter what numbers you pick in hope the keno balls match.
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