Rules and Strategy

Winning a Keno Tournament

Even with games like keno, they have devised a form of tournament gameplay. It’s not easy to face multiple opponents all at once in this type of game. Depending on the amount of players, the available prize pool will usually be shared out amongst the top 10 players of the tournament, with each winning a percentage according to their positioning within that final top 10. One of the ways to get through a tournament is to have some form of strategy devised for your betting, one you can adapt to any given situation. We will look at some key points to consider during this article.

Position dictates play

When you participate in an online keno tournament, the casino that generally organizes the event will use a leaderboard to indicate the ranks of different players. This will always be your first point of comparison in any tournament. You’re able to see where you’re placed and act accordingly. If you know you’re fairly high up in the rankings then you know you can take your foot off the gas a little and make relatively small bets. On the contrary if you were lower down in the rankings then you may have to consider taking a few bigger risks to improve your standing.

Select your bets carefully

Your choice of bets is another fundamental element to be considered as part of your game plan. An indicator you can use for this is the table’s payout structure. There you’ll find information on bet types, costs and payout percentages. At some points it’s clear to bet on only two numbers as opposed to ten and it’s vital you choose your bets wisely, taking into account your bankroll and overall position. Always be mindful because in a tournament setting the adage ‘the more you bet the more you win’ doesn’t always ring true. On the flipside sometimes you have to make some risky moves with a smaller bank roll to profit in the long term.

Selecting the correct numbers

Not really a strategy as such but people always mention about selecting the right numbers. Does this really exist? We know there will always be a winning set of numbers, but to predict what they will be is something that is left purely up to chance and is not something we have any control over. When someone talks about selecting the right numbers, they do so with the brief hope that it’s their turn to win the jackpot and without any real knowledge of what lies ahead. This is why that even under tournament conditions Keno can still turn sour very quickly if you are not cautious with your bets.

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