Rules and Strategy

How to win a video poker tournament

Online video poker tournaments are extremely popular and can involve up to several thousand participants. Playing conditions differ significantly from when playing alone in front of your computer.

Generally spread over two days, these tournaments are not necessarily the most profitable, with prizes ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the operator. Since the goal of each player is accumulating as many points possible, it isn’t necessary to finish first in order to win and the top fifty players are awarded prizes. Prize value however will vary depending on how those players are positioned in the tournament rankings.

Understanding the points system

It is worth noting that winnings during a video poker tournament are distributed according to how many points you have accumulated by the end of the tournament. These points have a direct monetary equivalent, so the more points you win the better you’re rewarded.

The organizers of these tournaments set up rankings relating to these points that can occasionally summarize each player’s participation in a different manner. For example, some rankings show the number of points earned by the player for one day, while others show the total points won over the course of two days of a competition. Whoever holds the greatest number of points by the end of the tournament wins the highest prize available.

Keeping an eye on your position, and the prize…

When you play in a video poker tournament, you will need to refer regularly to a reliable indication of where you stand compared to the other participants. The ‘leader board’ as it’s more commonly known, is a visual aid that shows the rankings of the tournament’s top players. It is important that you check this regularly in order to properly assess your position in the game. In a video poker tournament, multiple opponents are involved and you compete against hundreds, even thousands of players, so it’s essential for you to keep an eye on your competition at all times. The leader board is the perfect tool for checking on your progress during the game.

Managing your bets effectively

When playing video poker you have the option of placing different bets, just like traditional poker. Video poker still remains a computerized game and this is the random factor that prevents you from exercising your own skills in their entirety. The best way to remain in the competition for as long as possible is by adopting a mathematical approach in managing your bets. If you are doing well at a given time, you can afford to place larger or more daring bets. If on the other hand you feel that you‘re in a tight spot during the tournament and constantly need to review your bankroll, you should certainly limit your betting so as not to not end up losing. Simply manage your money as effectively as possible by remaining calm during play to ensure you’re making rational and well calculated decisions.

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