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Video Poker: Player Profiles

Video poker combines all the elements of an interactive game in which it is possible to win large amounts of money from the comfort of your armchair. This means of entertainment has not experienced any difficulty in making the move to the internet. However the fans of the game differ greatly from one another in a manner which is a little like Roulette or Blackjack, and each have different methods of playing. We examine the profiles of players who are fans of this cult casino game.

The small player

The main reason for video poker’s popularity is because of how easy it is to play. All that’s required to start a game is a bit of change and bets are generally very low even when playing at a virtual casino. Video poker is also a popular game for small players i.e. those who do not possess large amounts of money and who are only interested in the game as a means of passing the time or winning small amounts of cash. Video poker is definitely within the reach of any player regardless of their bank balance and small players make up about 70% of players who bet on video poker machines.

The emotional player

Video poker works using a combination of traditional poker hands drawn randomly and it’s typically played on what resembles a conventional type of slot machine. It’s a game which easily facilitates the flow of adrenaline, which is just what the emotional player craves in abundance. This kind of player is a great fan of the game. They enjoy taking risks and are in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush. They enjoy the thrill and can bet up to $200 per game. They are extremely bold and do not employ rational thought, playing only for their fix of frantic excitement that is amplified by video poker.

The skilful player

At the same time there are a lot of skilful players, those who only play video poker and know all its subtleties and minute details. Players like this are patient, very methodical in their playing style and bet in order to win big. On occasion we could be talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. Professional players can often be found in conventional casinos with video poker often being their game of choice since they know that they can gain an advantage over the dealer by using poker related strategies.

The lucky player

We’ve all met this type of player before. You know that friend who wins constantly even though they have no knowledge or skill when it comes to any given casino game? Well video poker is no exception. Lucky players are becoming fewer and fewer though, due mainly to the growth of the emotional player and the small player. The lucky player is the one who enjoys a great big stroke of luck always at the right time during a game. The kind of player where five small chips is all that’s needed for them to win the jackpot and they know for sure that they will go down in history because they do not necessarily possess the skill to win under normal conditions.

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