Video Poker Bonus - Updated Bonuses (2021)

Video Poker Bonuses

Play Video Poker and enjoy an international game of skill that has been gathering casino goers for decades. 21st Century Video Poker is a modern blend of classic casino video poker machines peppered a cyber touch of modern technology. Grab yourVideo Poker Bonus today and enjoy carrying this brilliant game straight into the future.

Video Poker Bonuses available for April 2021

 CasinoMaximum BonusBonus matchCashable?Wagering requirements Terms Software Play
1.$1000250%no300x bonus & deposit
2.$2000200%yes120x bonus & deposit
3.$2000200%no60x bonus & deposit
4.$259100%no200x bonus & deposit
5.$1000100%no200x bonus & deposit
6.$1000200%yes350x bonus & deposit
7.$2000250%no400x bonus & deposit
8.$4000200%yes60x bonus
9.$4000400%no60x bonus
10.$4000+ 50 Free Spins350%no60x bonus
11.$1000100%no83x bonus
12.$1000100%yes60x bonus & deposit
13.$2500+ 100% cashback250%yes150x bonus
14.$4000400%yes200x bonus & deposit
15.$5000500%no350x bonus
16.$500100%yes400x bonus
17.$2000300%no400x bonus & deposit
18.$1000100%yes300x bonus & deposit
19.$1000200%no60x bonus & deposit
20.$3000150%no90x bonus & deposit
21.$600200%yes400x bonus
22.$1000+ 30 Free Spins200%no300x bonus & deposit

Full House is on the way with Bonus Video Poker

No bells and whistles – Video Poker is an entertaining casino game that values simplicity. Video Poker is a game, in which the actual skill of playing the game is what matters the most. When you start playing Video Poker, you will immediately notice that the game is very similar to Online Slots. Nowadays, you don’t have to insert coins into the slot to be able to place your bets. Use your Free Spins and exciting Casino Bonuses to get rocking!

Whilst Online Slots are entertaining games of luck, Poker stands strong on the ground of games that require skill and practice. Here are some fascinating Video Poker strategy essentials that will give your hands a winning edge:

  • Hands with the best return: Pair, Four of a Kind, Royal Flush and Straight.
  • WithThree of a Kind, get rid of the two extra cards and wait for either
  • Full House or Four of a Kind to come your way.
  • With twoPair, you can get a Full House if you get rid of the remaining cards.
  • Do not break up a Straight or a Flush, UNLESS you need just one more card for a Royal Flush.
  • In Jacks or Better, if you need just one more card for a regular Straight Flush or a Royal Flush, let go of a Pair.

Did you know?

Some of the most attractive bonuses are actually those designed for Poker games. The bonus scheme takes advantage of all common varieties of Video Poker so that players can grab all the free perks that suit them the most and maximize the chances of scooping out a hefty payout.

Top 5 tips to experience the Best Bonus Video Poker

Unlike a generic bonus designed for all popular Las Vegas casino games, including Online Slots and all major table games, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Bingo, and Baccarat, with tailored Video Poker Bonuses you get a better deal when it comes to using your free online cash.

Keep in mind that video poker machines are much more generous than slot machines, and with the help of the bonuses you will get much better value for money in the long run.

Let’s see what you should do to snatch the most profitable bonus deals to double your bankroll and play your cards like a Pro.

  • Select a reputable casino and use demo play to get a good idea of the range of games and the quality of customer service offered by your casino of choice.
  • Go through the bonus offers advertised by the casino to get a better idea of your bonus package that includes free cash allowance and Free Spins. Always remember to check the T&Cs as well as any wagering requirements linked to any bonuses you are interested in claiming.
  • Confirm how the bonuses are claimed and take note of any promotional codes and offers published on the casino website.
  • Open an account, make a deposit if required by the casino and claim your bonus before you start playing. This will instantly boost your payroll and extend your free gameplay.
  • To collect all desirable hands, hold on to the best combinations and go through Video Poker strategy to get a better return.

Video Poker Game and mighty bonuses – is it all worth it?

As you can imagine, getting something for free to get more of what you like without having to part with your own cash is always extremely worth it. When you activate your bonuses, you can keep playing multi-hand and single play games risk-free for much longer.

Tune in here!Standard single-play games are played when a player plays one game at a time. In comparison to multi-hand games, single-hand games have lower variance. Therefore, a heftier bankroll is needed when playing multi-hand games.

What type of Video Poker Games do you prefer? Choose your bonus first and then try out these popular Video Poker games:

  • Jacks or Better is great for beginners. With low variance and fantastic payouts, the easy-to-follow steps of this table game offer you a perfect recipe for a yummy payout.
  • Aces and Faces: this game is similar to Jack or Better, but you get the extra cherry on the cake for a Four of a Kind hand with Face cards and Aces.
  • Deuces Wild: this type of Video Poker adds an extra wild spin to the standard hands as all the two-card combinations turn into Wild cards. Players reap three additional prizes for a Wild Royal Flush, Four of a Kind Deuces and Five of a Kind hands.

Do all casinos offer Video Poker Bonuses?

To get the most exclusive Free Video Poker Bonus, first of all, compare various offers advertised by your casino of choice. You will find two distinct types of Video Poker bonuses:

  • Video Poker No Deposit Bonus – as the name says it all, you don’t actually need to deposit any real money. Your deposit will be activated as soon as you complete the registration process. You will see that your player account is topped up with the amount of bonus credit promoted initially.
  • Video Poker Bonus – this type of bonus requires an initial deposit and the amount of free cash is usually significantly higher than the actual real money deposit. This bonus also gives you more free cash in comparison to the No Deposit Bonus. Since all major online casinos do their utmost to attract new players, you will notice that you can use this to your advantage and extend your free play with the additional perks offered to new players.

Here is your basic rule of thumb summarized before you head to Las Vegas:

Choose your game – choose your bonus package – deposit less and win more!

Video Poker No Deposit Bonus and No Deposit Bonus Codes

Video Poker No Deposit Bonuses are by far, the most popular type of Video Poker Bonus Online Casinos offer to new clients. This is a fiercely competitive market, therefore online casinos offer No Deposit Bonuses to entice you to play on their site and try their casino games. Look out for the terms and conditions when using these types of Bonuses as they usually come with wagering requirements. Video Poker No Deposit Codes form part of Online Casino Promotions and are sent by email to existing players from time to time.

Grab your Online Video Poker Bonus and play risk-free

What type of gambler are you? Do you prefer single-hand or multi-hand games? Video Poker bonuses allow you to choose a betting strategy and the type of games that will match your risk appetite.

Free Online Video Poker bonuses invite you to play risk-free and win big!


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