Video Poker Strategy – Your Ultimate Guide to Winning Poker Games

Video Poker

Within this video poker guide, we now come to the important factor of playing with skill, coordination, tactics, and strategy. Video Poker is a hybrid game of poker and slots and is one of the most popular machines within any online casino housing the game. This article will teach you how to beat the machine at its own game.

Strategies for Video Poker

Video Poker comes to players as one of the more diverse gaming options made available in the online casino circuit. The house edge over the game is low, which adds to its appeal amongst players. Here, the cards are not played on a table like ‘classic’ poker games. The moves and hands remain, so you will still be aiming to score a royal flush or a straight, just as you would when you play video poker in a ‘classic’ setting.

So, why the need for strategy when the game is already straight forward? Well, when you play video poker, the game is presented as a virtual machine. This posses a number of issues that aren’t as straight forward as you may think, especially if you normally play this casino card game at the table or have played poker in an online casino against the live dealer.

Playing Video Poker

If you are new to the concept of poker, then the moves within the game are very simple. To gain a hand that mirrors any of the winning hands on the scoreboard.

The details of the game are laid out before you on the gaming screen. You’ll see your single hand or if playing with multi-hands the cards are displayed for you to make moves on.

Despite the game being diverse in style and theme, the rules remain the same. There are many titles such as Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild, but the strategy for these games within the many casinos online are consistent.

If you are unaware of the player hands which are required to play such as a royal flush, a straight or a straight flush, then these will be covered below.

The games mentioned, like Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild can be found in our free games section. We have added these games as a bonus for players to learn on. Any new player can access these and more titles to learn about the card game. Playing is unrestricted, you can access them with any device, and you’ll be playing the very same games that the casinos hold within our top sites lists.

Playing FREE online Video Poker Games

The bonus of playing free games gives you, the player, time to study the forthcoming strategies. You can learn to pay attention to unfolding games, how to budget your coins and keep in the games longer than most players.

The machines are authentic real money video poker games and practice on them is the number one strategy to prepare yourself over the house edge which is already on the game before you’ve paid to play.

The house edge is different from a table game of poker because this is a slot game, meaning your chances drastically decrease given the method of how the casino machines are built.

The facts surrounding Video Poker games

Video Poker is popular because like all slot machines, they are easy to adapt to and play. The only skill required when face to face with such a game is putting the money into the game and selecting your wagering amount. Despite the high odds of winning, this kind of game does pay well should you hit the higher card values consistently. We will now give you a full breakdown of the hands you could draw during a game and what helps you to win to collect the payout.

Video Poker hands

  • Royal Flush: The best hand to get. This consists of high cards, all of the same suit going from 10 through to Ace.
  • Straight Flush: In this hand, you’ll have an order of cards in the lower rank of the same suit, i.e. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of hearts.
  • Four of a Kind: This hand allows you to collect four matching numbers of different suits, the 5th card can be random
  • Full House: Here you will play a hand consisting of 3 matching values and a pair of matching values totaling the 5 cards.
  • Flush: The flush is a hand that holds 5 suits that match regardless of their value.
  • Straight: The straight allows you to play with 5 numbers in sequence regardless of the suit.
  • Three of a Kind: Of the 5 cards, three will consist of the same matching values, the remaining two can be random.
  • Two Pair: Within the 5-card hand you will have one matching pair of the same values, another matching pair of the same value and the fifth card can be random.
  • One Pair: A single pair of matching card values is enough to create this hand.

When you play any video poker in the casino, these are the hands you are looking to make when you bet and in hopes of getting a winning return. Now, there is no strategy to determine the draw, you can’t cheat to pull out aces when you need them.

About the Strategy

People pay to enjoy video poker because it can bring in a good return should you land a favorable machine. There are plenty of casinos and titles you can pick from, you may even be able to double your budget if you collect a free welcome bonus to better your chances online.

When opting to play video poker, you have to remember the outcome of the games are purely random, the odds are high on this one and all the players will be doing is pressing the buttons to either deal, hit, swap and draw.

On a table, the outcome is the same, but with machines, there is a difference in winning your money back. You could attribute this to a sense of fairness, players find it uncomfortable that a machine is determining chance, whereas, at a table, the player would feel it is more their own fault if they are losing money.

The key to the strategy in video poker is best described as limiting your losses and improving your gains at the right time to bet for a payout.

The strategies to help you win

There are many video poker strategies found online, but lots of them are misleading. They will go into detail about the cards a how to better get a royal flush or a straight to better your winning chances. These are false as they are giving you poker tips that do not apply to how the game is played when face to face with the casino machines. Knowing poker tips is one thing, but you cannot incorporate them into a game of Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild.

Some will tell you to use the poker cheat sheet which is a chart that gives you advice on what moves to make depending on the cards dealt. Again, this is a machine, which is already going to know the next move it makes before you even change what you have in front of you.

Video Poker strategy #1

In order to be successful, you need the finances to play for longer, this is where bonus offers given out by casinos come into play. There are a high number offers out there, the kind that can double or even give you three times extra the amount you are playing with. The more coins the better and bonuses give you the expenditure that can be lost without it affecting your own coins and your core budget.

The best bonuses to keep an eye out for are the Welcome Bonuses. Yes, you will have to pay in to get a return, but this is how insurance works. Any payout from any use of bonus is kept in full and those profits, in turn, can be used to bet with.

Video Poker strategy #2

The video poker algorithms are based on random chance, so it is inconceivable that there are ways to affect the result of a deal before it is made. There are over 2.5 million possible ways the cards will appear.

The frequency of a royal flush, for example, is a frequency of four. Getting a straight has a frequency of 36. With this, we can begin to see the likelihood of claiming consistently high wins, and it is low!

So, what’s the best thing to hold out for? Well, the aces are the gaming options themselves. There are many that have been produced by various development companies and the task is to filter out those that pay more frequently than others and more frequently with a profit. Despite the randomness, the video poker option can also be varied by their volatility. Meaning, there are games that are made to be won easier than others, but the payout is lower and there are some which are harder, but the returns are higher. By using the free demo games, you are able to plan what you play in the casinos and not putting your money into unprofitable options, given that there are so many variants.


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