Video Poker

Video poker is an exciting twist on the traditional poker game theme. One of the first 'screen games' to be introduced at casinos around the world, the game of video poker is easy enough to play but to maximise your chance of winning you have to ask yourself the right questions. You can't allow yourself to play by simply letting chance be your guide and there are certain factors to consider when you decide to play with a single coin or with the maximum number of coins available.

Video Poker

Video Poker - Analysing Risk vs Reward

As the saying goes, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. If you take a risk and win, you will be well rewarded. When you play a single coin you risk less but your gains risk being sharply diminished. If you want to win big, you have to play the maximum number of coins. A bet with five coins will always bring in five times the amount as a bet with a single coin. This is the basic principle in video poker that all players will know of already.

The Progressive Jackpot in Video Poker

Another video poker strategy that is useful to know is a detailed observation of a progressive jackpot. If you want to walk away with a progressive jackpot, then you have to risk the maximum number of coins. Progressive jackpots are the most lucrative but the hardest to obtain and can only be awarded if you bet the maximum number of coins. You should always be on your guard because when you chase a progressive jackpot your money reserves will diminish quicker. Play calmly and focus on your goal. Sound reasoning and caution are the best weapons in your arsenal.

Keeping an Eye on The Time

Be conscious of time. The longer you stay in the casino, the greater advantage the casino has. If you want to remain in a casino for a long time, whatever the reason, betting with a single coin can prove the most advantageous. If you’re looking to get a quick fix, then play with the maximum number of coins. For those that take satisfaction in the slower process of playing to absorb the most fun and take their time will play cautiously coin by coin whereas those who want to win very quickly or are in a hurry will bet five coins at once. This is especially true during video poker tournaments.

Managing Your Bankroll More Effectively

You should always inform yourself about pay lines and the proper combinations needed to win. Ask yourself the following questions: What is the casino's advantage? How high is the progressive jackpot? Am I leaving myself enough money to continue the game? Always keep your budget in mind. If you have little money, bet one coin after another. If you've already won a lot of money during the game, you can afford to bet five coins should you wish. That is what wise players do.

Use ALL Available Bonuses

Bonuses offered by online casinos should always be taken into account. After all, these are income opportunities that can grow your bankroll and in general, welcome gifts take the form of cash money that you can play with straight away. There are also "bonus games" – mini-games that are played on separate screens enabling you to win some additional prizes.

Last but by no means least, be cautious. Statistics show that you must play at least 30,000 times before hitting the jackpot. We know that games of chance and all their variations are random but at the end of 30,000 rounds it's obvious that you will find yourself broke if you’re not careful.

Knowledge is Power! Study the House Edge in Video Poker

Lastly but by no means the least, it’s important to factor in the advantage the house has over you in terms of win percentage. This is in fact key because there is an abundance of available information on the different video poker game providers and how likely they are to pay-out on different combinations. As a general rule of thumb, try to use all this information to your advantage when coming to an informed decision on which video poker game to select.


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