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Different types of casino bonuses offered

Each online casino offers a welcome bonus because it’s a great way to encourage players to play in their casinos. There are different types of online casino bonuses and each has its advantages but also its downsides.

Welcome Bonus

The first and most popular type of bonus is the Welcome Bonus. The average amount is around $100 and in most cases, these types of online casino bonuses can be divided into Percentage or Match Bonuses.

The percentage of bonus depends on the amount of the deposit and is generally between 50% and 500%. For every dollar you deposit, you will receive the equivalent as a bonus. If the bonus is 50% this means that for every dollar deposited, you will receive 50 cents. If the online casino is promoting a 300% bonus, then for every dollar deposited, you will receive three.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is set up to entice you to recharge your account. It is similar to the Welcome Bonus and is often 100% up to 100 euros, which gives you 100 free euros.

No deposit bonus

No Deposit Bonuses are a form of online casino bonus that doesn’t require a deposit. Casinos will deposit free money in your account after you open it to get you to play there. Most of the time, no deposit bonuses are around a dozen euros.

Preferred Deposit Method

Virtual banks such as Skrill, Click2Pay or Neteller offer bonuses of about 10 to 15% in addition to the traditional bonuses enjoyed by players. This bonus is used to encourage players to open an account with the virtual banks. Virtual banks are very reliable and offer numerous benefits.

Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus is for players who have a long history with an online casino and this longevity has allowed them to achieve various levels of seniority. Their VIP status will allow them to obtain a greater bonus percentage in their future deposits.

High Roller Bonus

High Roller Bonuses are for players making big deposits. This type of online casino bonus is can be expected for deposits that exceed 1000 euros and comes in the form of a 50% bonus, which means that for 2000 euro deposit, you will receive a bonus of 1000 euro.

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