Video Poker Machines – How Wins and Losses are Made

Online Video Poker

Our video poker guide takes a slight turn as we look at how video poker machines are made. We will cover the past and present of the card game that plays just like a slot machine and tell you how they are made to help you win and unfortunately lose.

The world of Video Poker

Video poker machines are played by millions of players around the world both in the world of land-based casinos like in Las Vegas and here, online where you are now. The game is a hybrid, they play like poker card games, yet due to the machine, they simulate the format of slot games.

Every casino provides this gambling opportunity; one, it is very easy to play, online casinos make them eligible with their free spin bonus offers and they are one of the best diverse games online, with over 10 standard variants that include Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and Aces and Eights amongst them.

The Beginnings

Go back before the time of the Internet and you would have to pay your coins into an enormous cabinet game mounted with a television sized screen to experience the gaming delights of video poker.

Places like Las Vegas would be full of these machines and it gained a lot of player success from them. The original cabinets were, basically, slot machines. The cards would be mounted on the gigantic screens with the touch buttons beneath to control your hand. The money would dispense from the machines slot, giving players the chance to fill up their plastic pot.

Even with the digital age in full swing, the cabinets still adapted becoming more spectacular visually and incorporating the variants that come with the video poker label. Gaming from land-based casinos to online was inevitable though and playing video poker was going to change forever.

Development of gameplay

The shift to the Internet brought gambling into everyone’s house. There was a surge in gameplay and winning, the development of video poker strategy. Players could draw on it when they wanted and any time of the day. It wasn’t hard to find somewhere to bet online, a quick search on Google or Yahoo back then would help you to get the top casinos available and their games.

What was on offer was 24/7 video slot action and bonuses that offer you a free chance to play and keep the winnings in return. For the casino, it was always going to be win-win.

The state of gameplay moved from desk to hand, as the player soon adopted the technology to play video poker from a multitude of devices, which meant being able to access these casino machines through your mobile smartphones.

Fun Fact:By 2017, more than 70 percent of gamblers online where now transfixed to the easy go-to of mobile gaming, putting desktop computers back in the 90s where they belonged.

Made to Win and Lose

The video poker game that you either play as a cabinet or online machine is built in the exact same ways. Any gambling feature be it virtual cards, tables or slot machines, they all hold algorithm programs that determine when they pay out, or ready to pay out. Before you pay to play, it’s better you know about the systems within these games to give you a better understanding of your chances, regardless of the hand you land or what bonus you claim to play with.

The Random Number Generator machine

The Random Number Generator is more commonly known by its abbreviation RNG. These are more commonly found online as opposed to casinos out in Las Vegas.

What does the RNG do? Well, for players, the money you win is determined by an algorithm that is set up to produce random chance, as best as it can be done, given it is still a machine. The random sequencing is limited, so you aren’t playing games with an indefinite number of chances. If you’re playing a game with a 1 billion number sequence, then you’re never going to see much in a return of money when gaming from these machines. The program works based on a combination code setting.

Imagine each card had an allotted number. For example, the royal flush hands have a code like this: 10 = 1, Jack = 2, Queen = 3, King = 4 and Ace =5. The code to hit would be 12345. When you press the Deal button on the game the algorithm creates the card code (so to speak), when you click the Draw button, the algorithms create the outcome code, the safe code if you imagine it that way. If they align, you win. By holding and reselecting new cards, you are effectively influencing the algorithm.

This works across all video poker variants be it Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild. It is also the same for many virtual card and table games like roulette and blackjack. Many have the opinion that this is the best algorithm for a player to take full advantage of

The Return to Player

When it comes to Return to Player programs, things take a dramatic twist in the way the house has an advantage over the player. Regardless of strategy or whether you have played this game for decades, you have zero influence during the time you play. The RTP algorithm is popular amongst land-based casinos and online.

This algorithm is based on the percentage of money that is put into a game. You will find the score of the percent level in the gaming details when playing online. As an example, you may see 97.14 percent RTP. This does not mean you have a 97 percent chance of winning. This is the volume of money that needs to be put into the machine for it to payout.

If you start to draw the top cards regularly, then this is an indication that the RTP level is close to its programmed amount. This becomes an indicator for when you should bet that little bit more for a winning return at a high profit.

This also plays a part in why many free bonus rewards are restricted to specific games in the offer. The casinos wouldn’t want you to land a free royal flush when playing with their own money.

Why you should play these Video Poker slots

Video poker machines online are still a fair game to play given how they are made. The odds of winning are better than a regular slot machine. They are the number one casino machine game in Vegas when it comes to gambling away from the tables.

Advantages of Video Poker machines

First, the game can be influenced, there is a level of skills in how to handle the cards making up your hand. To get a clearer understanding of this, you can find more details on the best moves to make through our other articles covering the video poker game.

Then, the entertainment value is a worthy point, given you have a collection of variants that also allows you to play multi-hand formats of games like Multi-hand Double Bonus Poker and Multi-hand Aces and Eights. With these, the pay rate is higher.

Disadvantages of Video Poker machines

The only disadvantage to the players playing video poker within online casinos is that the game itself comes with huge odds, which we discuss inside our video poker odds article. Making money from this is a slow progressive commitment to see a healthy return of profit whilst gaming.

If you are new to video poker, you can find free casino games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild in our free gaming section. You will also find articles on how to play and learn what hands are, so you know your royal flush from your full house. Plus, much more info around the card game. Enjoy!


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